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The Deep Shot

Bills release punter Matt Araiza amid rape allegations

Bills Mafia table smash

Glizzy straw

Lil Pickle

Raven mascot carted off

Daniel Vogelbach milkshakes

COUNTRY STRONG: Kick return crack


Scrub My Clip

Rare victory in man v bear saga

RIP ankles

Air queen with something to prove

Black hole podcast

Aggressive thirst trap trend continues

MOIST CLIP: Hitting the speed bag


Lil Bit'a News

GOP group apologizes for mistakenly posting KKK image

Texas man charged for headbutting father-in-law to death in bar

WILD NEWS: Man who intended to resell body parts on Facebook allegedly bought stolen human remains



Now. I'm still trying to figure out the logistics here of how to because again, like I showed, I can't wear.

Headphones with this big old ten gallon.

Hat on. I got to go down below. Oh, my God. That just break my headphones. Oh, shit. I just partially broke my headphones.

It's this Sway parade with shark sway. Welcome into the Sway Parade.

My name is.

Chuck Sway and this is the parade. So moved the release date of this show to Tuesday.

And let me tell you what a little bit of insider baseball, if you will. It's Tuesday morning right now when I'm recording.

Oh, boy. Let me tell you about my weekend.

First it started off I had.


Separate events for my ten year high school reunion. And, oh, buddy, that was a good time. And then today, Monday, actually, yesterday, as we are spilling into Tuesday, yesterday, on Monday, I went to the state parade. Not parade. No. This is the state parade. This is everything. All the parades. I went to the fair. I've called it a carnival earlier.

That's a parade of sorts, I guess. But the fair. I got home and I walked more that day around the fair than I have in quite some time.

So my little legs were all tuckered out.

So I got home and I thought.

How about just like a little wee nap, just a just a nice.

Rest and then I woke up and it was 1130 and I'm like.

Oh, tomorrow's Tuesday.

It's time for the Sway Parade. So here we are. With it being as late as it is, I'm going to try and be a little softer so the sultry sound of my voice might be more enjoyable to your listeners and viewers. Speaking of listeners and viewers, if you're viewing right here on YouTube, we got all the visuals of all the clips we're going to be shown today.

And if you're listening on any and all podcast platforms, welcome. If you're new to the show, welcome. If you're returning.

Welcome again.

Just a quick breakdown of what the show is. We cover news, we cover sports, and we cover clips from around the Web. That's pretty much a nutshell, full rundown, a few other things as well. Little micro segments, if you will. But that's the show. And if you're wondering, which I hope you are of, oh.

How I as a listener, what can I do to spread the good word.

Of the parade? Well, great question.

Just leave a review like it.

Subscribe it. Share with your friends. That's always a a big thing because it helps out the show, get more eyeballs and earlobes. Here on this bit of programing. But without further ado, let's dove right into the show. We're starting out with the deep shot, the strong.

Let me go belly shop. You get the wrap. Was there a deep shot?

All right. First part of the deep shot, God is dead. I'm speaking about the punt. God, that is. Yeah. Bills punter Matt Arisa. They could call the Marisa and last week. No no intentions of disrespect with the mispronunciation but now I don't care how you say his name because he is in some hot water. So some accusations came out.

That he when.

He was at San Diego State University.

He's being accused of gang raping a 17.

Year old girl. Walla College. The girl, of course, underage, not at college, but at a college party. So Bills released them. They took a look at the accusations thus far. And I'm not going to go and assume, yeah, he did it because maybe he didn't, but maybe he did. And no one wants a accused rapist and child molester.

I think that falls in that same vein now because they're under age on their football team.

Especially the Buffalo Bills.

They're one of the favorites.

To win the big game.

This year. That's Super Duper Bowl. So Bill said, bye bye, Will. We'll find someone else. I mean, you look great with your punting. I mean, the clip from last week we saw I mean, dude has a leg, but he also appears to not have some self-control and common decency to not rape people. So Risa is one of three people accused in the game rape at Stanford San Diego State University.

As I mentioned, when he was a student. That's where he was drafted from. Here's a quote from the Bills general manager Brendan Bean. We tried to be thorough and thoughtful and not rush to judgment, which that's that's a tall order when you're dealing with a case like this. And I would say it's not easy. You're trying to put facts around a legal situation, sometimes with limited information.

Yeah, but still, I mean, you have goody boy.

Two shoes, Josh Allen at the helm of the Bills, which I'm aware in the Jersey today, all throwback to old, deep, short days. You have characters on this team that are good, upstanding men that want to win football games and that don't rape people. So you got to look at that, be like, who do we have? Where does this align with our values while raping?

I should say no. Bobby, the lawsuit claims that Arisa had sex with a girl who was in.

High school at the time.

