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Here's all the links that we discussed on this week's episode:


Lil Bit'a News


You could become ‘immortal’ in the metaverse with new Live Forever mode



Employee’s unwanted birthday party nets him $450,000



Police hunt after thieves stole trolley full of Hellmann's mayonnaise



Man Lands in ICU With Lung Injury After Aggressive Masturbation Session



Basement dweller included with $800k home in Virginia



Four men arrested for ‘raping’ Bengal monitor lizard in western India



The Deep Shot


Shotgun for Josh


Josh hitting the strip in wake of signed rookie card selling for $312k at auction



Mouths guarded from mouth guards



Protester Tries To Glue Herself To Court During Clippers-Timberwolves Game

Photo: https://twitter.com/peculiarstarr/status/1514094834189053953?s=20&t=pxit7KkeeEXmATOSdCDZJA

Video: https://twitter.com/BleacherReport/status/1514074205498740742?s=20&t=-fW-Y7WSNGAOPJMSNTfmKA


Tom plays a friendly game of K-I-S-S with son



Expert Camera Play



Thicc Walks



Country Strong

LAX Bro Gets Strong



Scrub My Clip


Fastest Potato Head pt.2


In 2022, does the pass still exist



Tricking my algorithm



The sneak goat



Gummy Sucks



Patrick Titties




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Well, seven episodes in. We'll see if the prayers are beckoned by this almighty algorithm. But with that out of the way, let's get into the news.

What's the big deal, fella? It's just a little bit news.

First story at the top of the show. You could become immortal in the metaverse with new Live Forever mode. The metaverse company's offering the chance to live forever in its virtual world, even after you die in real life. Insomnia Space has revealed plans to offer immortality to its users with a new Live Forever mode. The CEO told Vice literally if I die and I have this data collected, people can come or my kids, they can come in and they can have a conversation with my avatar, with my movements, with my voice.

You will meet the person and you maybe for the first 10 minutes while talking. You won't actually know that it's an AI. And according to this company, that's the goal. Now, the Live Forever mode is not currently on Sam Omnium space, and anyone wanting to try it would have to opt in and pay theirs the kicker right there, that paywall, if you want to live forever, the question here is, is it a one time fee?

Is it a recurring fee? Is it one of those things where you have to set up a trust and you have to have deposits each month after you've died so you can stay living forever it's this is the future, I guess. But here's the question to you and anyone really that has an interest in this. As we move towards the metaverse and living exclusively in the digital space, do you actually want to live forever that's the big question.

Me personally, no, I do not. When I am dead, I want to be dead and gone. And my only legacy is this show go back and replay. But then, you know, it's finite. There's only so many episodes because.

Old Chucky Boy.

Kicked the bucket. I do want to take a quick sidebar, too, because it's the metaverse. It's not Facebook, it's not meta that is doing this live forever mode. But I'm sure something like that might be adopted if it picks up. But meta I checked and email meta has banned the Swift Parade from advertising. I don't.

I don't know what I did.

I don't know if that's forever either. Maybe I could submit a review, but that just takes one element, a way of spreading the good word, going back to the almighty algorithm. So again, it's on.


Spread the word because Meta told me to. I'm not at my time limit yet. To say curses, but Meta told me to insert a certain something in my mouth and.


Back and forth. Yeah, thanks for that. But yeah, living forever in the metaverse, in the meta space for one. You know, the CEO had mentioned like, you know, my kids or anyone could come and talk to me. I don't plan on having kids, so who's really going to come and visit me? It would be a lonely avatar for sure.

Just sitting there like.


Hello, would you like to.

Talk to me, please? Oh, ok.

OK, ok. You have family. You want to go it?

OK, well.

I did a podcast when I was alive. I do you want to hear about it?


OK, well, I'll just wait for the next person. Yeah. If you want to live forever, check out Sumnima Space and fork out the cash. Didn't say how much it was, but, I mean, can you put a price on immortality? Next story. Employees unwanted birthday party. And that's him. $450,000. An employee at a Kentucky based laboratory asked his office manager not to arrange a celebration for his birthday.

