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Here's all the links that we discussed on this week's episode:


Lil Bit'a News


Gay couple adopts dog left at N. Carolina animal shelter because owners said he's gay



H.S. principal relieved of duties after calling students ‘asshats’



Singer hospitalized because she wouldn’t fart in front of partner



Venice hotels give tourists water pistols for seagulls



Putin, Minnesota Zoo's male Amur tiger, dies during routine procedure



Birth control pill for men expected to start human trials this year



The Deep Shot


Russian Soldier takes wrong turn and ends up playing hoops for Iowa State



St. Peter’s Cinderella Run



Country Strong: Heffer Wrestler



Scrub My Clip


Mid air heroics



Impromptu improv



He gives me oxygin to breath



Follow up to the piss



4 Cups



It belongs to bedroom Thanos, now




I don't know if I want to take this pill, if it just makes like if you're not. Just becomes a near just her as opposed to big beefy juicy loads. I don't know why it's this sway parade with sharks sway welcome into this Sway Parade. My name is Shark Sway. And if you're new to the show, this is going to be a nice little pit stop.

Every week to forget about all the terrible's in the world. Because the only thing we do here is we have fun and we make fun of things. So again, if you're new to the show, thank you for joining. And if you've been listening these past three weeks now into the fourth, if you've reached out to me and taking the time to give feedback I thank you greatly because all of those suggestions are going to go to improve this show.

And so hopefully you'll see as the weeks progress, the show gets better. First thing that I want to push that I have been pushing is this hotline you can call 818275 sway and leave a message, tell the story, say whatever you like. These are not prescreened. They are played right when the episode is being recorded. And I actually had a very interesting experience, a first time experience that was related to this.

So right before I began recording the show, I had to to clean down. You know, we try to keep the first 10 minutes clean vocally by not saying curse words, but I figured why not just wash my body? And as I was about to hop into the shower, I received a phone call. Now, I don't know if you've ever been in a situation where you're completely nude and you have an incoming call.

But I got really uncomfortable. Like, I started sweating and it's just it was a regular phone call. Was it face time? It was just my voice. And I'm like, I answered it as my friend Caleb, who dialed in was like, Hey, I'm naked right now. And he goes, Oh, well, then this is going to make this information that much better, what I'm about to tell you.

So what I am asking of you for this week is if you find yourself in the nude and near your phone dial, 818275 sway and explain how you feel. And we know that's, you know, the old adage of we'll just imagine everyone else in their underwear. It's like, well, imagine you being completely naked and calling in to the show.

Now, we won't know what you're looking like. Maybe not in the best light or maybe in the perfect light. But explain how does that feel? Because I felt incredibly vulnerable. Okay.

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We ask you, grant us your power and blessing. Amen.

Well, hopefully they hear that up there in the cosmos, probably getting a lot of requests, mostly data driven I feel like this more holistic, spiritual approach, hopefully it'll work that that's the plan. Well, we'll continue praying every single week. And with that out of the way, let's move in to the news. What's the big deal, fella? It's just a little bad news.

First story. It's a wild one. It didn't get the wildest new spot, but it was wild enough to be numero uno on the spot. Gay Couple Adopts Dog in North Carolina Animal Shelter because owners the previous owners said he's gay, says Co's previous owners had surrendered him after humping another male dog. This ladies and gentlemen of the parade, is advanced homophobia.

I've had dogs growing up my entire life. I've worked with dogs professionally for multiple years. I have not only seen one male dog Mountain Start humping another male dog, I have seen a train of it. I've seen three of them. Even the quadruple the super rare quadruple hump I've seen it all. Dude, dogs. Guess what? They don't give a shit.

It is a primal urge to get those hips swing in and get to fucking. They don't care what the sex of the dog is. They just want to fuck. I hate to play into the the male guys of, like, just horny dudes. We just want to fuck. Come on. But that's what it boils down to. It's primal and we just want to hump things.

The only thing is, as humans, we're a little bit more advanced. So we assign all these roles and tell you, whoa, that's okay. If you hump that, but that's not okay. If you hump that, you can hump this here, but you can't hump this over here. Dogs don't give a shit. So for the owners, that saw that and be like, My dog's fucking gay.

