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Here's all the links that we discussed on this week's episode:


The Deep Shot

Dawson Knox neck signed by Josh Allen

Home run derby money

Kyler Murray has some homework

COUNTRY STRONG: Rumblin’ Stumblin’ Vogelbach


Lil Bit'a News

Kid Cudi leaves Rolling Loud set after replacing Kanye as the headliner

Pair of women spotted twerking on Texas freeway during traffic jam

Chess Robot Goes Rogue, Breaks Seven-Year-Old Player's Finger

The Weather Channel Apologizes for Showing Racial Slur During Broadcast

WILD NEWS: Astronauts should not masturbate in zero gravity, NASA scientist says


Scrub My Clip

Archive.org - A place of culture

Bear Beach

So much to unpack

Always expect the unexpected

MOIST CLIP: Water clap



And then she slaps her thunder thighs together.

And the water.

That came up in between those.

Thighs just squirted out that there's a moist clip.

It's this Sway.

Parade with Shaq.

Sway, welcome into the Sway Parade. My name is Shook. Sway. And this is the parade. And a few things that I want to get off my chest immediately.

As we start the show is one little bit of a delay in the release usually comes out Monday morning. It's Monday morning right now when I'm recording this. So if you are an early riser on your Monday mornings and you expect the show to be spic and span ready to go.

This week, there's a little bit of a.

Delay. And the other things that I'm about to explain also provide context as to why this is delayed. Now, the other thing for the listeners.

You might notice throughout this episode that my voice is a little hoarse.

It's because over this last weekend, I was I was out in the wilderness. No electricity, no Internet, just good times on the Pacific Coast and turns out that when you spend a good time over the entire course of a weekend with your closest burrows, your throat is bound to get a little sore. And that's what I'm dealing with right now.

I am recovering from just flexing my vocal cords and my mouth to the limit of what is capable, what the human body and my body in particular. And lastly, if you are watching on YouTube, you will notice I have.


Mustache. It's not the.

Normal beard that.

You have been accustomed to seeing over the last several months. That was part of.

The pretty much price.

Of admission for this trip is, you know, he had to show up, he had to have a good time, had to be ready to go. We also had to be sporting a mustache or, as they say in some communities, a dick broom. That's what I have. It's growing back. But I hope you enjoy the visuals of me in a mustache.

I kind of feel like a cop, like I kind of feel like.

I have the authority to question anyone at any time what their business is. The funny thing is, is because I'm not a cop, I don't need a warrant. So I've I've abused that a little bit over the last couple of days.

But it's it's okay. It'll grow.

Back. It's it's fair. I'm not a cop, but.

I have lineage.

I mean, my parents, both of them were cops for different periods of time. So I feel like it's kind of in the family tree in my lineage that at least I need to appear to be a cop.

So that's what the mustache is for.

Don't be alarmed. But alas, the show where we're at right now with the Sway Parade, if.

You're brand new.

To it, well, here's a rundown. We cover news, we cover sports, we cover clips from around the net. And a very fun and lighthearted fashion. And hopefully for you as a viewer and a listener.

It's a good time because.

That's my only goal.

So before we get into the meat and.

Potatoes of the segments, there's a few things that we have to take care of. First, not foremost, I would say, because we do have to pray to the almighty algorithm, and that is foremost, but it's not first. But first, there's a number you can call to hotline.


Five Sway. We throw that graphic down there for those who are watching, there's the number. Write it down. Save it on your phone. Give that number a call. Leave any sort of message you want. Unfiltered, uncensored. Nothing gets checked until recording has begun. And we do have a call as of.

I don't know, maybe 20 minutes ago. So it might be a blessing.

That I recorded later because.

We have a call to play. Excuse me.

But moving forward on normally schedule.

Time, I mean, give that number, call anytime.

You would like. Now let's get into this call and see what this Monday morning, early Monday morning caller had to say.

Hey, Mr. Smith, I just wanted to give some input to the commentary on one of your previous videos in one of your shows of the woman that was complaining about men sliding into her DMS and offering her money for sex work and I just wanted to let you know that in 15 years, if I get offered money for move that sort of thing, I will be sure to respond to that.

People just be much better looking, hopefully. And then I also wanted to add, I still don't think that you can take on a wolf, but I love you anyway and I'll talk to you soon.

You. CALLER Thank you for calling in.

Multiple points weighing into, I believe.