It wasn't the fear of getting older, but rather an anxiety disorder that can spur panic attacks in stressful situations. And he did not want a celebration because being the center of attention can trigger his disorder. When the company threw him a lunchtime party against his wishes, it triggered a panic attack, and he left abruptly to spend his break in his car.

Four days later, after his office managers confronted him about his reaction to the party he was fired. Well, good golly, gosh, that's aggressive. And I can see why. And that's $450,000. Hey, it's your birthday. Do with it however you please. If you have someone trying to push a birthday celebration. I mean, my own mother is like that. Her birthday is coming up.

Then in a couple of weeks and she's she's always like, no, I don't want to do any things, whatever. And there have been a few years where some of her friends be like, well, you know, not your choice. We're doing it. Granted, she doesn't have a crippling anxiety disorder around it, but it's also really aggressive where it's like, hey, there wasn't a name here.

I'm just going to give him a name. What's the Kentucky name?

Cletus. Maybe Cletus at the Kentucky Laboratory. Hey, Cletus, can we can we chat for a sec?

Yeah. So remember.

Last week, you know, we did this really cool thing for you, and we were being really supportive and, you know, trying to take care of our own employees. And we wanted to.

Know, wish you.

Well on your birthday, and then you just ran to your.

Car like a little silly. Willie Yeah. OK, so how.

Do I put this? You're fired. That's a tough that's a tough one. So respect the birthday wishes.

When someone doesn't want something to happen, just be like, oh, hey, I have a coworker of mine. Actually, that kind of the same thing. It's like oh, hey, when's your birthday? You know, it's around. And then it finally came around. My boss told me, hey, it's it's their birth, and I'm like, OK, cool. I know that they don't really want anything to be done about it, so guess what?

We didn't throw a lunchtime party, and he still works there. You didn't have to get fired, and the company doesn't have to pay him for $50,000. Next story. Police Hunt After Thieves Stole Trolley full of Hellmann's mayonnaise and the trolley if you're not familiar, is an English term from across the pond. OK, this is in in Britain.

Two men are being stopped by police after a trolley full of Hellmann's mayonnaise was stolen in the car. Walt's officers have shared two images of men they think, or men that they would like to track down following the incident at a supermarket. The pair are described as both being white. If you're going to steal a car to mayonnaise, do you really have to put the details in?

Because, yeah, they are white, very white. Investigating officers have conducted numerous inquiries but have yet to identify them. I would imagine England, the UK as pretty white dominant and I'm sure mayonnaise sales in that part of the world are pretty high. And so you have a country full of potential suspects now, the ones that would go and actually steal the mayonnaise, that's good luck narrowing that down.

There are pictures. The link to this article and everything else that's covered on this show and every single show is again on Swain Limited, Akamai post all the show links so you can follow along. You take a look at these blokes they tried to get away with a trolley full of mayonnaise. And I understand when I say trolley, it kind of sounds Australian but this is this is not in Australia.

It's in London, they say in Britain, not London. Sorry, we're working on the accents. God damn it.

Move on from the mayonnaise. I hope you find them, but it's probably an epidemic of sorts, I would imagine, for the whites still in mayonnaise. Man, lands in ICU with lung injury after aggressive masturbation session and going back to metal being banned or banning the parade from advertising. I think it had to do with some of the compass.

I guess that doesn't align with matters. Terms of service community guidelines. I don't know why it's come everyone makes it. Even as we heard last week from our caller, which was sidebar telephone right there, 818275 Sway. You can call and leave a message last week's call was about all the plant comm in the air. No calls this week, but you might have been a slow week, but be sure to call that number.

Let's get back to the masturbation fiasco. A 20 year old man has recently hospitalized or was recently hospitalized after experiencing a shortness of breath and crunching pain throughout his body. Immediately diagnosed doctors sorry, doctors immediately diagnosed the patient with spontaneous new mommy dies ten the whatever that word is SPM for short a rare benign disease that occurs when air leaks from the lungs and becomes lodged in the rib cage.

