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Here's all the links that we discussed on this week's episode:


Lil Bit'a News


The Oscar Slap


Mexico to rent out unwanted presidential jet for parties



Vermont police are investigating after a woman says someone beat her chicken with a stick



Scientists Gave Lions the Love Hormone Oxytocin To See What Would Happen



People who haven't contracted COVID-19 yet have no friends, Korean doctor says



Human Corpse Ejected From Transport Van, Horse In Trailer OK In Multi-Vehicle Crash



The Deep Shot


Follow up on the Buffalo Ranch


Josh Allen gets his own rule


Bills get a new place to roam



Botched Mafia Landing



Hope Solo arrested on DWI, child abuse charges



Brakes are good



Straight from the source



Track and feel these hands



Country Strong


Country Strong: Feed JT


Country Strong: Sumo Strong



Scrub My Clip


Seattle’s Underwear Hero



Just a tough day



Passionate from inches away






Flex your portfolio



Push through the piss




Yeah. Now a lot of homeless people our age, unfortunately. We'll get there, though. The market will crash, and we'll be able to get in there. Just keep holding out. Keep struggling to live it in your mom's basement that you that you built out of podcast studio. And I'm happy. I enjoy my life. It's this way. Parade with sharks.

Away welcome into this Sway Parade. My name is Shucks Way and we have a fantastic show planned for you today. If you're new to the show, here's a rundown of what this whole thing is all about. It's a break away from all of the craziness in the world. You stop for an hour while you're on your drive, on your way to work in the shower, maybe, and you just relax.

Carefree. It's all fun here. We have a good time here at the swap rates. So welcome. If you're new and if you're returning, you know what? We're about to get into. Let's start out with, as we all know, I've been pushing it like crazy. There's a hotline you can call the phone. This one's not hooked up, but there's still a dedicated line, 818275 sway.

When you call that number, you can leave a message. You can say whatever you want. In this week, we have a few calls to get through, so let's just jump right into that. First caller, let's play this Hey, it's just driving my car here, and I almost fucking ran my car into a fucking pole because I got so mad because the second time you said the word fat, tomorrow it's fast.

Every goddamn motherfucker would learn better. Love you. Talk to you later. I think that was in regards to this Josh Allen signature here. It's not a real one. This one on the helmet, though. Most definitely is. And if you're listening, you can see the whole set over on YouTube.

Okay. So first off, I try to keep the first 10 minutes clean. I believe this was Reverend Tanner Mills in a passion to let me know that. I'm saying the word wrong. I thought it was fast a mile. Let's see what Google has to say about that. Facsimile. Facsimile Okay. I speak with an accent sometimes, so, you know, learn from the mistakes.

All get better. It's a facsimile signature here on this little print. Not fast. A mile. Seems funner to say, Tanner, but yeah, drive safe. If you're listening to the show and you get really enraged and you need to call the show about something, me saying something stupid or just something that is triggering to any degree. Just remember to drive safe.

Don't crash into Paul's next caller. What do we got here? What the fuck type of shit is this truck? If this is fake, I want to put my foot up your ass.

Comments. I believe that was Tyler, my good friend out in New York. Tyler. Another thing that I have to now cut out because of the profanity. But don't let that sway you against calling this number. Say whatever you want. Tyler. The number is real. It's. I just played it. It's legit. You said go mets at the end. Very, very poor taste in sports.

Teams. As a New Yorker, might I remind you the Buffalo Bills are just across the state on the best side of the state. The West Side, Buffalo, New York. Better believe it. We'll get to that a little bit later. Let's go to the next caller God's way. I just say your goddamn hordes give me a shovel. And every single time I hear it, this is Quindlen.

And I have one question. If you ain't listening to the sweet phrase, what the fuck are you doing with your life? Why don't you just go jump in Lake Washington in the middle of December? Because you're fucking losing out. All right, that's all I got to say. If you ain't listening, what the hell are you doing? I have a good one.

Quinn, who's also a parade plus infinity member executive producer of the show, among some others. That might be the the ad drop here in this episode. And one's to come because that was fantastic. What a plug. Thank you so much, Quinn. He called a few more times. So let's see what he had to say on the other calls.

Had to call again just to get another job on I was wondering if you heard about the kidnaping at school today. It's okay. He woke up. Quinn got jokes. Yes, he does. All right. The last call that Quinn made in sueh period is more exciting than dropping your toaster in your bathtub while you're in. It did. Thank you, Quinn.