Last week's clip of the lady basically putting it out there on the Internet to the world. Don't come up and solicit me for sex. I am happily married. It's a it's a good way and caller it's good to know it's a similar response if you get solicited, obviously, as a woman, which is what you sound like, I don't want to make assumptions, but it's what you sound like.

More of a female voice that if that comes across your table, you respond the same way. You got to protect that hill that you live on. And to an extent, Diane And so that's an admirable response. You get a text, DM Whatever. Hey, baby, what are you doing?

It. Fuck you.

I'm not interested. Thank you. Now, the other part of this call that is very controversial, and I'll keep the narrative going as far as the hill that I die on is the wolf, the single wolf. This started a couple of months ago. I've referenced the episode multiple times since then. It's Animal Kingdom. I think it's number 13, something like that.

There was a chart of all these animals starting in a rat going all the way down to grizzly bear and Americans were asked, Do you think you could take one in a hand-to-hand combat and win? And those numbers shrank over time. Grizzly Bear was the smallest, but still 9% of people. I think that was a number thought that they could take on a grizzly bear, Wolf.

Was in that.

Range. And I think around those animals, it was like, wolf, alligator, kangaroo, alligator and kangaroo I bowed out of because I'm a logical person, but a wolf. And I had this conversation this last weekend. And I feel like I will be having this conversation and making the same argument for the rest of my life.

Or at least the rest of.

The time, that I think I have the physical ability to take on one wolf and a hand-to-hand combat. Here's the argument. A wolf, a ferocious.

Beast of the wild, is a formidable.

Opponent, no doubt. I'm not.

Saying a wolf is.

A walk in the park, but they are pack animals.

If you see wolves, plural ized.

Shake your britches because it's probably over.

But a single.


Is out of its element running solo. The lone.

Wolf. If you will. And they're at a disadvantage because they don't have the backup of their pack.

And I believe.

My experience working with dogs, which are descendants of wolves. Wolves, pardon me. That experience is paired with just the gift that I have of my stature. Quite large. I believe I can take on a single wolf. I have never said that I would walk away unscathed because here's my approach. Here's here's my game plan for this. The first move is critical, and if it goes wrong, then I might eat my words.

And if you attend my funeral, which, by the way, if you're watching and listening, you are more than invited to. And if that's how I go, I go by a single wolf.

You know, tell me up get up there at the eulogy, speak, tell stories.

And say.

Honestly, we're all here today.

Because Chuck's a moron.

He said, for ever, he could.

Take on a wolf. And here we are.

We couldn't even do an open.

Casket because the body was just unrecognizable. He got torn up. But that's only if that happens. And if that first move goes good. I think I have a shot because the.

Key is.

Getting behind the wolf. And obviously it's not going to let you do that easily. But if I can sacrifice my forearm, it just, you know, protect my neck, but sacrifice my forearm, get a bite on. I can deal with some battle scars on my arm with the wolf's teeth in a necklace around my neck, knowing, Hey, I'm not wanted to be messed with when it comes to single wolves or Wolf's other plurals throw me off.

So if that first bite comes through, I'm able to get around, use my arm that the wolf thinks has an advantage on to just get it in a headlock and then use all of my mass to weigh down on this wolf and just lock in. That's the thing, too, I don't think wolves no fighting rules. They're just wild animals.

So Wolf's not going to know to tap out what's getting the headlock. I'm not going to stop. I'm go until it's done. So that's my theory. That's how I think it will go down. I'm sticking to it. CALLER I respect your opinion. Thank you so much for weighing in, but I like to prove the doubters wrong. So again.

Thank you for.

That call. And if you want to contribute to the show, give that call in numbers still at the bottom of the screen. If you're listening.


Five sway or 7929 those last four digits.

Give it a ring. Weigh in.

I, I.

Feel like I need more people in my.

Corner for this wolf argument. But alas, however you feel on that.

Topic or any other.

Give a ring and let me know. Moving on, as I mentioned a little earlier, we need to pray to the almighty algorithm, as we do every week, because we need some spiritual help to get this show off the ground. There's there's.


Listen to the show. Sure. People that watch the show, sure. But there's always more people. So at this moment, I ask that you bow your heads.

If you are in a safe.

Place to do so. And we will pray to the almighty algorithm, O Almighty algorithm. Here we are again.

Slightly delayed.

But right on time to experience your power, raw power of the sort of the rankings. Your decisions are absolute. And we sit here to ask.

If we could be a.