The condition typically affects young men and is brought on by extreme exercise or uncontrollable coughing fits. So pretty much if you're pushing your body to the limits, your lungs start to leak air and then that air gets into your chest let's see here. The man told doctors he did not engage in heavy exercise, nor did he smoke, use drugs or experience any coughs.

However, he admitted he began exhibiting symptoms during an aggressive masturbation session. Now we've all been, I would assume all most all of us in this situation where we're we're talking hard, we're talking real hard and multiple times. Personally, I've been in situations where if you.

Beads of sweat.

Are running down because I'm just.

Trying to get it.

This guy pushed it to another level because he ended up getting sperm from it. Now, I'll let you imagine what the, quote, aggressive masturbation session is because something to steer clear of if you're one of those that really likes to get going when you're tugging your meat or flicking, you're being actually women, you're protected from this flick. You're being as hard as you want.

It's the men as a condition typically affects young men. So.


Proceed with caution. When you're going to tug on your willy. They say the man arrived at the facility with a swollen face as well as crunching noises that could be heard from the neck, chest and down to his elbows. What a terrifying experience. And no more information. If he's OK, he might have recovered, but will he masturbate that aggressively again?

Time will tell next story basement dweller included with $800,000 home in Virginia. This five bedroom four bathroom house on the real estate market comes with a possible squatter. The listing says cash offers only no access to see lower level and so home is sold as is only with acknowledgment that home will convey with a person or persons living in lower level with no lease in place I can kind of relate to this a little bit of one because I can't afford even a house that has a squatter that comes with it.

And a quoting a few weeks back, myself and a lot of people are trying to become homeless homeowners. And it's a tough the tough go out there when you have a house listed for $800,000 and there comes with a huge stipulation and catch that. There's going to be someone that lives in that basement rent free and you just have to live with it.

If, if, if my landlord were to do that right now, it's pretty much the same thing because this is where we're at right now. It's very similar situation except I pay rent. Don't, don't get that twisted yeah. If you got 800 K to shovel out in cash, which I guess tons of people do because there's all these cash offers for houses this might be your your dream catch, you know almost $1,000,000.

You get a roommate you didn't ask for. Good luck selling that though. In this article that I read and I have in the notes, I'm going to paraphrase. But some of the stipulations is they just don't want to sell this house. There's something that is limiting them. I would guess whoever lives down in the basement, I would like to imagine that it's the parents that are like, we need to sell our house so we can retire and leave Virginia because this article is actually published in the Miami Herald.

So maybe they want to move on down to Florida and retire and they're no good deadbeat sons. Like, No, no, Mom, you can't do that to me. This is where I live. I have all my things down here. I have all my I got my computer. I got my pile of Red Bulls because, you know, I like to drink them, to stay energized, to continue to do nothing.

You can't you can't sell it. You OK? OK, maybe you could sell it, but I'm not leaving. You tell them that, OK?

Now at the time was a lot of people living in basements that are their mothers hoping to get out soon. Well, is what it is as next story last story here in the news segment. It's the wild news. Before we get into it, I just want to let you know if you find some crazy shit online that you want covered on this show, just send it to me.

Dammit Chuck underscore sway or shoot an email to Howdy at Sway Unlimited Acom. Provide that link and I'll be sure to give you credit too, as everyone needs credit or idea that some.

Warchild needs.

Four men arrested for raping Bengal monitor lizard in western India.

What Duff Bok Bull.

CCTV footage from the Maharashtra forest. Maharashtra may get it right. Forced department showed the four men lurking around the forest and trespassing in the shit. I didn't do the I didn't do that. The pronunciation for this one, the sired three Tiger Reserve, which was created by the Indian government in 2008 to conserve Bengal Tiger so or dudes are just walking around this reserve that has tigers in it looking for a slippery lizard to get their meaty paws on Jesus Bengal monitor.