Fuck you. That's awful. Dogs aren't homosexual. And if they are Who gives a shit shout out to though to the gay couple that looked at that and was like, gay dog, gay couple. We're going to be a big, happy gay family. But in reality, the dog isn't gay. He's just fucking horny. Okay, next story. Sorry I'm getting riled up bull high school principal relieved of duties after calling students asshats before I get into this, I think there's some merit into making that comment.

Now, the fact that it's gone public not the greatest thing for this principal but aren't all kids asshats. Let's see what the story has to say. I hope time will allow the community to interpret my words as a human moment derived from workplace frustration, Principal Lori Vaillancourt wrote I, I mean, I can interpret those words as just especially today, right?

I've been out of high school for almost ten years, which, by the way, super quick sidebar. I'm so excited for my high school ten year reunion. And guess what? I'm going to be a fucking asshat when I go there. Therefore, I still need to figure out the particulars, but it's going to happen Derived from workplace frustration. Yeah. Can you imagine a high school full of kids that are like, Mr. Allen caught me off guard.

Look, make my look at it. Tick tock. I knew and is like, Are you not learning? Where's the learning? You're just on tick tock or you're doing whatever kids are doing. I have no idea. But she probably sat back and thought What a bunch of fucking asshats what else we got here? Students walked out of classes while many while wearing stickers reading Hello, my name is Asshat.

Now, that's a level of petty that compliments this initial story and headline perfectly because principals can be absolute cunts and assholes and asshats. So the fact that you look at the administration be like you're going to cause an ass out, well, we're going to lean into it. So good on the students, good on those asshats students. This I didn't think about this.

What I was doing all the research, but I'm going to share a little story about when I was in high school being very much an asshat so the the entire evolution of this in this production, previous ventures with like the deep shot when it was a full blown show, the Chuck Away show, all that stuff. It started in high school doing the news, the school news three days a week.

And there was one day where let me take that back. There were multiple days where we fucked about in that back editing bay, and it was just commonplace. We'd, you know, we'd get our news and be like, today, lunch has been moved to two 30 Take that as you will. And that was usually the type of information that actually got on to the show.

Now, this show was live. This predated Twitch and digital streaming. This was analog. Yeah. That click a button to go live to the entire school broadcast all throughout campus. And this day I was anchoring, but I was also editing, which is really good relationship in that production because it's like, okay, I know what I said. I have control of how this is going to look.

The one thing about it, though, is I miss the tail end that should have gotten cut out. So what happened was, as I read my announcement lunch, second lunch has been moved to two 30 today. A little fox and I got cut into the show, the broadcast big ass hat moment. So yes, high school kids are asshats. I defend you.

Principal Vaillancourt, next story singer hospitalized because she wouldn't fart in front of her partner Vivianne take Quiroz para Brazilian had to be hospitalized after her reluctant C to fart in front of her significant other resulted in a dangerous gas buildup. She detailed her gastrointestinal fiasco in an Instagram story for her 15.7 million followers. So you can't fart in front of your partner ever but you can go on Instagram be like look at all these farts I'm hold that oh I'm in the hospital right now I'm really fucked up like have there's so much farts in me I just because oh, my partner's coming in.

Hi, honey. I'm not farting over here just me not farting She also reported heating advice from a tik tok thread that told her to ignore the, quote, stomach pains, which eventually resulted in her having to report to the doctor with a, quote, accumulation of trapped farts preventing your news from tech talk in your medical advice. I mean, I don't know.

Is TikTok the modern day version of WebMD, where it's like my tummy hurts? So you got massive fart repression, disease disorder, ailment let them rip. You got to let them rip just when you need to fart. Fart. And if it's not an appropriate place to do it, still do it. That's what we're saying. It's going to smell like ask for a few minutes and you move on with your life instead of going to the hospital.

Be like, doctor, the hey, I haven't farted in four months. I'm dying. The doctor's probably just like, we'll just let it loose. You have to ask my boyfriend. Leave, please. Wait. Was it a boyfriend?

Significant other. I'll keep it. I don't know what the affiliation, but for me, let me put me in this situation. Okay? If I hold in my farts, which for the record, I most definitely do not, I probably am more fit in my abdominal area because I can push farts out. And especially when the wife is around, I push harder.

But if I was in that situation where it wasn't appropriate or I didn't find it appropriate, I I'd go to the doctor and be like, What's wrong with me? Well, you need to fart a lot. We have a backup of what is gas measured in whatever unit farts What's a single fart? How do you how do you measure that?