Part of those absolute decisions, almighty algorithm. Every week we come to you and this week is no different, for we give ourselves to you and your power. Amen. All righty. As with every week, we always hope that the almighty algorithm is listening and we continue on with the show. We give that algorithm a show, let it know, Hey, we're here.


We move on to what are we start with this week, the deep shot. Before we get on to that, I want to weigh in on the call from last week, which was a request to consume Vegemite on this program, an and given my shorter week and my trip over the weekend.

I wasn't able to.

Acquire it. And through a multitude of Google searches.

I couldn't find any definite.

Information as to where to find Vegemite at local stores. I'm still searching, but I don't have it with me this week. But it's still on the docket. Most likely next week I will have a can of Vegemite and I will consume it here on the show. And I'll let you know, because the the caller, I can't remember if they gave up their name, but they were wondering they want me to try it on the show if I hadn't tried it before and I'm still going to do that.

But to hold you.

Over, I have a clip for you.

That I think.

Is most likely the first time you ever heard about Vegemite. If you are outside of New Zealand and Australia, and that was from Rocket League, not Rocket League. Rocket Power. There you go.

The kid.

Show from.


You know, with the skateboards and the rollerblades and all the extreme sports auto, Regina, Sam, Twister, as from that show, it was a special.

Dad taking New.

Zealand some something like that. But in that extended episode, that special, there was a whole side story with Tito in his quest to find and consume Vegemite. So I might be tickling the nostalgia bug here with this video.

And I hope I hope I do.

To get you in addition to me, prepped for consuming the Vegemite. So here is this clip. Take a listen.

And hopefully it gets.

Stuck in your head. The little tune that they had a very relaxed. Very relaxed. You know.

In my day, like we spent it on everything. It always is like you might be on your morning, you know, nine.

That sound familiar? There's something locked deep inside your mind that you totally forgot of. And now you're just going to be singing it. Vegemite. Vegemite, young man. Morning, noon and night. Continue on with this clip. Yes. Can I help you? Do do you have Vegemite spread on this flight? I'm sorry. I'm afraid the gentleman behind you got the last bit.

Maybe if you fly down under, they might have.

It on the flight. This is what the Rocket League rocket power.

Oh, my God. So a rocket power is suggesting, boom. And if you like Vegemite, you'll need your morning and night. And so I hope I have that same feeling of desire and ecstasy when I try Vegemite. But I've heard on the other side that it's not that good.

So time will tell. Most likely next week.

I'll be trying Vegemite on the show.

Now let's get in to the show.

Main parts. First one, as I mentioned.

The deep shot.

Could destroy that little valley shop. Here, get the rest. Was there a deep shot? All ready time for the deep shot. It's a sports segment here on the Sway Parade.

First at the top.

Which is pretty predictable. Now, if your current listener or previous listener of the show is, there's got to be something to do with the Bills and Josh Allen.

And this week is no different because.

Training camp has started in the NFL and preparations for the upcoming season that they they run the ball, they pass the ball, they're going through their game plan. They're getting back on their feet, going coming off from an offseason. Some players need to lose some weight. Some players need to gain some weight. Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah, rah.

Who cares? All that's whatever. But the interaction with the fans with Josh Allen and Dawson Knox, that is worth covering. And so there is a clip here of Josh Allen Anderson Knox signing autographs, memorabilia, things like that to the Bills Mafia faithful that are out on these early days in the preseason. I'm just going to play this just so if you're listening, you.

Know, being surrounded.

By fans, that's what you heard. Rest assured, Josh Allen and Dawson Knox are here and as Dawson the bills tight end is signing something for there's a lot of kids here so making a lot of kids happy get some signatures, meeting their favorite players, whatnot.

Josh Allen.

Comes behind.

And signs his.


You get that John Hancock, Josh Allen.

On the back of Dawson Knox's neck.

And there's we covered it a few weeks ago with the.

The value of sports memorabilia, I believe it was a Dallas Mavericks championship ring that sold for like 80 grand or something like that. There's a lot of value in player worn, player signed pieces of anything. So I did some math, fun math with this occurrence because Josh Allen had a.


Card slash Jersey patch.

That I believe was.


That sold in April.

For $312,000. Now, if.

We just put that at the pinnacle.

Of what Josh Allen's signature is worth.

And if you.

Pair that with Dawson Knox, his contract and the.

Value that he has.

To the bills, which is at $5.4 million.

You now take.

A NFL professional tight end that gets paid millions of dollars to play a game.