Lizards can grow up to five and a half feet long and weigh almost £6 and they are currently categorized as a reserve species under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. So these four guys just got this idea of like man normal vanilla stuff. It's not for me. I had.


Get my hands on a lizard and they sneak into this reserve and they, they, they rape it. Jesus fucking Christ, they rape this lizard. Now there's not details on the particulars, which is probably a good thing. I I would hope that it's a lesser severe type of rape, if that's a thing. It's not a thing. But you know, as I don't even want to get into like the speculations of how the raping could have been this far.

That poor fucking lizard.

The lizard just.

Hanging out in this reserve and the taste in the air like it's a reptile, what they do, these four guys just come up.

And know they're the.

The government, the Indian government, the judicial system in the country, they got a doozy on this one.

But I would.

Imagine it's going to be pretty severe with the punishment or not severe at all. I honestly have no idea how they how they do things. But I think, you know, India is one of those countries, right, where some laws are very strict and they'll executions kind of they're quick to to get it. So if you're a lizard raper, give him the full punishment.

Fucking fuck these guys. God damn that does it for the news. If you have lizards, protect them, make sure they're safe.

Uh, yeah.

God damn. This episode of the swap raid is brought to you by the parade. Plus float goats shout out to AJ, Joe, Michael Davis, Reverend Tanner, Mills, Quinn and Tyler. You would like your name shout it out each week as well as additional perks. I don't know if Raceway Unlimited Dot sign up for a parade plus plan that does it for the ad and let's get back to the show go straight.

Look at that big belly shop. You're getting restless for a deep shot.

Sports segment of the parade starting off with something that was covered last week. We took a look at the Buffalo AEF. Ticktock. This guy has been shotgunning beers for today. Let's take a look at this clip. This is day 71, I believe. Let's take a look. First.

Tonight is a 70 10 shocking thing every single day until just shell shock is with me.

A shotgun a beer shotgun every single day is on 71 we were like 65 last week and he's keeping going he's he's not going to stop until Josh Allen shotguns with him and I mentioned last week that I would shotgun a beer to help this cause and here I have said beer now I went to the store and I tried to find a 12 pack of 12 ounces.

Now all they had were these big sticks so I'm going to shotgun this beer in support of Buffalo AFC to get Josh Allen I wore the Josh Allen jersey Josh you got a shotgun with this guy come on he's he's killing himself OK I'm going to push this the microphone back a little bit. I'm going to move this keyboard because this is going to be messy.

I'm also doing this sitting down so it's also been a while since I've shotgun all right. Don't explode on me, please. I got a lot of equipment here.

Oh, oh, fuck. God, it.

Oh, not to worry. We came prepared.

For. Yeah.

Like, cut into this. Goddamn it. All right, I just got to get this out of the way. Jesus Christ.


Son of a bitch. Son of a bitch. It's dripping, it's dripping, it's dripping. Oh, good lord, it's dripping. I only have one hand.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, my God. This wasn't even shaken up. It's going to smell like beer. It's going to smell like beer. Not on the.

Mahogany. Oh, shit.

OK, cut into this oh, man. Big hole, big hole. I got a big mouth. I have a.


Big ole mouth. Oh, son of a bitch. There's beer fucking everywhere. All right, there's my hole. Buffalo Arf. This is for you, Josh Allen. Shotgun with the man. OK.


Oh, I oh, oh, oh. Oh, God. I feel my just but oh, so, bobby. Oh, oh, uh, up to fucking oh. Oh, my god. Oh, give it down, give it down, give it out. All right, whoa, oh, oh, oh, shit. All right, back to our.

Regularly scheduled programing after we cleaned up from that shocker. That's no easy business. That was just one. I just did one. This man here, Buffalo AF has done it. 71 times. I'm so flustered, I can't even remember the numbers. I turn the mouse off. Yeah. 71 to date. God damn. Oh, man. Well, more. More of.

A Jesus. I got on the.

Computer too.