Outside a home at a Halloween party. According to the L.A. Times, she was then brought into a bedroom where she was repeatedly raped while going in and out of consciousness. Oh, my God. Yeah. I mean, I didn't have the full college experience, if you will, not sexually assaulting women by any means. But as far as moving out in a way, having a dorm or in a fraternity or what have you, and you're just left to your own devices as a as a kid, essentially, but legally above 18.

And you just fuck around and have a good time. But I mean, this article here is relatively short. We don't have all the facts, but the accusations at this point.

Were, oh.

No bueno. Marisa and his lawyers, of course, deny the accusations. The fact of the incident are not what they portrayed, are not what they are portrayed in the lawsuit or in the press, Arisa said in the statement. I look forward to quickly setting the record straight. And his lawyer said, I 100% do not believe that he ever forcibly raped this girl or had sex with her while she was passed out or drunk or anything like that.


Time will tell if that is true or not, but for the time being, the man does not have a job in the NFL. And he I mean, he's coming in as a rookie.

And would seem to be.



Just hints of a promising career as a punter. And now he's got to go deal with this now. The thing is, I mean, the NFL has a storied history on how they deal with no good doers. If you will. So if he goes through this, whether it be the Bills or any other team, if they're like, oh, yeah, he's innocent, this actually didn't happen.

I mean, do you take that risk? Do you sign this man like accused rapist? Because until the end of time, he will always be accused. Whether or not he gets convicted, proven guilty, that remains to be seen. But do you really want to have I mean, look at Deshaun Watson. We covered him a few weeks ago. This guy has like 23 or 24 civil lawsuits for sexual assault with misuses of age misuses, but still, nonetheless, sexual assault.

And the Cleveland Browns were like, we'll take a guess. Send him over here. Now, he suspended and the the crowd one of the preseason games that he did play in I don't have the clip for it, but he's doing his quarterback and doing his thing. And you have the I think it was the Jaguars fans just.

Chanting you sick fuck, you sick fuck.

Understandably so, because that's kind of messed up. So they're going to do the same thing on fourth down or whatever. Team decides to pick up a riser and just chant.

No means.

No and they just punt at 130 yards.

We'll see. Time will tell. But that's I like to kick off the Deep Shed segment where some sort of building is. This is not the best news. So let's cleanse the palate a little bit and check out some table smashing. Oh, what are you doing there? Oh, it's time to go. So if you're listening, not to worry, I will paint the picture in your mind's eye.

Or if you're watching, some of these clips will be blurred for the sake of copyright, but have no fear. All the links are going to be in the show notes of this episode of Swear Limited dot com. If you want to type out the whole URL, it's so limited dot com slash blog and click on the show links.

You have all all the links, all the clips, everything we show here. But yeah, this isn't a officially sanctioned Buffalo Bill's table smashing. It just looks like a couple of dudes just horsing around, farting around, and an innocent table is involved and we'll play it again. Fucking three little friendly shove, just kind of monkeying. Do gets picked up and down you go.

I would love to know the context of that woman's voice.

Okay, it's time to go.

I mean, this I don't know where this is, but what I do know is when you're with your bros, you fart around and sometimes and sometimes tables get smashed.

Who would have thunk?

Moving on here in the deep shot, you might have seen this clip. This is the glitzy straw out at, uh, mixed fandom here. I think this was a mets and Yankees game. Both New York teams, we have Mets jerseys, but then this guy in his brimmed New York Yankees hat has a beer and a glitzy and the glitz.

He goes in the beer.

And he sucks that thing down. I mean, the win was it the whole glitzy phenomenon when hotdogs were no longer hotdogs? They were glitzy. This was a few years ago, right? It's now in the lexicon of how we communicate that there is a hot dog involved. And then, you know, now people are afraid to eat hot dogs or glazes in public because it looks like you're just gobble in a downward, which I mean, there's no shame in it.

It's it's an American fair. It's a tasty food. Actually, at one of the reunion events, as I mentioned earlier, I had like four or five glasses and guess what? Eaten without shame. Now, I didn't go as far as poking a hole through it and enjoying a beverage.

But people are continuing.

To reinvent how you can use a glitzy a first. It was all the iterations of what you could do with a hotdog. You put in a bun, you put mustard on it or ketchup or relish or onions. You get a little bit more frisky do the Chicago dog with the little pepper things on them. Now we're moving away from, you know, this is gluten free no bun the beer never mind the beer has gluten in it for sure.

But alternative choices on how to use a glitzy and you got the glitzy straw I'm on the fence. Given that it is early Tuesday morning when this is being recorded, I didn't have time to go out and get a glitzy and tried the glitzy straw myself, but I might I mean, up here, let me switch camera angles. The Vegemite is there now is a staple right next to the Mr. Potato Head because I got all cocky.