Thank you for the kind words. And if you want to leave kind words or a story, or just be an pissed off because of how I say something. 818275 sway 8182757929. Give it a ring. Give me a call. Leave a message. Okay. Moving on. I want to remind everyone and Quinn also not on the call, but he had messaged me, and it was like, hey, like, I'm really liking the show, as you heard from the voicemails that he left.

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Okay. Before we get into the news and the sports in the clips, I want to just fill you in on a few different things. First, off, I have been watching the metrics of the show like a hawk, seeing where people are listening, how they're listening. And I found something very interesting this might come to a shock for you because it most definitely was for me.

Russia, the Russia is the third most popular country in which this show is streamed. Who would have thought? Well, thanks, Russians. I hope you're enjoying the show. I hope where you draw in your line in the sand is on the the more favorable side. But yeah, Russia dicks has sway parade. I need to learn how to speak Russian.

Also, I am speaking to you right now, afflicted with a condition that I have never been afflicted with before. I have a UTI I a urinary tract infection and fuck. What the fuck is this shit? I don't know how I got it. I have some serious hip. I can not disclose that and be totally fine. I'll share with you as much as I can.

But what it boils down to is it hurts when i p and I notice this a few days ago I went to go take a leak as normal and the tank was draining. It was getting near the end. And then all of a sudden there was a sharp discomfort near my bladder. I was like, What the fuck is that?

And then I did some googling and determined with my medical background that I most likely have a UTI. I and I wrote a little song about it right before I got in the shower. I want to share with you to make light heart of how discomforting this is. Now, I think that I'm fine. I'm not pissing blood yet, but it's still really sucks.

Hurts to pee I'm peeing more often and my dick itches all the time and it I hate it. It's not good. I've been drinking cranberry juice. I've been drinking water. I'm just trying to like it, trying to wait for it to pass. But here's a song that I performed right outside the shower that never had a urinary tract infection.

Now it hurts when I pee so. Yeah, if you have one before, actually, I would like to hear about it, especially if you are a male. Because in my research, this typically doesn't happen for us dudes. It's mostly the women that get it. So if you're dude and you've had a urinary tract infection, you've had a terrible experience or a great experience.

I would like to know it when they Twosome five Sway Call the hotline, let me know. We'll get to those calls a little bit later. But with that out of the way, I'm fine, by the way, I might have to cut at some point in this episode. But you can't tell. It's the movie magic at work. I have to step out and pee because it's very frequent.

All right, let's get into the news. What's the big deal, fella? It's just a little bad news.

If you're not aware. These episodes come out on Monday to the general public. And so the last week's episode was recorded on Saturday. In between that time frame of Saturday and recording and Monday, a posting Sunday. That day, the Oscars happened and everybody and their mother knows about this. Will Smith got up smack the shit out of Chris Rock for making a comment about his wife So I figured I was like, Hmm, I think the listeners want to know what my take is because not enough people are weighing in on this.

I feel. I really do. It's not like entire social media feeds were hijacked with this event, and at this point, it's died down. It's old news but I figure I'd give a little rundown kind of a bitch move. Will Smith. Yeah. Okay. Go up and hit a man. A comic making jokes about your wife. What the fuck? Okay, let's go on to more stories.

Mexico to rent out unwanted presidential jet for parties. Olé! Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez arrived but Obrador. Pardon me. Please don't call it. I'm not Spanish speaking. Damn it said Monday that his government would offer to rent out a luxury presidential jet for birthday and wedding parties after failing to find a buyer. Low price Lopez Obrador has been vowing to sell the Boeing seven 87 Dreamliner since his 2018 election campaign, calling it an insult to the people.

This is pretty cool, if you ask me, especially from a politician. Be like we have this jet. I don't I'll just fly regular I don't mind do we rent it out to parties and weddings. Well, I didn't do much digging into how much it would cost to rent out for a party or a wedding, but they don't want to go in on me with it.

Be kind of fun. Next story. Vermont police are investigating after a woman says someone beat her chicken with a stick. We covered this a few weeks ago where a postal carrier beat a turkey. Now the chickens are getting beat, too. Surveillance cameras show a group of five people wearing backpacks on the road outside of her home just before 4 p.m. that day, an individual dressed in yellow sweatshirt with a stick in hand is seen hopping a rock wall, then vanishing out of sight.