Got it here. More perspective though on this type of feat. 71 times I did it once. I never want to do it again. Sitting down. At least I might do it again standing up.

But for like.

Oh my God, beer went everywhere. I just was blinded by it. I can't wait to take a look and see. That's probably going to be the.

Opening of the show. I OK, let's continue.

On with the parade. The parade moves on. OK, so shouting for Josh Allen, a buffalo. I've seen it 71 times. I've done it once to show support. Josh Allen, please just give this man what he wants. He's he's killing himself and beer flying everywhere. It's a lot of foam trying to keep it down. He's a professional, though I clearly am not law.

But speaking of Josh Allen, he had a his rookie card, a signed rookie card sold at auction for 300 and and $12,000 man of the people your cards are now if your trading cards are now worth that much money give back to the community give back to Buffalo F give them the shotgun that he deserves and you probably want to do I know you're a big beer guy but this pop tattoo on TMZ Z oh fuck.

I got to go to the site. TMZ had a report he's out in what looks like Los Angeles. That's where a lot of the TMZ peeps are superstar Josh Allen took his smoking hot girlfriend on a dinner date to an LA Hot spot on Wednesday. Oh, yeah, it is in L.A.. I should read my own shit. There is a video here.

Let's run it uh, wicked load up oh, charge the hair. Yes, how's it feel to have your card sell for 312? MAN 312,000. Hey, Josh, would you about your card for that much have a good dinner.

Have a good dinner. I didn't acknowledge the card sale. I hope that's not indicative of how he responds. To ones that shotgun every single day until he's going to shotgun with them. Oh, I just smell beer now. Oh, yeah. Josh Allen, hot on the town with his girlfriend, Britney going to a spot, and now he's he's big time.

And at TMZ is now giving a shit and stalking outside of hotbeds. Check and see. Where are you going to eat for dinner, Josh? OK, Davis. Christ, next next here on the deep shot on the docket. As you can tell, I'm quite flustered. Um, this is Miles Bridges upset at the end of a game walking out. I believe he was ejected.

And he hacks.

His mouth guard to blow this up bigger so I can see it pucks his mouth guard out of frustration. Now, there is this guy right here, so we'll just go on a Hawks fan. You O'Neale bye.

Bye bye bye bye.

And he was pissed off. And so Miles Bridges removes his mouth guard and goes to throw it you know, NBA player sharpshooters, they're revered for their accuracy. This was off the mark, because if you see this young lass here in the red jacket, she just, oh, gets clocked by that plastic mouth guard.

So a fan giving him some.

And she just kind of took it, though. It is a trooper give credit to her.

Who's one of the candidates.

Too standing there. It smacks her in the face and 01 to watch basketball. Marc Miles bridges the sense come out and said, hey, you know, give me a contact with that girl. That was wrong. That was uncalled for. I feel like it'd be a different story if he had hit this kind of heckling fan. But the NBA find him like $50,000 and hopefully, hopefully amends can be made because she was just an innocent bystander in all of this.

Next story here on the deep shot protester saying in the NBA protester tries to glue herself to court during Clippers Timberwolves game a woman protesting the mass killings of chickens tried to glue herself to a basketball court Tuesday during the playing game between host Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Clippers. The animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere confirmed the motive in its news release, identifying the activists as Alissa sent Turino Santeria apologies, Santeria wore a t shirt saying Glenn Taylor roasts animals alive to protest the mass killings of chickens.

Amid an avian flu outbreak on Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor's Iowa egg farm. And here is the video No, sorry. Here's the picture of Patrick Beverley here, right near the paint on the court. And this lady, Miss Santeria Sande, Turino Sande, Santeria. There we go, gluing her hands to the court at a protest. And here's the video.

Somebody has fallen, the arena worker has fallen at the other end. And you can see right now I'm not sure if she fainted herself, but they are assisting her because they quickly got her up and got her up was a protest. And know what I'm going to do if I see one more floor.