It was like a symbol, Mr. Potato Head and 7 seconds. Oh, how hard could it be? And it took me like 30 seconds, so I'm all down for the cause. So I might be getting the glossy here in the next couple of weeks and see how well of a straw it functions. Okay. Moving on. Staying in the deep shot, of course, Twitter takeovers, they're they're cool.

Sometimes you get a celebrity or an athlete associated with a team like, oh, I'm I'm taking care of the, uh, the Twitter account, you know, ask me anything and whatever. I'm on Twitter. Well.

The Portland the.

Pickles, which I believe is a some degree of farm ball in baseball, like there's the ever Aqua Sox, there's the oh, pardon me for not being cultured somewhere in the Southwest.


Just their team name is the Sandals, but it's Spanish for sandals. I can't remember what it's called, but.

When you get.

Below the major leagues in baseball, then the fun of the team names comes out. So the Portland Pickles. Here's a tweet mascot, Twitter takeover. Our mascot, Dylan. Dylan, the pickle. We'll be taking over our Twitter account. Now, our next tweet.

Will be him.

Feel free to feel free to ask any questions or.


Show your support for the pickle. The next tweet.

Is a selfie from.

Dylan. That pickle.

New phone who dis and you can't really see that it's.

Still on based on his pickle face.

But you can see that he's got what's seems to be.

A little pickle in the frame and the selfie the phone is sitting in the pickles lap and Dylan looks to be sporting his own pickle and new phone. Who is looking? My pickle deck.

What's up?

And then the Portland Pickles, which again verified on Twitter. I feel like that should be mentioned. Retweets the photo so you still get that pickle dick. And with a statement of, you know, we have ended our mascot takeover, it's come to our attention that this photo can be misinterpreted as a disturbing image, which we have retweeted. So if you miss the pickle dick on the first pass, here it is again.

Dylan would like to go on record and say that he was trying to give his fans a thumbs up.

So, I mean.

I don't know. This is not the major leagues they have there. The pickles, for God's sake. So the fact that I mean, also I'm going to go back to this picture here that I didn't notice until now. Dylan, the pickle, the photo they showed of like, hey.

Here's who's going to be on our Twitter looks to be holding a headless chicken.

Right by the stands. There's a little bit of red here. I mean, I can't tell if that's just the what is it like testicle ball sack fabric, not fabric skin that's on the roosters, the big gobble. I mean, maybe they play to it. They got the pickles, their mascot and a cock is a backup mascot. I don't know.

Strange photo nonetheless, but I feel like it might be a gag. They're playing into it like all the pickles. Like that means penis and some some circles.

So you phone who this.

And then the fact that they retweeted it as well. It seems like a gag, but it's a good gag. I mean, who doesn't love a nice little pickle prank? They're moving on. Oh, so if you're just listening, uh, in between periods, the football games are really any sport. Sometimes they like to take the kids in the area, the local teams, and they just kind of have a little scrimmage, whether it be at halftime in between quarters, a TV timeout, whatever they have, the kids run out there and like, hey, go play.

Like, this is what it feels like to play football in front of thousands of fans instead of just your parents. So this one's a little different. They have the the peewee team going up against the mascots, which is a a popular alternative. I mean, it's fun to see grown adults in mascot costumes bowl over kids have a good time.

But this raven and this is in Baltimore. Baltimore Ravens, the Raven mascot took it a little too serious and ended up getting hurt. The clip here shows getting tackled and just burned down. It just seems like a run of the mill tackle. But we also don't know the physique of the person assuming the form of the raven. So they have staff tending to the raven.

I mean, as you would see when a typical football player goes down and gets hurt, you got the trainers who go out extra, don't even know what happens when this happens. When a player gets hurt, obviously they go out. But like what questions are like? Is it always like, do you know what day it is? Do you know where you are?

So I can't even I hurt my knee. It just hurt. Just help me get off this working field. But anyways, trainers are out there talking to the referee, to the peewee mascot game. Seemingly, I say that because he's just wearing white shorts. Every time you have a referee wearing shorts in any sport, uh, aside from soccer, that pretty much means, hey, this is just kind of a little pick up recreational, little fun time.

But he's down there, trainers are down there, they're talking, and they actually have to put the Raven on one of the six wheel little carts, getting them up, carrying him, stabilizing the leg and getting him onto the cart that will then be carted off the field for medical attention. Now, the thing I am most curious about, because right, if an NFL player gets hurt, there's a degree of insurance, right?

It's a part of the game, no matter the severity. If it's just a dislocated little finger or a full blown ruptured knee, the team will take care of you, whether it be the trainers, you know, pop him back in or taping up or they take you to a local hospital, they get checked out, operated on, what have you.

The team's like, yeah, like we're going to pay for that. Thanks for putting your body on the line, for our amusement, to win games. But does that go down to the mascots? Do they have the same sort of health care coverage as the players? I don't know. So they're loading them up, but and this given the sound you don't hear like the open field, this might be in a booth.

So we all want to.