The video picks up what sounds like a chicken crying in distress.

Poor chicken, she says the chicken suffered serious injuries and appears one or possibly both legs are broken. Brady, who was the woman whose chicken was assaulted, says she's concerned the chicken spine was injured as well. Poor little chicken. I didn't defend the turkeys too well. A couple of weeks ago. I figured they deserved it. But the chicken wasn't doing anything just in its yard, living its life, very simple life.

And it gets beat with a stick by a person in the yellow sweatshirt. What the fuck Well, the good news is, as if it's really, really bad, you can always eat it. Next story here. Scientists gave lions the love hormone oxy token to see what would happen. Wow. Well, why not? Scientists from the University of Minnesota wanted to see if oxy token would promote social bonding among lions, as it does with other species.

And their experiment at the wildlife reserve in South Africa. Researchers lured lions to a wire fence with chunks of meat. Once close enough, they would spray oxy token up their noses. And again, I mentioned my medical background. If it's not, it's not cotton. I knew that much. Oxy token, I think that's how you say it. Don't come here to have words pronounce correctly.

I stumble over it. Alpha can show findings showed that the 23 lions given oxy token were more tolerant of others and were less territorial. Once food was introduced though, the effects of the ox token disappeared. Now I want to backtrack to a few of last week's stories because there's a weird parallel. There was Putin the tiger that ended up perishing during a routine procedure that was at the Minnesota Zoo.

And then right after that, we got into the wild news, which the male birth control was being developed. Human trials are starting later this year. That research has been done at the University of Minnesota. What they're doing now, the how the everything is coming together and locking in the University of Minnesota is seeing if they can make lions more social, more happy, There's horny motherfuckers out there, the University of Minnesota, which they don't care about tigers and saving their lives, but they care about keeping things horny and happy and good.

Now it's transcending to the lion population. Next story. People who haven't contracted COVID 19 yet have no friends. Korean doctor says the adults who have not yet been infected with COVID 19 are those who have interpersonal problems. Ma Sang Hyuk, who is vice president of the Korean Vaccine Society, wrote on Facebook the same day Ma posted his comments.

South Korea recorded a record 400,741 new coronavirus cases They saw this post and like, I haven't gotten it yet, and I don't want to be those people. Well, a little bit of insider information to date. We're more than two years into this thing. I have yet to officially contract COVID 19. I get urinary tract infections, but I don't get the big old COVID.

So the suggestion there is that I have interpersonal problems Who would have thunk Okay. And if you thought that news story was wild, well, get a load of this one idea that some wild knee is human corpse ejected from transport van, horse and trailer. Okay. In Multi-vehicle Crash, a corpse being taken from a hospital to a funeral home fell out of the back of a transport vehicle and a multi-vehicle crash involving a horse trailer.

The body was on a stretcher wrapped in a sheet when it popped out of a Honda Odyssey. A Honda Odyssey. Not a hearse, not these official vehicles that are designed to transport bodies. A Honda Odyssey with foldable seats. They probably took the back ones out, tossed the body in there, and was like, What's the worst that can happen?

We get into a car wreck, and I've been driving for years. Well, turns out that's exactly what happened. And whoever wrote this article had to think, well, what about the horse? There was a horse involved. Is the horse okay? Yes. Yes, the horse is fine. And they went even as far as to share a photo of the horse on the side of the road.

Calm and down from the ordeal. It was just put through it. But the people that are involved in this crash and have to see a corpse just keep fly out into the street. No, no, no. Is the horse okay? We need a check on the horse. Horsey, are you good? Yeah. Yeah. It's fucking fine. Okay. That's it for the news.

Let's move on to the sports. This episode of the Sway Parade is brought to you by the fine folks that support this show with the parade plus plans. Shout out to A.J. Joe, Michael Davis, Reverend Tanner, Mills. And as of this week, Quinn, who you had heard called earlier, and Tyler, who you had heard called earlier, given them shout outs.

If you want a shout out on the show and you don't submit something because you can always do that and always give you credit for that, sign up for a parade. Plus plan sway in limited income. It's that easy going to straight look at that big old billy shop. You get the restless deep shot. Okay. Last week, I had posed an open question as to why buffalo unions consider Ranch a sacrilege when putting that on their wings.

So I went on to Buffalo Bills, read it, and I posed that very question because I was very curious, and I got a lot of feedback a lot of Buffalo unions weighing in on this debate. And so I pulled a few of them on to share with you, to enlighten you, as well as to why you shouldn't put ranch on your wings.