And not much. The the live TV crew didn't give much honor just showing her being escorted. Bold move though to glue your hands to a court mostly for your palms. I can't feel good. I had superglue squirt on me much once much like a beer just squirted all over me and oh, hold on. I got a sneeze coming up ooh.

Pardon me. You're going off the rails a little bit. I've had superglue on my hand before and I was a pain in the ass, and I was afraid I was going to rip skin off. So, I mean, I guess the cause. The cause is noble. Right? You shouldn't kill chickens alive. That's inhumane. But the execution might be a little bit different of a story, but it got people talking.

We're talking about it here. We're not the only outlet that is covering this story. She didn't go to jail. She was just removed. From the arena. And now people know if they care that the Timberwolves owner likes to kill chickens on an Iowa egg farm.

Now, yeah.

Next here in the Deep Shot, we have Tom Brady recently out of retirement, getting back in the swing of athletics. Playing a an innocent game, of course, not a horse kiss with his son, or at least that's what I would like to believe. Just shooting around showing that at 45 years old, he's still got it. The little leg, little kick back, fade back with the son but at the end of the day, everyone gets kisses.

Doesn't matter if you win or lose. But in the Brady family, winning is quite custom. By the customary quite a shock and starting to hit me now. It's happens a lot. The Brady's win, though, a lot of kisses around the next door here. The Masters we just had the Masters PGA Golf that's going on. We have a little bit of insider information of the camera operators at these golf events for man.

And part of my job is to find that little white ball in the middle of that big blue sky and try to keep it in the middle of the screen as best as I can. But if I play that exact same clip back and I trace where the ball was going, you can see that sometimes I like to have a little bit of fun with my job.

And when nobody knows you're doing this, you kind of draw whatever you want. And on longer drives you have a little bit more time to get a little bit more detail into your doodles.

So again, I'm just adding this red line after the fact. If you're watching this on TV, this would just look like a normal drive to you.

So if you're listening this camera operator traces out when the ball is in the air approaching the fairway or the green, and it's a close up of just tracking the ball. He actually likes to do little doodles with the ball in the motion as he's taking it with the camera. So the first one was just a nice little star pentagram, and the next one was a penis phallus.

And the last one was up in the air quite a bit. Kind of a big old shot and he drew his face. So next time you're watching golf, keep an eye out for maybe what doodles are being drawn when the ball is in the air. I notice we got here thick, boys. Baseball is back. Baseball has started up.

I had a comment from a listener. You know, asking, hey, on the deep shot, are you going to cover a lot of baseball, a lot of mariners because of the local team? Baseball, you know, when it comes up, when it's relevant, when it's when there's something fun to take a look at mariners probably not there dog shit team and they will be forever and they have been forever.

But these are the Mariners here. Take a look at this clip. Is the pitch coming in? It is way outside and oh, he just was never able to clock in that cake. I don't know who this is, but goddamn, there's some junk in the trunk for this batter. Oh, the ball just bounces. That is a juicy ass.

Start here for the rays. Oh.

And it looks like is asked me absorb BBD.

Start here for the.

Most of.

He just was.

Of that energy transferred it through his cheeks and he got a.

Little wobble.

Wobble he he turns around I mean getting beaned by a major league baseball from a major league pitcher can't feel good I'm sure he has a mark but maybe not maybe he's got he's that that he's just going to walk it off one more time where the thickest.

Oof he just was.

Never able to get that hand out big thick never hurts to have a fat ass man or woman and I apologize if I feel like I'm all over the place that shotgun that was not planned at all. But this was this is country strong.

Just don't play the weak.

All right. We have lacrosse pretty country, strong sport. A lot of physicality here.

Take a look. Oh, good. You're strong. Lowering the.

Shoulder and.

Staying up getting I don't know the rules, but, you know, you can come strong. That's definitely rule. Oh, look at him. Go, go.