And driving off, they don't. I think this is the laws of being a mascot as far as revealing your identity. They keep the raven hat on. You know, there have been typical football injuries with people wearing football pads. If it's an injury, any sort that they got to be carted off, whether it be the head or anywhere else in the body, they usually just take their helmet off.

They give their wave like, hey, I'm going to be okay. But on a stretcher, they still try to do a thumbs up. They can still use their hands, but they keep the mask on. And what's tough to tell, because this does appear to be in a suite, is did the crowd give like a, you know, a collective applause of like, hey, like, good job, like, hope you're going to be okay.

This usually happens, you know, someone goes down if you're on the field, you take a knee, or at least that's what you do in junior football, which this is so against little kids. So you take a knee, you wait for the kid to get up or the mascot in this case. And then once they're good, once they get on their feet, you know.


Clap. But since he went from ground being carried to the cart here and did the mascot get the same love?

So like, hey.

You're putting your life on the line here, you're thrown t shirts, you're now playing against young kids. I don't know if the mascot got that, but I.


That they did. Moving on Denver vocal back Brett Vogel back country strong a few weeks ago place for the Mets who knows this might have been when the glitzy straw gang happened or the straw glitter gang get it all mixed up. This might be that game, but that's neither here nor there. This is Daniel Vogel Beck's Walkout song, and this was submitted by Payton Paine.

Thank you so much for sending this to me in this kind of a open invitation. If you find some fun, silly, weird stuff out there, send it to me. Chuck Underscore Sway on Instagram. Um, or tik-tok Twitter too, if you want to do me there, email it if you want to if you want to go kind of the the older root of good.

Day, sir. Hello, dearest Chuck.

I have found this clip for you and I would like you to use in your program sincerely the listener. You can do that. But this was submitted by Payton. Let's take a listen to Daniel Vogel. Backs walkouts on.

The desert.

Doing milkshakes which to this day I don't.

Fully understand.

What that song means. Is it boobies? What is a milkshake?

It's the same thing for still to this day, a similar term getting crunk.

How does what is crunk? What do you mean, Lil Jon?

What are milkshakes? But nonetheless, it's a fun song and seemingly appropriate for Daniel Vogel Black to come out to the plate.

And then it hit her. Daniel Oh, roll back.

That's how you walk out. Fans are loving it. They're like, get a little this guy, this.

Guy, does he have milkshakes?

I don't know what a milkshake is. He comes out and does his baseball thing. What I want to point out, I'm going to let this loop because this is on Instagram. It's still Shawn fans just loving it. But here yeah, we're looped now he's sprained his bat with baseball spray. Baseball is not my forte with the sport. So bear with me.

He sprays it out and then, you know, he's making his way to the plate. It almost seems like he lost a bet or something. I mean, this man is a country strong, a former country strong, which once you get country strong, you're always going strong. I don't know if the milkshake song fits his vibe, but he could have lost some sort of bet.

I don't know. But as he's walking out, he's kind of, you know, he's got his brim down low, you know, just going through his motions of doing baseball. And it almost seems like there's like the smaller little smirk of like, yeah, I don't know what milkshakes are, but I lost the bet. Whatever. I don't know. Or maybe it's his favorite song and it's like, Hey, my milkshakes might not be boobies or butt or whatever.

My milkshakes are hitting fucking dingers.

So as I said, he.

Is country strong. But not this week because we have another country's drunk lives. Let's get into it.

Just don't play the week.

How rowdy? Well, it's time to suit up. It's another time for Coach was strong, which means I'm going to get thrown on the cowboy hat. So we know that it is genuine.

So throw this thing on and we're ready to get country down. I tell you what now I'm still trying to figure out the.

Logistics here of how to because, again, like I showed, I can't wear headphones.

With this big old.

Ten gallon hat on. I got to go down below.

Oh, my God. They have just.

Broke my headphones. Oh, shit. I just partially broke my headphones. Snapped that back in my hand is headphones unconscious drunk. Oh did it go. Come on. Oh that's. That's less than ideal.

Well I'll lay.

Bare with my hair. I'm gonna fix this lab. So be it. I'm going to be right back. Get this all fixed up because you need audio when it comes to country strong.

So bear with me one again. Well, I'll be damned. I almost damn near broke my headphones. Wow. Wow. What, what's going on or anything on our way to regulation.

Everyone they didn't I ever do has that in the listing as far as capabilities of this here audio device. So I've got to keep that in mind maybe that be the last time and I show you.

Like they don't fit on my it but anyways let's check out your get good draw down.

Where you're like kick off here.

High school football and go oh go. This got blown.

Up so bad.

You just got be strong. Oh, my goodness. The high school football is back. I'll tell you what. Now I'll look at these, too.

I didn't even notice it.

Check out Cougar Country is Cougar Country. You're just chill, coach. Now this is.