Anyways, I would then have to ask the doctor to ask my wife to leave, and right when that door shut, you just see my form just shrink as like a balloon deflating as I just said out of the healthiest I've ever been on the slimmest of ever look because I just unloaded on the farts. So hopefully Vivian takes away that lesson and just continues farting.

Just let it rip. Next story Venice Hotels give tourists water pistols for seagulls. Venice Hotels have started giving tourists water pistols to ward off marauding gulls swooping down for their sandwiches and take away pizza bites So these residents, these patrons of this hotel are checking in? No, I'm here for my check in for my trip. Oh, what a beautiful city.

Venice. Oh, my goodness. And the the the front person, the clerk. What? I'm why am I blinking on hotel phrases? I need to get out more many ways. Like, here's your key. And here is your gap. Pardon? Yeah. You see all the seagulls flying around Just go outside and shoot them with water. They. They hate it. They'll fly away.

It's like, oh, I would ask for multiple. I'd be strapped to the brim. Double pistols with the side holsters, a bandolier of little water cartridges. And I would just be ready of people shooting all the marauding goals, because that sounds very aggressive. And that's the thing, too. If they're swooping in, stealing pizza and sandwiches. Of true Italian cuisine.

Yeah, they're going to get the water gap for sure. Next story. Putin Minnesota Zoo's male amateur tiger dies during routine procedure. Putin, a 12 year old emir, Tiger at the Minnesota's zoo, died during a routine procedure on Wednesday.

Any time you hear that, it's a routine procedure and it goes awry. You got to think maybe some malpractise, and especially if this tiger's name is Putin. The vet probably got there and it's like, oh, we have Putin heavily sedated. He goes, excuse me, Putin, this giant. 1500 pound tiger that you're doing a routine procedure on, you're operating on.

He's sedated. Very much so, Doctor. Well, maybe a little bit more and Putin died. And maybe that will progress the efforts in Ukraine to end the conflict, because now Putin the tiger is dead. Maybe Putin, the warlord and Russian emperor, he might be next. Maybe he needs to go in for a routine tiger extra large feline procedure. We'll see what happens.

The tiger who came to the zoo as an adult with the name Putin experienced cardiac failure during a preventative health exam on Wednesday. And despite efforts by veterinarians, which I think we have established, there wasn't much effort. Animal health technicians and zookeepers efforts by all of them. Not great once he died. Well, rest in peace. Putin, the tiger Okay.

Now the wild news story. And before we get into this, if you find any of these weird news stories out in the ether of the Internet, feel free to drop them to the show, shoot them in a message, a DM on Instagram to either the accounts check, underscore, sway or sway parade pod, join the discord drop it there.

There's a news channel. Anything you see there like I think I need some some really sound insight on this story. Drop them there. With that being said, let's check out this wild new story idea that some wild names birth control pill for men expected to start human trials this year. Fucking go. Oh yes. I love this. I'm 28 years old.

28. Right. I'm 28 and I am already starting to research vasectomies. And I've heard from some sources that might be legitimate or not that there's a cutoff you have to like doctors don't want to do it. If you're not familiar with Google, you might change your mind and you might want to bust a load and have a kid in No, I don't.

I really don't. But now that we get a pill, though, you just take every day and bus loads everywhere. It's like the gay doctor's everything. It's very exciting. Very exciting. Let's read more into this. The contraceptive, which was created by researchers at the University of Minnesota. Let's tie it back to the previous story with Putin. The tiger at Minnesota Zoo.

Clearly, the medical research is focused more on making come sterile instead of saving tigers. It has been 99% effective at preventing pregnancy in mice. Great. Start with no apparent side effects. Really good start. Rather than using hormones, the pill targets interactions with a vitamin A which is a key component in fertility. I wish it said a little bit more about if it was extra vitamin A or a deficiency in vitamin A, because I feel like I could bathtub gin, whatever this is, who knows how much it's going to cost.

The research team noted that mice who were given the compound called GPA are five to nine, which could stand for gentlemen's penile hormonal reduction. Five 29. I know it said I wasn't using hormones, but I couldn't come up with a the H part of that acronym so I'll just run with that. Are 529 took that for four weeks and showed a significant drop in semen, rendering them sterile when the treatments were stopped, the mice return to normal levels of virility within four to six weeks.