Let's run that back one more time. Coming up, it starts out with a bang. Just runs over this purple dude right here in the country. Strong fashion levels him out, continues running and lowers your shoulder again. Just drowning any passes a little ball. I really know nothing about lacrosse, so I know that you can do that. You can check, like in hockey or in football, but I don't I don't I don't know what the point is, what you're allowed to do.

But I do know.

That that is culture strong.

Indeed it is. OK, let's scrub.

Some clips and.

Scrub my clip. Clip all righty. Let's get scrubby here in the scrub my clip segment. First clip last week I showed this video here of the world record for assembling a potato head by a 13 year old. Well, we'll take this we'll take a look at this again for reference.

Check I'm ready on your marks. Get set. Go stop.

So quick. Hands on the potato head. And much like the beer, I promised a shotgun I promised I would get a potato head and see how impressive 6 seconds is. So I'm going to open this up. I don't even think I had a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head as a kid. I can't remember but nevertheless, it's been quite some time since I have attempted to assemble one.

And as you can hear and see, I'm pulling it out of the box. So I didn't have any time.


Prep. This is this is doing it wrong. Are we do it here? The parade and I'm I'm just going.

To going to try this. Three, two, one. Go!

Oh, son of a bitch.

Ta da!

Much longer than 6 seconds. OK, a lot more respect for for that feat of assembling that potato head in 6 seconds, because that that that's hard. That's really hard, actually. Well, now, we know I can still find a wolf. A single wolf. I will die on that hill. OK, let's continue down the clips here.

Here's here's a question in 20, 22. And before I run this, I wanted to make it very clear that what you hear the shock in your ear that you will hear is not is not me. I'm not saying it, but it beckons the question in 20, 22 and beyond. Is the past still acceptable? Is it still a thing you can do?

This clip argues that yes, you can still do it.

Listen, my Michael Your Honor, I'm honored with some money. Some money. You fill out a lot of power. Do I get another one? Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, man. What's up, my nigga?

All right, so this is his name's Chad. This is a white looks to be in, like, a Best Buy. No, it's a Walmart. He's in a Walmart. Given the setting, looks like he works there. He's got his little lanyard with maybe his name tag on it or something. And this guy here in the blue tank top, he is black, comes up, hands him a card, he looks at it.

He's like, Oh, that's great. And based on what you just heard, that was a N-word pass. Now, the running thing is, is.

If you.

Get as a white if you get permission from a black person, you can say it. I've gotten a pass before. I've never used it. I never will. I understand that. That is a big ole no no. For us whites to do will stick to stealing mayonnaise. But this guy embraced it and also very respectful he he was given the card and he used the pass.

Make good for one use. I'm honored. Know he's honored.

I'm honored. Well, some money. Some money. You fell out.

And it was like, say, a louder sale, loud and proud. And he looks.

At me a lot of proud. Well.

Do I get another one? He asks for another one. It doesn't mean that the past just now, you can say it all nilly, Willy. It means you get one, just one. And there was a second request. So there was a second card given you know, to proceed at your own risk. One black guy does not speak for all black people and give them the thumbs up to that word for the whites.

Like I said, I steer clear of it. I didn't. This isn't me in the video. This is Chad from Wal-Mart using the pass. If I was in a similar situation, I was given the passage like, oh, thank you very much, I'm honored, but I respectfully decline it. Sir, next clip so Instagram, the algorithm is not almighty, but it's an algorithm is kind of a bitch.

It's gotten me in trouble when I shouldn't have gotten in trouble. So go. I'll I'll I'll test the theory right now. Any time I go to my search or Discovery Explorer page, search page on Instagram, it loads up and it thinks, Oh, you want to see women in bikinis? I'm like, not particularly. They got a ring on that out of the market.

And so any time I'm around the wife with my Instagram open and I go to search something, she's like, Who's that? Like, I don't know, some Instagram story and so now what we've been doing and here I'll, I'll just show you this. I just hit the search. You could see there are ladies in bikinis there. So now the running joke and what we're trying to do is shift my algorithm away from from women.