A mistake by the coaches.

Because on a kickoff, whoever's.

On that front line, on a kickoff return, it's going to break down a little football three for you and how to play the game on that first line on kick off.

You won't.

Have your.

Biggest houses. Typically it's going to be the receiver and.

Team that's going to be doing the country strong.

But they have run a little.

Freshman bill here.

Like, oh, you want to play high school football, go on.

The front line right now. We're a kickoff return. We're getting the ball.

We need you to.

Protect and secure the block so we may we run this ball back, get a score, little country, strong or little freshman Billy I mean, he got coach a strong is.

How high court can do it he can't.

Do it. As you heard and saw. The other problem too with my freeze frame this.


On a kickoff if you're if.

Your team is receiving the ball you want to take a few steps back.

And then circle back around and then find your blocker low. Freshman Billy here didn't get the memo ball gets kicked and he's like, I'll find someone to block. I'm going, go straight this way and well, what happens?

Go home. Oh, he gets mowed over. I mean, good on him. He has.


Damage that can be.

Repaired after this. I'm sure of it. Now, might not be right now, but in five, ten, 20, 30, 40 years, he's going to be feeling it because he won't.

Be able to use his legs, but good on him to continue on and play. I mean, you go to the whistle blows.

But I mean, whistles and bells, they both make noise and he don't got his bell rung one more time on.


The commentary off. I'm just going to let you listen to just a live reaction of the the folks, their parents in the crowd out here.

That looks so bad.

No, I don't know if that's his mom or just another parent. Hard to tell what side of Cougar Country, the person that took the video.

But I mean. Oh, shit, my kid just got blown up. Oh, man. Well, that there's a drone going to move on.

See if I can get these headphones fixed up nice and good, but I'll be right back. And then we're going to get a scrub and some clips.


Scrub in the clip. Clip already fun clips for you this week. It's the same as any other week. I try to have a good time here.

First clip there is a theme with.

Bears large predators. It all started way back when when we took a look at how many Americans think that they can take on a wide array of animals. Hand-to-hand combat. Lowest point is a rat. Most Americans thought, Yeah, I could beat a rat hand, a hand or foot to hand combat probably in that situation.

Going all the way down to.

A grizzly bear. And since that episode, there have been multiple clips that show people interfacing with animals, and there have been multiple clips of bears because I believe Grizzly Bear was at the bottom of the list and it was like 6% of Americans thought, Yeah, I could take on a grizzly bear hand-to-hand. Most of the clips up into this point show that that is not the case.

Bears will fuck you up. But this clip here, a rare, rare occurrence where man winds.

Blowing and smoking a fucking truck. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I sit the shit out of a fucking bear is serious. Oh, my God.

Now, is in a car. So the human did have a bit of an advantage, but the bear got fucked up. My God. Take a look at the audio or take a listen. Rather, this guy is pretty much planning out his night smoking a huge fucking something will see the smoke.

A fucking huge truck.

He's going to fucking smoke a huge fucking bear.

Oh, my God.

He sent that bear flying a good 20 feet now just ends with whoever was on the phone with smoking. Buddy, we're going to fucking smoke a fucking huge fucking dog.

Oh, my God. I sit the shit out of a fucking bear. Are you serious?

Yeah, I'm serious. I had a dashcam.

Which the date.

Here. Jan Now this can't be right. January 24th, 2000. And you have a bear running around and this looks to be sunny. I think the date's wrong, but still had a dashcam. I'm going to show you this. When we fucking smoke our fucking huge, the bear walks off. So in the context of just the short video clip, the bear was fine.

I can't go as far as saying the bear wasn't harmed, but in the video, bear goes off into the woods and continues bearing this fine. I'm moving on to the next clip.

To the rescue. It really is like that. Or Atlanta, GA. If you want to. That's what I'm.

So if you're familiar with the term in basketball of having your ankles broken, it's usually not this extreme. This dude's ankle is literally size sideways. He's sitting down, he's got his nice Jordans on the tens or I don't know how the shoes go.

Across all of this now.

But this ankle is so fucked up that they have to cut into his Jordans. I don't know how much he's cost, but Pair Jordans sneakers typically are not cheap. So before the video started rolling, he had a choice to make like, well, we can keep your foot on and your ankle can be like this forever, and then you get sepsis from internal bleeding or whatever, and the choice is yours.

If we keep your shoe on, but if we cut it might be able to save it. You're like, Oh, these shoes cost me like 300 bucks. Yeah, just cut the shoe part. But his ankle is sideways.

No, no, no. I don't even know. That's my actual present car, my current heart, anything.

And I mean, this dude is lucid.

His eyes, my skin. I'm trying to avoid that. Sorry. That's not good.

Well, this EMT looks like he's just, like, pressing down on the leg, just trying to get the shoe cut. I mean, I'm surprised that he's not. This could a bit of shock that he's gone into since his ankle is literally sideways doing that like any any arteries like you know some stuff for my skin but you know, not really.