Now, the question that I have, if it's saying that it's a drop in semen is that I got to look back on my knowledge of human male anatomy. If it's a drop in semen, does that mean that it's a drop in overall cum output? Because if that's the case, we're putting in a very interesting predicament. Take this pill and not impregnate, impregnate women or don't take this pill and blow huge loads that are very very potent.

I don't know if I want to take this pill if it just makes like if you're not just becomes a near just her as opposed to big, beefy, juicy loads. I don't know. We'll see how the research goes there just on the mice right now. But human trials are starting I might look into where to sign up for the trials because if the human side of things it doesn't look as promising and these test subjects were rendered completely sterile.

That's a big win in my book, but I still want to blow big loads. So we'll see. We'll keep an eye on it. Okay. Oh, there's the other thing I was going to say about this, too. We look back on camera. If I read if you explicitly namedrop that particular virus that's been going around, you might have heard of it last couple of years.

But anyways, they were able to develop the vaccine to that globally. In like a year. So and then you look at Viagra, right? And erectile dysfunction medication and the millions, if not billions of dollars that's been spent on research and just purchasing just so us dudes can keep our dicks hard. I feel like this could be fast tracked.

Very fast. We'll see, though, this episode of the Sway Parade is brought to you by parade plus supporters. Want to give a shout out to AJ and Joe who have been prayed plus Infinity members for a few weeks now, but also welcoming in Michael Davis and Reverend Tanner Mills, the very person that secured my holy union. To my lovely wife.

So thank you to all of you that have signed up. Reminder again that that $69 parade plus infinity plan is going to be bumped up. So this is your last chance to get such a screaming deal and that'd sway unlimited dot com. Go there. I showed it earlier in the show. Click on pricing sign up to the plan that you whatever one you choose whichever one you want.

Although I'm not sure not the infinity plus because it's going to go up. So be sure to jump on it to get a lot of perks. There's also the Nifty. I haven't talked about that since the first episode. There are exclusive sway on the minute NFT is if you're into that sort of thing, you can get a one of a kind sway in limited NFT that is pretty much just the value of it is that it's ironic.

So sway on limited dot com slash pricing sign up. Thank you. Again to MJ, Joe, Michael Davis and Reverend Tanner Mills. Now let's move on to the deep shot. To start with that big belly shock, you get the restless buried deep shot so to start out of this segment, I need to make a correction, which was brought to my attention by my friend Cooper, who let me know that when I said that I had correctly guessed Gonzaga is winning the national championship a few years ago, that turned out to be completely false.

Gonzaga has never won the national championship when it comes to men's basketball. And I forgot what really happened was I picked Villanova, one of those years, and that was my pride and joy of the golden bracket. But that error, I think, is a testament to how awful my golden bracket has been this year. It has been a shit bracket.

And over this last week, if Gonzaga listen to last week's episode or not, this award winner will prove you. We're going to win this. Tell us we've never won. Fuck you, because we haven't book. We want to win. They ended up getting bounced by Arkansas in the Sweet 16. So Gonzaga is out my champions this year are out.

And Gonzaga, still to date, has never won a men's basketball championship in March. So correction there. I apologize if I fed you wrong information, but just know Gonzaga, they're bunch of losers, okay? They've they've never won, and they've continued to not win. But there's always next year sticking with the tournament, Russian soldier takes wrong turn. It ends up playing hoops for Iowa State.

So this was submitted by Nikolai, ironically enough. So here's a picture of the Iowa State men's basketball team. And this fella right here, you zoom in on him right there. He looks a little out of place potentially. Maybe he should be elsewhere in the world. Possibly. Maybe so due to a seemingly late start and potential language barrier, Comrade Carter Boof, he only played six games in the regular season.

He averaged three points per game and he didn't see any March Madness action, which you know through the Sweet 16 Iowa State was bounced by ten seed Miami. But makes you wonder there are already some Russians that are defecting that do not want to fight in this war. I just want to play basketball. I don't know if the guy is Russian but he looks very Russian hurt eastern bloc that whole region.

Now the big story of the tournament moving away from the fun of that and the inaccuracy of Gonzaga and their championships that don't exist Saint Peter's. If you've been following the tournament just even a little bit, you've probably heard of Saint Peter's. There are 15 seed that is just still riding high, playing incredible basketball. They're the first 15 seed to reach it, to reach 20 my God, reach the Elite eight, make it to the Elite Eight and the big poster child for this team.