We want to trick algorithm in knowing that, hey, you know, it's not what we want to see, not what the wife wants to see. And so now I'm just going up to my phone any time I can, you know, big beefy sexy man, big beefy, sexy man, big beefy, sexy man. Two hot guys. Yeah. And took a couple of days, but it worked.

And this is what popped up on my feed Instagram things. I like bears now, and I'm kind of in that realm as far as body type and body hair go I got a lot of body and I got a lot of body hair. So now Instagram's like, Well, have you ever thought about fucking to do that? Looks like you.

Not particularly, but it's friends like. Well, take a look at this guy, though. If you're listening. Has hair on top of hair, big old beard. He removes his beanie. So no hair on the top of the dome, but hair everywhere else. His shoulder, hair. It just looks like there's a a protective layer of hair around his entire body.

And this is what Instagram thinks I like now. I mean, I can appreciate it. That's that's a that's that's God given, so to speak. You can't just grow that much hair on those parts of your bodies. You just got to let it happen. So if you ever want to retrain your Instagram algorithm, just scream at your phone what you want to look at and it'll it'll hash it out for you.

Next clip. Here's a like a nest cam or a ring. These two girls are going outside. They leave the front door and they peek around the corner. This is nighttime. They have a flashlight on, and they're they're looking for something. Now, what they don't see, but you can see in the frame is there is a goat that kind of walked up and stayed outside of their peripheral view.

And it's just it's just a curious goat. What's going on?

And then the younger girl looks and sees the goat and it's like, holy shit, and then the other girl does the same.

Thing and they run back inside.

One girl just pushes the goats, had a little bit of a stiff arm, slams the door, never to go outside again. The Sneaky Goat did it is next clip.

Chicken the world's biggest salad gummy bear. 500 times until we finish it.

This is day one.

So these are one of those big giant gummy worm dildo looking things. And this guy just started licking it, seeing how long it could take to get to the center of no longer having a big giant gummy dildo worm and he he does a little time timelapse and looks looks like he's enjoying enjoying the suck on both ends huge must be sour to give in the face.

All right last clip here in this week's episode is a moist one.

Check it out. This next clip is so moist.

Now this is this clip is actually a photo. So you're not going to hear anything. But I'm going explain it to you. And this photo is the exact reason why everything is blurred out when you watch on YouTube, because these are a pair of Patrick Starr titties.

Now, those are tits she has.

The photo is a selfie. The phone is down on the counter and she's pushing her bosom together. And her nipples are not normal round areas and nipples, they're stars. They look like two Patrick stars. Just latched on to the titties. But the reality is these are her titties.

If you want to see these Patrick Starr titties. So our limited our comments in the show links. This is a tweet, though, you can take a look at and see the Patrick Starr titties yourself. I think they're tattoos. I would be very surprised if these were natural born she had some work done now the.


The the shape and size of her of her Teddy me if that's natural or if it's cosmetic with a snot we're talking about we're talking about these star nipples that most likely I could be wrong. This could be a weird genetic this is where the human race is moving. As we evolve, we're all going to have star nipples.

But I think these are tattoos. I think this this was some work done but still aggressive to have big ole Patrick star titties and that's the moist this clip and that's pretty much going to do it for this week's show. I do want to close out and give props to the executive producers of this show and every single show moving forward.

Parade plus Infinity members AJ Joe, Michael Davis, Quinn Tyler and Reverend Tanner Mills. Appreciate all of y'all and appreciate everyone for listening, watching, getting to the end after the shotgun because that was a bit of a recovery we had to go through. And one other thing I'm changing to the show because it's very liquid in the way we do things here.

No pun intended for the beer. We're going to ax the end of the line. Sound bite. It's not no contacts, it's just playing sounds because guess what?

I don't give a shit.

It doesn't make much sense. I will work on getting more drops played in to the show, like what we did with those.

Titties now those are tits.

But no more end of the line bite and no more parade for this week. Unfortunately, it comes to an end, but next week, brand new show. It's a brand new week, and I will see.

You next time.