It's like your ankle sideways. You are aware of that? Yeah, it's fucked up. You not seeing what I'm seeing? There you go. There we go. There's the pain.

Oh, dude. Yeah.

Since I want to.

Cut the sock.

I just need that for right now, not cut it out.

Okay, now the shoes are off. I guess he cares more about the socks. Those are more expensive than the pair of jeans. He say, hey, can we can we just not cut it all the way off? Which I think he's saying that because it's like, hey, I just don't want to see like, I already see that it's fucked up.

I don't want to actually see it. See it. Can we just not do that?

I want the man to see me like it was a little man.

Oh, he's got a little brother or son. I don't. I don't want to see. Like I'll never be able to live this down. I got my ankles literally broken from playing hoops like he's going to. He's never going to be the baller that I want him to be.

Hey, you guys.

Maybe take him over there a little bit until we get up. You went on, we're going to split on it. Oh, God. They won't be able to see. Thank you.

Yeah, don't show him. Just. Hey, have him go over there. I'm a little fucked up right now.

Sorry. Now you got to do, huh? Oh.

Guys. So chose, I guess.

Hey, you know what? If you bump it like I'm in pain, but I get it. We got to do what we got to do.

Oh, my God. You feel my dream, sir? Do you hear me? Touch your toes, Syracuse.

Oh, I could feel his toes. Even though they're never in a spot that they've ever been.


No. Does this hurt you?

Good radio, beautiful. Who's mother of two?

Oh. Oh, did.

He call for? Is that what this was? Is he expecting to get his his free throws in a kid? True to the game dedication ball's life.

I'm amazed these two grow up.

I mean, that's the type of attitude that you need. Just, hey, you're fucked up, but hey, ball. What we need to do. I got free throws. I got to shoot. So come on. Like, let's wrap.

This shit up.

I'll go to the hospital once I hit my two free throws. Get my Subban. Thank you. Also, don't let my little brother were son see it, but let him see if I had these free throws, I'd be really impressive. I remember on. So this is in one of them stunt planes and good god, just doing all sites of types of twisty tourneys.

Nice little pull up and then just working the stick spinning round and round and then leveling out. Now these planes are cool, right? They're really neat. And in the cockpit of actually like seeing like what it would be like somewhat of being in this thing as it's going.

You knew. You knew.

But the thing that really caught my eye with this clip is the woman who's piloting the pilot like no emotion. Like it feels like she has something to proof of, like just getting shit with it at the local pilot bar of, like, women can't fly stunt planes. And she's like, You know what? Fuck you, I'm going to show you because we look at this.

I mean, just blank face like this is probably one of the most I think I can go on the record saying this is one of the most exhilarating feelings you can have flying around it however fast these planes fly and just turning on a fucking dime. And she's just like, Fuck it. She looks out the window like, Yeah.

You see me.

Fucking didn't think I could do this and then just flips it and twisty turny looking around so calm like no emotion. This is a woman on a mission to prove to these naysayers I can fucking flip to do and then just brings it out. I mean, nothing even after. Like at the end of the clip kind of leveling out, she just kind of just blinks, not even like a smirk, like, yeah, fuckers.

No, that's impressive. Moving on. Nassar recently published some audio of what a black hole sounds like and one could argue that a black hole dropped their own episode of a podcast. Let's take a listen. I want the black hole. Had to say, well, space. If you're listening in headphones or some some has stereo setup. I think I, I think platforms let this upload in stereo.

Shit went around and there's a little dial in this video you can see it's on the right, then it's down below, back center and then back on to the left pans. Pans around. So if you were wondering what a podcast sounds like or not a podcast might if you're wondering, well, you've already made it, you know, almost an hour in.

This is what this podcast sounds like, but this is what a black hole podcast sounds like. Just dark, ominous, creepy.

I mean, what I want to know if I'm no physicist or astronomer, I want to know if a black hole sucks. Literally everything in how does sound escape? I know light can't escape it. Yes gets sucked in.

But light how does.

Or sound? How does that work?

Just oh.

Like that shit escapes a.

Creepy drawl.

Just pretty neat.

Moving on.

The thirst trap that I showed in the moist this clip last week of the woman just setting her camera down and just straddling it with her purse being the closest thing to frame of seems to be a trend. And Instagram thought, hey, you like that, right? You showed it on your show. How about some more of it? So we have again, what I'm just dubbing as the aggressive thirst traps where women get the frame of whatever the camera angle angle is, whether it be down on the ground with your purse, the first thing on camera or in a mirror that's on the ground, and you just squat down these thirst traps are just they're aggressive.

So you first see, I mean, this.

Lady is.