Is Doug Eder and this dude is getting all the shine What I learned in doing a little bit of research because this usually happens every year when there is some sort of Cinderella run. Now we haven't seen this low over seed get this deep into the tournament, so it's just continuing to be relevant. But I learned last year the NCAA allowed, Nischelle, agreements for athletes and so you've probably seen if you follow college sports to any degree that, you know, Barstool signed this player other organization, number two, signed this player.

And so what they're signed to is that, Nischelle, which is name, image and likeness. So now they can actually make a profit off of their likeness and who they are now. They can't be paid to play. That is still very much against the rules. But if you got a stud baller like Doug Etter just making rounds throughout the tournament, shaking everything up, upsetting all the teams, now he can get paid for it.

So he has a few deals. One with Barstool. They have this whole line of Doug merch, which is actually how I found out about this, because Saint Peter's had advanced. They knocked out the team that isn't playing anymore. Forgive me for not knowing who they beat, who is it? Yeah, their college basketball team and Barstool just starts throwing up all these.

You know, Doug has got a little caricature of his face and I'm like, Okay, I've seen this before. This guy is not going to make any sort of money off of his likeness. And then I check the comments and it's like, lo and behold, do a little bit more research. He's got to now he's making that paper, baby.

He also, I found on his Instagram page, pull up right here, he signed a deal with Buffalo Wild Wings. So good on him. And this is actually long overdue to offer compensation of any sort to college players, especially when they rise to this sort of stardom. So good on Doug is making some money. He's winning games. And I think at this point, if your school is out, then you're rooting for St Peters.

Wouldn't it be absolutely wild if the 15 seed of St Peters won? The entire thing would be unheard of. Like you can't predict it. The Golden Bracket doesn't exist anywhere because who would have thunk that a 16 or a 15 seed would make it all the way down the big dance. So again, good on him, Niles. They're a great thing.

I approve them. Pay them players but I want to touch on this in particular, the image that I have up here of Mr. Eder with the Buffalo Wild Wings and promoting them is, if you haven't noticed already visually or what I've talked about audibly is the the bill's presence here on the show. There's this Josh Allen little picture with a face, a male signature to praise him, a little ode to the deep shot and a continuation here on the show.

There's the helmet here that you can't see. It's cut out in the frame, but that's a real signature. That's Josh Allen touch this helmet. And I have been a Buffalo Bills fan since his rookie year but one thing that I've learned that I still don't fully understand because geographically, I am thousands of miles away from Buffalo, New York, is apparently in Buffalo.

It's considered sacrilege if you dunk your wings, your Buffalo style wings and ranch and pretty much I'm I'm acknowledging my ignorance. And if you are from Buffalo or have been to Buffalo or have family from Buffalo or in Buffalo, please let me know why this is such a cardinal sin. Because I'm a white I love ranch as much as the next white.

So to pump the brakes on putting ranch on your wings, there's got to be some sort of reason like Tom Brady came out was like, I fucking love ranch on my wings. And everyone in Buffalo is like, fuck you, Tom, we don't do that anymore because you eat a dick. So again, Buffalo, if you're down with why this is a thing, please let me know because I want to I want to be the best out of town fan of the bills that I can.

But until I have concrete information as to why this is such a terrible thing to do to your wings, how might continue doing that? Because again, I fucking love Ranch so. Yeah, let me know if you're Buffalo. Shoot a line. I would love to know. Okay, let's get country to Strobe who just don't play the week. All right.

This here counter strong clip is quite real strong. Let's take a look. Oh, my goodness, children. You see that? You might get considering staying, you know, around. Oh, my word. Oh, if you're listening if you're listening, you need to watch it. Okay. Go to the show lengths and take a look at this clip. I'll do my best to explain it, but you have to see it this is at whatever is below amateur wrestling.

This is in like a church gym. They have a ring set up and there is a country strong specimen climbing, not up to the second rope, but all the way to the top on the third rope he's getting up there. He only gets one foot up. He's probably £400, if not more. And he's out here wrestling and he is going to send his match up if if you recall, there's that famous clip of I think it's the big show with WWE he does something like this and I'm sure it was staged, but when he lands the entire ring, the poles fall down, the ring collapses down on the padding, the springs that it's on, how it

didn't happen with this move this modern marvel of engineering, I guess I'll play it one more time and break down the actual approach so he leaves. I mean, those poor knees are just struggling to support the weight of getting him up to the top rope so on his dismount, he tries to kick off, but it's just that those bigger legs can't hold up that down so he goes flying where I have a pause.