Dark Seed said, Why is grass green? Why is water wet? It just is comments. 21 said it's either blue cheese with wings or go fuck your mother, which is a quote from Joey Diaz. And there were a lot of those references to Joy Diaz is very adamant as to why you should just do blue cheese and not ranch.

And so people of Buffalo, they're sticking to that wicked ex, too. Again, this is on Reddit said because blue cheese is the buffalo way. The original and Ranch on Wings is terrible. That's personal. Opinion. I fucking love Ranch, but I also love blue cheese. I don't think that that was stress enough last week. But I just you can't you can't use Ranch.

Can't do it. False Hedgehog 8162 said I see it as a team talisman of sorts. Ranch is a common dip used in the U.S. It's not surprising that people like to dip chicken in the stuff Blue cheese is different. Less bold, arguably. It's more bold. It's blue cheese. It's literal fungal cheese as to not take away from the chicken wing.

But it's more than that. Though the wing has expanded across the globe, the preferred dip is unique and strange. To some, it's a calling card and a sense of pride when combined that for sure. And R and a said blue cheese is the OG and at the end of the day, ranch is just a poor man's interpretation of how the Buffalo Wing was originally intended to be served.

It's an odd thing I get that stick with what worked the first time you have these interpreters. It's like, Well, why not? Ranch in Buffalo is like one to go fuck yourself.

They also went on to say it's it's essential to the experience and the reason that there isn't an issue with various other sources the whole let me go back. And the reason that there isn't an issue with various other sources barbecue, garlic, buffalo, lamb, pepper, etc. It's because they don't claim to be buffalo wings. Aha. There's a bit of the rub.

You can't call it a buffalo wing if you're using ranch because that's not the original intention. Ranch divers will say they're eating buffalo wings, but lack the essential dip makes it a misnomer. Plus, it just doesn't taste as good. So it's a little mix of. This is the way. This is how it is. Don't fuck with it. And also, a lot of Buffalo unions, I guess, don't like ranch so now we know.

Now we're enlightened. Staying in Buffalo as we well with the deep shot, given the Josh Allen stuff and the obsession there. Josh got his own rule. He changed the sport of football. Because of what happened last season against the chiefs in the divisional round game went to overtime. Coin was flipped. Chiefs won. They marched down. That was the game.

Josh Allen and the Bills never had a chance to get on the field and show their stuff, their blue cheese sauce. So the NFL owners got together and they voted on it. They approved a new rule in overtime for each team to get one possession of the ball before the winner is declared. This is a great step moving forward because NFL overtime rules are kind of shitty because usually how it plays out is if you win the coin toss, you get the ball and your offense is good enough, you're going to march down you're going to score a touchdown.

That's going to be the game since 20, ten and under the old format of just that ten out of the 12 overtime games were won by the team that won the coin toss. You can't leave that up to chance and kind of a weird offshoot to this. Josh Allen had a phenomenal season on the field, but not during play.

It was pre-game during the coin toss. Every time he won the coin toss, the bills won. Up until this there's next season this is this will be exciting to see how this plays out for the Bills and for all of football. But Josh Allen, you're making waves. You did it. You changed the game also. What's going on in Buffalo?

Some big news this week. Is there getting a new stadium The Buffalo will have a new home to roam. There's been some backlash with this information because stadiums are not cheap and also some heavy criticism because Buffalo, New York, is a quite treacherous place in the winter. And they're making it an open air stadium. But I feel like just like blue cheese.

This is also the buffalo way. Keep the stadium open, keep it cold. That's what those people like. Breakdown of who's going to pay for it. Millions and millions of dollars. Is there 1.4 billion up to the BS, the billions? 600 millions come from the state taxpayers. Thank you. 250 million coming from the county hyper local taxpayers. Thank you. The pickle, the burglars, rather.

Pardon me, the ownership of the bills. Are going to shovel out roughly $350 million. And the NFL is asking me like, here's $200 million. Make it happen. So going back to that open air, the big criticism was, well, I guess Buffalo, those who never want to host the Super Bowl, no one wants to go there in February and play the big game.

Well, that doesn't matter. Keep it in Florida. Keep it in California. I'm going to keep winning in Buffalo. So that's nice and fun and exciting. I'm not a taxpayer in New York, so I don't need to worry about it. But hopefully it'll look neat. I mean, so far, the most recent stadium that was complete where the Super Bowl has played this year looks real neat.