Squatting in front of a mirror and just goes right when you meet it, right? When you swipe up on the real or you're if you browse on desktop like a psychopath like this, the first thing you see like, look at my purse. Are you thirsty yet? Oh, wow. Well, I mean, I don't know if this trend will continue if I get more of them, but I will be sure to share.

But that's not the most is clip this week. This next one is this next clip.

Mm. Is so moist.

And this is the reason why we blur some of the clips because this is not YouTube friendly.


Oh my God. So let me set the scene for you. A bunch of drunk guys maybe at a bachelor party. I have the Tigers playing and they take one of their mates, they hoist them up one on each side. They take his pants down, they let his cock and balls hang, and the rest of his friends just go there.

Best Rocky and fucking punching bag. This guy's beanbag giving a just too good. Bah bah bah bah bah. Using the hit in the speed bag, if you will.

Oh, my God.

This guy, though, he does the fall, you know, roll in fists on this dude's nuts and then takes a step back. Probably the the alcohol takes a little bit more form.

And he comes up and he jumps up and he like smacks is had on this dude's balls.

You don't do that to a speed bag, but I guess you do that to your friend's bags. Well, that that there's moist and that dude's nuts probably hurt. All right. Let's move on to dose and some capitalism.

It's time for a dose of capitalism live by, consume, die.

All righty. First and foremost, I do want to give a shout out to all of the paying supporters of this show. And that, of course, AJ, Joe, Michael Davis, Reverend Tanner, Mills, Quinn and Tyler shout.

Out to you.

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I actually still need to go through and change. Update the perks. They're a little bit outdated but still check it out all the to everyone gets grandfathered in if you want to sign up next here Docx and capitalism Amazon supporting the largest local small business in the world. Little I've never seen this done before as far as a promotion Amazon affiliates or Amazon Associates, what they call it, it's their affiliate program.

Basically what happens is you click on a link that is tied to the Amazon Associates account and then you make a purchase.

They get a little bit of kickback.

You see this a lot on YouTube videos of like product reviews like, Hey, I'm checking out this product. If you're interested, check out the link below, click it and buy it. Whether you know it or not. They get a little bit of kickback from that and that's usually the end of it. This program that implementing because it's not anywhere else, is a little bit different.

Instead of just taking all of the commission of whatever you buy using my Amazon link, I'm going to split it with you 5050 and this is in this cut and dry is just thanks for the purchase I'll get you your money it's a little bit of a process to it, but hey, you can earn some cash back passing through a few channels on your purchases on Amazon if you use my code.

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I'm only keeping half of it. So I like the Vegemite. Right? When I order the Vegemite, I kind of break the rules a little bit. And I used my Amazon code, I made $0.09. And if you had ordered the Vegemite.

Half of that would be yours.

More than half is nine is not an equal number $0.05. You would make $0.05, say $0.05 on your Vegemite. So give it a shot. Again, that link is in the description and in the show notes. I mean, who doesn't shop on Amazon? Who doesn't want to receive some little bit of cash back? It's not some big amount. It's not, hey, order on Amazon, I'll give you 100 bucks.

But I mean, if you if you spend a pretty chunk of change, 100 bucks back, it's up to you. So, yeah, it's just like capitalism. Live, buy, consume, die. That's what we're all about here. Okay, let's round out the show with some news.

What's the big deal, fella? It's just a little bit news.

First story here. Well, in the news segment, GOP group apologizes for mistakenly posting KKK image. The Lawrence County Republican Party intended to post an image.

Of the GOP elephant.

On its Facebook page.

But up.

Using one in which.

The white.

Sorry the white spaces between the elephant's legs were drawn to resemble hooded Klansmen. And I do have an image of what this looks like. Bear with me here. I'm a one man show. There's the elephant just looking at it. Typical GOP Grand Old Party Republican elephant. But yeah, like they said, in between the spaces of the elephants legs, there are white hooded KKK members.

Big. Yikes, a party official said the image was taken from the results of a Google search and that the image was immediately replaced once the mistake was detected. Well, I think this was in Alabama, and if it was somewhere else.

Maybe you could get away with it. But the in the Deep South, I don't know about that one.

Of course, an apology was issued. I would like to offer a deep and sincere apology for a picture that temporarily appeared on this page last night. A Google search picture of a GOP elephant was used and later found to have hidden images that do not do not represent the views or beliefs of the Lawrence County Republican Party. At least they don't today.

They might have in the past. But that bygones be bygones. That's that was in the past. We do we do not support that kind of imagery imagery anymore. Today yesterday, a different story. But this is today. This was posted on the Facebook page just apologizing for the image. Well, here's the thing. Anyone that's in social media marketing, I'm on the wrong camera.

I'm looking at anyone is in social media marketing. You got to know whatever you're putting out there. That's the image you're painting for your brand, your company, what have you. Just double checked, just double check. Make sure what you're throwing up on the Internet is not racist. It's that simple. Our next story, Texas man charged for headbutting father in law to death in bar.