I shit the play arrow is is blocking it. He misses his opponent by a good three feet and then when he bounces up the the recoil of him landing, then he's like, oh, I'm where I'm supposed to be. I'm a pin you down cause I'm going pretty strong. And we look at the ref two and oh by God, he's taken aback.

He's got to remember, hey, you got to officiate this match. Just be lucky that be thankful because you are lucky that you didn't die on that rumble and the kids that are in the front row, maybe four feet away from the edge of the ring, I want to see if there is any rumbling for these Chileans, if they feel it yeah.

They just see it. There's the one kid. He's like, yeah. Oh, all right. Good job.

Oh, my. And that that there's country strong I think what I'll do a little further down the road, maybe an annual thing, maybe at the end of the year, because we did at the Deep Shot, we did a country strong play of the season, but we might just do play of the year. And I'm going to say now four episodes into the show and for Country Strong highlighted, I think this one is in the lead Let me know if you agree or disagree, but that that is country strong.

You bet your bottom dollar that country's strong in deed it is okay as it for the deep shot let's move on to a scrub in some clips scrub my clip clip I've got some fun clips this week in the scrub my clips segment friendly reminder that completely unedited completely on pixilated versions of all of these clips are available elsewhere a limited icon with the parade plus plan any of them $6.90 to soon to be more than $69.01 time fee.

Let's get into this first one here turn this down this is skydiving or and one of these divers comes in hot and just caters them the other one and the one that got hit is just start spinning and the diver that's wearing the camera is making a beeline as they're falling at terminal velocity to get to this guy.

And he's he's just spinning. He's spent he's out out completely cold.

Grab them. Oh, yeah. He's out. He's completely out.

Oh, my God. That's so terrifying is one thing for skydiving I don't think I'll ever do. But the fact that you're falling and you're knocked out, you can't do anything. And props to this guy for the quick action to go flying in an attempt to save this dude's life.

Right there. He pulls the chute and hopefully he's safe. Keep an eye out of where that orange parachute lands. Oh, yeah, man. What a hero. Also, big Dyngus moment for the dude that came in. And I don't know if it probably wasn't on purpose, but still come in as hot as he did and just hit him. Knock him out.

He's wearing a helmet, too. If you're just listening. He's wearing a helmet. The helmet didn't help out. Cold falling down to the earth to almost certain death. And the man of the camera saves the day. So props to that. What else have we got? Here are movie theaters. If you've been to one recently or one at all ever the experience is quite typical and pretty consistent.

You go there, you pick a seat, you bring some snacks, maybe sneak a beer in or two. I've done that before. You sit down and you watch the feature and then you go about your way. Well, here in Burbank, California, the projector wasn't working. And so a comedian decides to seize the moment and do some standup props on her for the bravery and the balls, metaphorically speaking, to get up there and be like, people probably don't want to hear standup, but here we go but that's not really what's expected at a movie theater.

Let's see. Here I am, a single mom, single mom. The house in Massachusetts near Pismo Beach in Lake Tahoe. And whatever's leftover, I want you to put your dad's coffee grinder following all the moms in NorCal. Follow the steps you make your tortillas through. So so I don't mind me. I believe in Buddha. Jesus was never married. You could have been drunk on the kids once a week like his dead fish.

I want to help. I want to inspire. I'm going through depression. The Rangers fan. I know you're voting so. No, you're holding it. I'm like, he's knocking it. Tina Turner, wake my dream knocking. Get me out of a one bedroom in a house in the hills.

Yeah, I think this is what they call a bomb. Not hearing a lot of laughing. I think the video here is a cut, so it jumps in between. So we don't get the full routine. So we're missing some context here as to, you know, how well she was performing. It's just kind of the important parts, I guess, of the person that recorded it, putting it would have you done it.

But I don't know if that's comedy when you're just speaking in tongues. A strange building in your home. And I joined the all black gospel choir to look back on my life. And I think things go well. Usually when I sing that song, white people are confused because that part is what is out of our misery. You know, someone finally had to speak up was like, I would rather watch the screen that's not working.