So I'm sure that they'll they'll make it good. What else do we have here? Oh, yes, of course. More Bills Mafia, more Buffalo Bills, not officially branded here in this video, but they're calling card is smashing tables from high vantage points. And this is what we have right here. A quick reminder, these video portions of the show are uncensored.

It's way unlimited to come with a Sway Parade. Plus, membership low starts at $6.90 a month. Pretty good deal if you want to see this. But there's also show links that I post each week with these episodes. You can just click the link and watch it for yourself. But let's run this right. There's a table full of beer there's a man on a railing and oh, he missed all the tables right in front of them.

And he gave too much of a spring. Oh, that's a broken tailbone. Oh, that's right. Under the dirt. Oh, well, those mafia in training, you'll get there. I want to add to for those who listen to the deep shot there, about five of you that ever listen to that show I made a promise that I would smash through a table wearing that helmet right there.

And I tend to still honor that promise to be determined and I'll watch a lot of videos like this to learn what not to do in that situation when I end up going through the table next, moving away from the Bills and football a bit. Hope Solo, the women's soccer player, former U.S. women's soccer player, had a bit of a run-In with the law here.

She was arrested on DWI. Is always weird when you get the W in there. Kind of throws a little tongue twister. DUI is my preference. My preference for this charge. But arrested for DWI and child abuse. That's a headline. There's a little bit more information to paint the picture. Let's see what it has to say. Hope Solo was arrested after she was found passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle in North Carolina with her two year old twins inside.

Yeah, it's still child abuse. Yeah. She was charged with driving while impaired, resisting a public purr. But resisting a public officer and misdemeanor child abuse. A passer by noticed solo passed out behind the steering wheel for more than an hour with the vehicle's engine running and the two children in the backseat, a responding officer could smell alcohol. And the warrant said that Solo refused a field sobriety test and that her blood was drawn instead.

Now, this was in the parking lot of a mall, so she wasn't out on the road. But how did she get there if she was that source remains to be seen. That's the thing. A little tip for you drinkers that think that it's okay to drive or to go to your car after you've been drinking. Even if you don't drive, don't get in the driver's seat, get in the passenger seat, start the engine, turn the heat on.

Tune into the Lullaby Channel and pass your drunk ass out. Just don't sit in the driver's seat and especially don't have your kids in the back. But she was smart Hear me out. She denied the field sobriety test and opted for the blood draw. Now, if you ever as earlier, I stated I'm no medical professional. I'm also not a legal professional.

But this is what I've been told. If you get pulled over under suspicion of a DUI or a DWI, do not consent to the field sobriety test, because if you are drunk, you're going to be the drunkest you are when the officer is talking to you and trying to administer this test. So you tell them, no, fuck, you take me in and then you got to go through that whole process of being taken to the station, booked, doing all that stuff.

And by the time they get around to doing the blood draw, you might be a little bit more sober. So again, let's back this up, though. I'm not condoning that this is a hack and you should drink and drive, especially with your kids in the back. But even passed out in the car for an hour and then having an officer come up be like, Man, have you been drinking?

And your children are here? And they seem to be unattended to just take me to the station and take the test. Smart, dumb to put yourself in that situation. But a silver lining, smart Next thing here in the Deep Shot, this was submitted by Taylor. And this is the Formula One race I don't know when this was dated, but some recent news in Formula One, a sport that I'm still getting into.

So pardon me if I sound like a complete jackass when talking about it. It's very elementary, my knowledge right now, but Formula One is coming to Vegas. That's pretty neat. The part of the track is down the strip and this clip is unrelated, but I figured it was relevant. Formula One, a little bit of an update for you if you care.

Let's run this clip submitted by Taylor the Toro Rosso driver headed down the back street, the end of best practice. The Swiss applied the brakes as usual at over 190 miles per hour. Oh bus option wishbone completely get away so man mans goes to break and the entire the entire assembly of the front wheels just explodes but brakes are good it works as well There's one more time just to see this wow.

Just loses the wheels 190 miles an hour and you can just kiss your skirt. And I also want to point out to the beginning of this clip where the cars come around the corner. It happens every so often and it's going to happen more and more often. Is when you see shots like this. When I first saw this, I thought, this is a video game.