The man was talking to his wife's father at the bar about his troubled marriage and trying. The father in law was trying to convince the son in law to sign divorce papers. Daddy o don't like the son in law. The man suddenly lost control and allegedly grabbed his father in law's head and.

Headbutted him three.

Times. The assault continued until both men fell onto the ground. The father in law unconscious from the attack and later died. Now, of course, this is just three lines of well, they were at a bar. They're talking about signing divorce papers. The dude snapped, headbutted him. Now he's dead. We don't have the story, but, I mean, maybe this saved their marriage.

MAN Maybe. Maybe his one phone call. Or, like, when he's in on the other side of the glass in the orange jumpsuit, he's like, Baby, I did it for you. I killed your dad for your love. He didn't support us. He wanted me to divorce you. But I made him go away. Because I love you and the wife.

Oh, my God. We'll be together forever. How long are you in again?

They gave me 70 years.

You're doing okay?

Maybe. Maybe not. That's kind of fucked up, but thank you. Very flattering. Oh, I did that some I old news.

Man who intended to resell body parts on Facebook.


Bought stolen human remains. And if you are viewing, just going to give you a little peeks is what this dude looks like. Help paint the picture. A spokeswoman for the University of Arkansas has for Medical Sciences in Little Rock confirmed that the remains were to be donated.

To the.

Uams University of Arkansas Medical Science Facility. UAMS spokeswoman Lesley Taylor said that they were instead stolen from Arkansas Central Mortuary Services in Little Rock. Something about Arkansas. All of their names are very long. You need acronyms for everything. I didn't know that they were stolen by a female mortuary employee and sold, adding that there is an open federal investigation for selling human body parts.

There is a market for everything on a Facebook page under the accused name. Polly had posted pictures of bags and stacks of femurs. One captioned picked up more medical bones to sort through. The Facebook page he uses to market his body parts is called the Grand Wunderkammer. Vendors of the odd and unusual.

Museum exhibits.

Guest lectures, live entertainment and so much more. Strange, curious and.


In every way possible. Again. That's such a long description for the page, but you get everything that's weird at the Grand Wunderkammer. The Pennsylvania man who was the accused who described himself.

As a collector of what he.

Calls oddities, including human body parts, said the remains were acquired legally when first contacted by police, according to the police affidavit. The police initially found what they described as older.

Human remains, including four skeletons.

That they determined were legally obtained. They walk into this guy's house, just see bones everywhere. And instead of like, okay, like, we're going to put you in cuffs, this is fucking weird. The response to that was hiding of paperwork to show that you bought these legally. Yeah. I'm no grave digger. However on the second trip about newer remains in Polly's home.

Again, that dude found that he had made more recent purchases.

Police found three five gallon buckets containing assorted body parts, including of children. What the fuck?

If you're in this lane of purchasing human body parts, bones, what have you. I'd like to hear from you. I'd like to have a conversation with you and just figure out or why.

Why you do.

This. Federal and state law enforcement agents intercepted packages addressed to him from the Arkansas woman that contained body parts. So, I mean, who would have thought this guy is illegitimately acquiring human body parts, remains bones? This is in a world that I did not know existed. And who would have thunk? There is a dark crime underworld attached to it.

Say what you will. I mean, I think everyone has a general idea of what they want to happen to their bodies once they are no longer of this earth. Some get buried, some get cremated. Some donate their bodies to science and some to their consent or not. Are cool with having their body parts just posted on Facebook marketplace like Hey, my femur was a fucking trooper.

It's got to be worth at least $75 on the open market. And that's what I want to happen. Sell my body parts, let my legacy live on. What the fuck? All righty. As we work on getting out of here. To close this out, we do need to pray to the almighty algorithm. So at this point, if it is safe for you to do so and you want to, if you pledge allegiance to another deity or God.

Don't piss them off. But if you are looking for a religion or just want to spiritually send some positive energy to this show, power your heads, because we're going to pray to the almighty algorithm, O almighty algorithm. We've concluded another week of the Sway parade, but not before addressing your power and your presence here in podcasts. O Almighty Algorithm, we ask you this week, as we do every week, to bless this show, to sort it higher, maybe as high as you.

Are out in the ether.

Sorting endlessly into infinity. And we just want a slice of that. Amen. All right. Well, that's going to do it for this week. Last, last, last thing. And you want to give another shout out to the parade plus supporters. AJ, Joe, Michael Davis, Reverend Tanner, Mills, Quinn and Tyler. Thank you for your support. Again, as you heard in dose capitalism, you can help support the show signing up for a plan that's way unlimited dot com slash pricing or you can just donate.

I haven't mentioned that much, but there's a PayPal set up. You just want to throw cash link in the description as well. Going to get out of here, though.

And I will see you next time.

Bye bye.