Then to hear any more of this and at this point, I would agree with you down here to try to intervene. If what you're trying to do in my life and you're doing something I never thought I would see like a racist Asian, that's what I don't get to. It goes from acknowledging the heckler, please put us out of our misery.

You fucking suck. Oh, really? Like, do you want to come up and entertain people as we wait for the theater to work again? No, I think the collective answer is no. But then it cuts to I've never seen a racist Asian what the fuck is able to tell us if they haven't been through as many things as you?

So this is an iconic role. Actually did it into that class factory and they you she got some pipes on her maybe test it out the opera house, not the theater oh they like it though she gets she gets the applause there. Oh so not to have to be the one as she got she got applause. So people are watching.

We're necessarily laughing. But they were watching and they they it seems like collectively acknowledged that, hey, you know, we appreciate what you just tried to do. You kind of landed straight on your face. But good on you. You did great. So many things to talk about. I'm also a psychic medium on this block. Oh, that was a way to end that clip.

Very interesting. So the key here, what she says she give Tiffany King, she's on TikTok and she's also a psychic medium on the side. And then she leaves like is that information was not established psychic. Were people like was it announced that the projector wasn't going to work? They go out to the booth and we'll give you a refund because then she just leaves.

And what I read about this to is she got up initially because her daughter dared her to and she's like, you know what? Whatever, I'm going to try it. But then she walks out and I didn't see a daughter model. No. And then at the very end, oh, I'm also a psychic medium on the side lead with that get up there instead of telling jokes back.

Ha! Hi. Hi, everyone. I'm Tiffany. I'm a medium on the side and I just I'm getting this feeling that someone in here someone had a father. Is anyone anyone here have a father? Oh, okay. Right here. Yeah, okay. Okay. And they're they're telling me your father is telling me that you once had a bike. Is this true? You had a bicycle growing up?

Yeah. Yeah, I had a bike. Okay. Okay, okay. The energy's really coming through now. I can feel it.

Your dad is telling me you should have wore a helmet. Oh, my God. He gives me the. He said all the time before he died because he was in a bicycle crash. Oh, my God. Thank you. I'm a medium. And then everyone be like, fuck whatever movie we're about to see. I follow her, get her and tell me about my loved ones.

What are they saying about me right now? I know they're talking shit. Yeah, well, something you don't see every day. Next clip. How do I breathe? It's by the grace of God. He gives me that out skin to breathe in and to breathe out. Hey, man, my God, this guy was doing sports. He'd be country strong. He definitely fits the mold of his his body type.

His his cheeks are just. Yeah. How do I breathe? Well, Harold, having a good lord gives me the oxygen to help you survive. He also provides me with the ability to have a driver's license so I could go see a girl from place. Road so I could stay nourished. A man. This is submitted by Caleb. Thank you, Caleb.

For each share. And this one. Play it one more time. How do I breathe? It's by the grace of God. He gives me the option to breathe in and to breathe out. Hey, man, the ox again. Oh, well, I want to know if he's still able to breathe right now, because even if this video was recorded yesterday, looks like it's the question we might be in day by day.

And in the next clip, I think it was episode one. It definitely was episode one where we had the clip of that lady at the concert up on stage, dropping her trousers and pissing all over dudes face. I did a little bit more digging and found out that there's some footage to the events that led up to the stage.

Yes. Let's take a look at the piece you can do shit about it. What am I taking with you right here, huh?

I want to cool it. Huh? Who's going to drink this? Is it a mouth It's always nice when you know what you want. I have a fantasy right here. Someone's mouth and I don't have to. Look, I see him shaking his head over there for the cover. All right? It's not you. It's like you. Okay, I have a fantasy and it's not because I'm into some freaky shit.

Oh, I am not trying to get weird. I just don't want to leave the state. Yeah, so she has to pee, but since she's up on stage doing a show, chew on, dip out, go take a Twinkie. Let's make the show better. Call up someone or piss on their face. And that's exactly what happened. You check the show links in episode one.

It's there yeah. I mean, I don't know. IP anywhere. Any match anywhere. Any match. Anyplace, anytime. Someone over that one.