It's wild, absolutely wild. But then you see the brakes that isn't happening. A video game that's real life brakes done work good. Okay. What else is on here are I'm going to play this and then I'll give a breakdown of why or how I try to emulate this level of reporting and journalism.

Before I let you go, Hastings, I saw JaMychal Green warming up behind you. Any word yet on if he's able to go tonight. I think he was questionable coming into this game. Oh, I'll ask him. Where do we go? Yeah, hey, Michael. You playing now? He's not playing he's got to go wait for the players.

Go straight to the source. If you don't know something about the sources with this guy that he's sitting courtside doing a report for the Pacers getting ready for the game, JaMychal Green asks him, Are you playing? Nope. I'm just shooting around. There you have it. Back to you. I feel like all reporting should be like that. This is a little bit light.

Harder than most things, but still, just. Just ask if you have a question. Just up and ask. All right. Next on here, let's check it out. This is a high school track in Florida.

Oh, oh, fucking kidding me.

So if you're listening, picture a track. You've seen them before with runners going around it like you've seen before.

And then out of nowhere, someone from another school comes up and just clocks this guy just lays him out. It looks like he's in first place and just gets a haymaker to the temple. He goes down. The guy running that ran up to hit him, I don't know. Where does he go? He dips out. He just disappears. And then you hear this parent fucking kidding me.

Are you fucking kidding me? Maybe because these are kids. These are high school kids. And that was there's a low low thing to do, especially because this guy wasn't even in the race. I'll get to the the particulars of the story here in a second, but guy is up. Are you fucking kidding? Really? Really. You're going to just hit a runner as he's in his race.

But I would like to think that it's more like a horse race. And this guy has his folded up ticket, like what you see of the horse race. He's smack and he's a come on, red. Come on, come on. And his horse just went down. I'd be pissed to him. Toast how much money this dad bet with another dad?

Like, I bet you my son beat you in that race with your own. Then son gets knocked out and he's just. He's pissed off because he lost his bet. He knows that his horse is now not going to finish the race. But let's take a look, a little bit more information about this story. The altercation was caused by the runner in the black uniform standing on the track during a race.

He wasn't a part of. He apparently refused to move for the other runners. And the student in the red, the one that got clocked, bumped him to get out of the way. So the guy who hit him is at fault for the hit, but he's also at fault for the developments to lead to that hit. Why are you standing on the track when there's a race going on?

It's like the right of way. Like you're not running. So get the fuck out. The athlete in the black uniform then waited for the other runner to come around for another lap, ran behind him and punched him in the back of the head. Eventually, the runner reportedly got up and finished the race. The thing about it, too, though, is when he gets clocked, if he is in the lead, it looks like it from this angle.

He goes down and all the other runners are like, It's not my problem. I feel like this would have been you see this happen in the Olympics some time ago. There was a contestant that got hurt. They were down and the other contestant came up and help them finish the race or something. You can recall more vividly in cars when Lightning McQueen was going to win.

But then the blue, the old Dale Earnhardt there, Dale Earnhardt, the dude with the hat and the glasses. Not Tom Petty. He's the musician. Richard Petty. I think that's him. Crashes. And then Lightning McQueen is like, it's not worth the glory. I'm going to help this old man finish his last race. No one did that here. Maybe the dad was freaking out about that.

Who knows?

Okay, what else do we got here in the deep shot? Ah, yes, the country strong. It's a double shot this week.

Who just don't play the week. This first country strong clip was submitted by Davis If you find some country strong clips, please send them my way. Social media hit me up on Instagram, on Twitter, Facebook, maybe at check, under score, sway and let me know what you find out there. That's conscious strong. Let's check out this first clip.

This is Quentin Nelson we get a straight run off with Jake. He's got let's fuckin go back in the week and he's hungry. He's in merchant scheme. He is. He hates people as Quentin Nelson of the Indianapolis Colts, a premier lineman in the league. And to a degree the model country strong day in and day out nicknames robot pancake and he's got that captain on his chest so he can he's got some weight to bowl around goes up to the head coach I didn't finish a season of of hard knocks so I can't remember his name but he's like hey why don't we run it we have Jonathan Taylor it let's just run it like all

right you got to you got to cut strong and then this next one, next clip here, we're getting a little sumo coach around. The more we have slow motion here, yes, you can do the most. Tony White getting thrown around. There's a slant. So don't push him. Come on, get around. Stay in the ring. You know I'm getting married.

No delaying. I could just throw winning the match sumo wrestlers are also the model of what country strong is because they're frickin massive. The one thing I want to point out, though, is why is this guy wearing a dirty sock?

In the the dirt of the ring of the sumo ring? He's got a dirty sock on. And this is a guy that ends up losing. So to learn a little bit more about sumo wrestling, if you want to get into it, don't wear dirty socks. You're going to lose. But that's kind of strong. And Tyler, who called in earlier, he's going to close out this segment of the deep shot here.

We've got Joe Concha Strong. All righty. Let's scrub some clips and scrub my clip. Clip all righty. Clips this week in the scrub. My clip segment is going to start out with the worst city in America. Seattle, Washington, homeless are running rampant. Shit's getting stolen all the time. And here's some security footage of a resident fending off his property from the would be thieves, tweakers.

No doubt. Let's take a look. Surveillance cameras. Let's listen in.

You're right down there. They get all right. That first clip. There's a this is a compilation of the same guy. Guys, go into this carport. There's a bike, a motorbike that they wheel out to a U-Haul and they're in the process of loading it up. And then you just hear gun and gets cocked and guy runs out in his underwear to get the fuck out.

That would be absolutely terrifying to one have a gun pulled on you. Sure. Like, that's, you know, by and by all the time. Terrifying. But then the guy that's holding is in his underwear, make you shake your underwear, that's for sure. What else we got here on this string and clips trying to steal a catalytic converter. Let's listen yeah.

Sure. Okay. No underwear, but still the shirts off. This is his nighttime attire and he runs out. That maniacal laugh I got fuckers runs up to the car and starts smacking. It looks like a baseball bat. Maybe there's barbed wire around it to to make it that much more hardcore. Well, what do you what? What what? Your smashing windows.

And hopefully they don't come back that there's more to it. Check it out.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Know we're going to go for waiting on someone when it's oh, I do have that one. Same motorbike, different people. You hear the gun cocked and then you just hear the war rage get out. And then he he takes it. It's on Instagram, so I wish I could scrub back easier. Not very fitting for the scrub my clip segment, is it?

But he is out the camera cuts outside of the carport into the main drive, and he's got a shirt off again on brand for sure. He's got his gun in his hand and he just open hand, just hits the driver's side window and it just shatters the adrenaline of that bold move. But fuck three different instances where he has to do this because he lives in Seattle, the most dog shit town in the United States.

Right. Next clip there's just someone having a bad day. Oh, very. Bad day. This guy walks out of this restaurant, goes my dog yaks off yeah. It's all over the sidewalk.

And then slips on his puke and spills his drink, and he's just out. Oh, no, you just got to go home. After that, your day is done. Oh, ha, ha. That's just good old fashioned humor. Oh, and there are people sitting here at this table minding their own business, and this guy just stumbles out. My room slips, and they don't even break.

Didn't even look like they break the conversation.

Some are submitted by Caleb. Caleb, thank you so much for sharing it. Giving me a good laugh. Hopefully you can enjoy it, too. Okay, next clip. I'm going to play audio on this one because it's Drake's passion fruit. But here is a woman at the bar getting a little love frisky with this camera holder. Oh, goodness. I'm going to let her run back.

This guy's out of the bar, though, so he takes a shot, and there's a lady next to him taking a shot. And then just gets up on his shoulder and then starts, oh, putting his tongue near zero. And then he. She goes to the other side, does it again. Last call can be a dark time of bars. Oh, man.

I thought to when I watched this initially when I found it, that that first one, she pulls back and she laughs, and her humanity kind of comes back to her. She looks more like a person instead of a girl. And I just thought, Oh, maybe this is just like a mom or like mom's friend or something. They're out at the bar but then when she does it a second time, I think she was trying to get some from a young buck with her Okay.

Next clip. What do we got here? This was submitted by Eric. Get a run down here. Of what it's like to be a homeowner and serve the homeowners, or, as we call them, homos as homos ourself. We take pride in our community. If you were to greet us as community patrolmen, we'd be mostly A's, zombies, Nazis. We are definitely Nazis.

We're mascot patrolmen, superior enforcers. Some people in the neighborhood wanted to defund us, were volunteers. You can't defund frickin unfortunately, egg or house. That's a citation. Mailbox SKU. That's the citation.