Just really bold move to do that on the stage. But if that's part of the act, whether it was planned or not. Kind of cool kinky shit. Next clip. Take a look at this couple of you here. Oh, you'll hit today. I'm going to do a YouTube art, a drink video shoot to can do drink video. Got four cups, four white cups.

I'm going to do taste test me and taste the cups. First cup this clear looks like water. Three does a good cup taste good second cup going to dip into is sort of a white cream looks like it's a kind of a milk in and there's glue. It's glue. It's not milk. It's glue and there's two cups down this two more to go.

That one is glue. A third one a hot cup of water you know. But before I get to his reaction to this cup of hot cup of water, it's not water. It looks like coffee, but it's not water. So good on you. But hey, he's good and well, what is it, though? It just tastes good. I think it's water and taste good.

The world may never know for a cup is going to be just a red cup.

Hey, okay, back up.

So the last two cups, we have no idea what they were, but given the reaction to it, they probably weren't. We're good. Especially the last one that looked nasty looked really nasty. That clip also was indirectly submitted by Caleb. Thank you for sharing. Next clip another suggestion by Caleb. This is the grapefruit technique. If you don't know what this is, might want to look into it because well, I'll just show you.

Replace the grapefruit from your mouth. You're going to twist up and down. I shall suck the head at the same time. I want whoa, whoa, oh. So if you're just listening and you want to learn more about this technique, go to the grocery store. Go to the produce, pick out a nice grapefruit, cut the grapefruit down the middle and hole it out.

So it looks like a little grapefruit donut. Hand it to your lover. Have them place it. You got to be a dude for this one. Or have a penis. Take the grapefruit slider down your shaft. Then they're going to open up their mouth, and while they start sucking, they're going to use the grapefruit to apply maybe tasty lubricant as well as maybe a sensation.

I'm on the fence about this one. I don't know if you want I want to try it out Sounds messy.

Now I'll let you know. Okay, let's close out. We're getting to the end of the time here of the moist, this clip. Check it out. This next clip is so moist. And I actually spoke with Reverend Tanner Mills about that little drop for the the sub segment of the moist. This clip he was just expressing to me, you know, he's telling me it's like, hey, you know, I really like what you're doing with your show.

Everything that's going on. The one thing that I love the most is really weird, but the one thing that I love the most is that this next clip is so moist with the modulation. So, Tanner, this one's for you. We're going to listen to it twice before we get into the clip. This next clip is so moist. And before I play it again, Caleb, if you're listening, your input and insight and contribution to this week's episode was almost the entire portion of Scrub My Clip this week.

So thanks for sharing. If you want to be like Caleb and share all the fun stuff that you find on the Internet again, send it to me. Instagram on Twitter Discord email at Howdy it's sway unlimited dot com or even even call the hotline 818275 Sway and tell me about the clip and maybe even go as far as to just spelling out the URL and I'll type it out.

I'll find it right then in there. But without further ado, check out this moist clip your little pussy belongs to now and you're going to learn to do it. I can tell you to do this is Thanos. It's Thanos was the simp. Oh, no, I don't want to go there. Your little pussy belongs to me. I am inevitable.

And your little pussy belongs to me. That they're someone's daddy, I hope. And according to this video, he's got some property. One more time. Your little pussy belongs to me. It's a cross between Santos and Buffalo Bill. Would you fuck me? Infinity stones. Your little pussy belongs to me. Puts lotion on its skin. It puts the grapefruit on my cock.

Your little pussy belongs to me. Awesome. Very cool. Okay. Before we get out of here for this week, I do want to circle back around to the executive producers of this show, and that is said Southern names earlier. A.J. Jo, Michael Davis, and Reverend Tanner Mills. They're producers. They're part of the Sway Unlimited. They have the parade plus plan parade plus infinity, which is going to be jacked up by next week.

So if you're interested, hop on, become an executive producer. You get daily texts. 25,000 of them. It's going to cost me $1,000 to do so over the course of that time. You can bequeath it to your loved ones when you die if you don't make it six or nine years on a bunch of other stuff. So, again, thank you to all those supporters.

Thank you to everyone. Who's listening and watching out there. And again, don't forget to like unsubscribe, subscribe and rate and do all that good fun stuff and say the prayers of the almighty algorithm because that can't hurt. So we're going to get out of here with the end of the line bite and we will see you next week.

If you want a tasty talk in your mouth, bring the whole family down to KFC. Bye bye.