AC to our citation folks. RSVP to our cookout citation rejecting a citation citation. I'm going to have to write you up. What am I guilty of being a great friend? Citation, double citation. And that is why can't define justice and responsibility. Our mission is to protect and serve the homeowners or as we call them, homos. I tell you what, I would love to be at home right now, but it's really difficult and and when I do get into the market to become a homo, if I find out that there's volunteers in the Homo Association that are like these guys, I'll move into that neighborhood right quick.

Thank you, Eric, for submitting it. I also not I don't think he's a homo. Yeah, now a lot of homos, people our age, unfortunately. We'll get there, though. The market will crash and will be able to get in there. Just keep holding out, keep struggling to live it. In your mom's basement that you that you built out of podcast studio.

And I'm happy. I enjoy my life, goddammit. And want to be a homo though. Fuck. Okay. Next clip. What do we got here?

Does more more bar chatter. So this guy is showing a girl his Robin Hood home screen, and it's a little pixilated but those are a lot of digits on that top bit of how much his portfolio's worth. It's something like 5 million in stocks. That's away. These Wall Street browser, like a berry look how much money I have you so much debt.

I'm going to pull on my Robin Hood and just check and see how much weight I would pull if I was in the market to pick up chicks at the bar with my my stock portfolio who let me I will pop over to this camera so I can see what I'm looking at. I don't think I'm getting laid with these kind of numbers.

It's a lot of red. I'm sitting at a 544. $554. Yeah. Thank God I got married because this is I can't find a mate with numbers like these. Must be nice to have $5 million in stocks. Fucking GameStop and AMC and bitcoin fuckers. But yeah, good for him. Hope he got laid or so. Hopefully that works I would say if I was in that situation, like I said, if I was on the market to find a woman, I'd use that be like, hey, on the stock market, I'm worth almost $600.

Do you want to sit on my face? But married? So I have to worry about it. Okay. Let's round out this segment with the moist fist clip. Let's check it out. This next clip is so moist this is at a gym lifting weights. Let's take a look here. Deadlifts right oh. And deadpans. She's pissed at herself, huh? Well, oh, that is just that's not a little dribble.

That's that's full blown bladder. That's like duty level of piss. Oh, my God. We blow this up bigger so I can see. So with all her might. Oh, and she's pissing herself and it's running down her legs and she doesn't give a shit This is dedication to her craft of picking up heavy objects. Oh, that's a lot of piss the problem is too, right?

She gets to her second rep, and then the piss starts flowing. But as it starts here, let me scrub this back right when she starts, right before she does that first lift, there's still a puddle that's sinking into these rubber mats. Oh, that is foul. I'm going to play it again, though, because I want to watch her pass herself as she's working out and lift an oh, my God, it's running down.

Both legs. She's just pissing. This looks like a modern gym with restrooms. If you have to pee in the middle of your workout, go fucking pee. This is like Major Alpha move because the next person is going to come up to this man who fuck pissed here. She's going to walk back all the shoulders out smarter. So a few more to go.

It's like marking your territory, but it's a shared space. Fuck the judgment free zone, that planet fitness and hopefully a piss free zone as well. Because at this gym, I don't think the policies cover anything like that. She just is just pissing herself and just no shame.

Left in piss and go fuck yourself Shannon. I'm starting to notice a trend here too. We're five shows into this and there's been a lot of piss, a lot of talk about piss I don't know. Let's see if the theme develops. But with that being said, that's everything we have for this week's episode. I want to give a shout out again to the Sway Parade, plus those premium members, the executive producers of this show, because they ended up going with the parade plus infinity because they were smart and said, hey, $69 is a great deal.

Quick reminder again, you can now pick up this plan for $571.32 at $0.69 a month for 69 years. But then also more affordable options says 500 bucks is a lot. But it will go to the show. It will help improve what we're doing here, make the show better. But giving a shout out to the executive producers of this show and all the shows that come for the next 69 years.

A.J. Joe, Michael Davis, Quinn, Tyla and Reverend Tanner Mills Sway, unlimited icon. That's where you can find those plans. If you want to sign up. If you find anything cool on the Internet, send it to me. Swipe right Discord. That's a thing as well. You can join that 818275 Sway. Call the show. Leave a message. Be a part of it.

It's very engaging. This show is not what it is without the listeners and their engagement. And then, of course, to the almighty algorithm. I'll never forget about you going to drop a soundbite to get out of here and we shall see you next week. Bye. Fuck you, little boy.