Now, that tight end has.

A signature that is worth up to $312,000.

If you were to put.

Dawson Knox on the market in memorabilia on an auction, and what would it cost you if you wanted a NFL tight end that had a Josh Allen signature? I mean, that's.

If you collect.

Josh Allen memorabilia, bills, memorabilia, any memorabilia, this has to be probably the most valuable tool, especially for bills mafia, because you have you get a player that's your memorabilia is a player that has that signature on it. It's one of a kind, but it's not going to be cheap. And if you were able to buy Dawson Knox out, essentially out of his contract and be like, hey, I don't I'm not saying you're going to own Dawson.

Knox. No, not at all. But you have the rights to his contract. You buy it. So it's like, hey, you're no longer a bill. You now just kind of clean my pool. It's it's going to cost you a pretty penny. We take those numbers together, $5.4 million. $312,000. $5,754,180 is how much that signature paired with Dawson Knox is essentially worth.

So if you have that kind of scratch and you have that kind of connection to the Bills front office, you make that call up, you're like, hey, what's a value? What can I get for Dawson? Knox not respond to the other end of the phone is like, is this a team? Are you trying to work out a trade?

No, not necessarily trade. I'm looking for a buyout. I have this fantastic Helga.

And Hey Arnold.

Esque shrine of the Bills and of Josh Allen. And this is the piece de resistance that I need. I need that signature on Dawson Knox's neck. And I don't just want his neck. I want him as well. How much I'm willing to pay? $5.7 million. That's a lot of money. Front office has to look at it and say, well, is it worth maybe losing some games?

Because we get that that producer, we were lacking Dawson Knox out on the field.

I don't know if you got that kind of scratch. Give the bills a call.

I'm sure you just find it on Google search bills, front office.

Give a ring, see what you can do. Let's make a deal next.

Speaking of money here on the Deep Shot, this.

The story's a little dated.

That's when everything was brought together in making it. But a couple of weeks ago.

The MLB Baseball.

All-Star Game and Weekend happened and there was a home run derby, as there is every year. Oh, here comes the moisture. This Sandy. A quick sidebar. If you are watching, I will get progressively wetter and wetter and that's probably because there is a good amount of toxins in my body that is trying to get out. So don't get distracted.

I'm just a little wet.

So going back to the.

Home run derby.

It's pretty, pretty simple game. You get balls tossed your way and you try.


Get it out of the.

Park and like most other years, this was the game, the name of the game. I'm gonna throw this ball. You're going to hit it as far as you can. I'm. I throw another ball, hit as hard as you can. You got a time limit. If you do that the most, you win.

Well, the interesting.

Thing on the money side of things, as it is a competition sponsored hosted by the Major League Baseball Association. No, just Major League Baseball. Yeah, that's cool. Name.

They give you money.

If you win. And the.

Contestants are usually big names.

In baseball. Those big hitters. I'm not a big baseball guy, but Albert Pujols, I know him. He was in it. It was his last one. But one of the players.

People might not have known his name.

Before this competition. This is the rookie that plays for the Seattle Mariners. Yes, the same Seattle Mariners that are dog shit.

Even as of.

Late. Their been winning games. There's you know, there's kind of a rise in the air of how are the Mariners going to do it? Are they going to break this.


Drought that is now.

Old enough to drink? Probably not. But they got a baller, they got a stud. And Julio.


As I said, he's a rookie for.

The Mariners.

And he made it all the way to the.


Face off.

Against Juan Soto. And right name of the game is the same. You get to the end, hit more balls than him.

And you win.

Now, the grand prize was $1,000,000. Now, spoiler alert and there's been plenty of time for you to go and watch this if you truly care. Julio Rodriguez, the Mariners rookie, did not win. He came runner up second place, which is pretty damn good with the Mariners for the whole season. Being a rookie they brought on they're paying him $700,000 for this year since he came in second place and the home run derby in one day.

Hitting 80.

One home runs, he made $750,000. I mean, you got to work smarter, not harder. For one, this guy needs a bigger contract. And if the Mariners pull something out of their ass and they make the postseason once or not, Juan Soto, Julio Rodriguez probably going to get more money.

But still in one day, someone told Major League Baseball, Hey.

We got this guy out here in Seattle.

He can hit.

Dingers. You want to put him in the competition? Like, Okay, why not? Then he gets to the end and makes all the money that he's going to make for a year. Baseball is like 182 games or something like the 160. It's a lot of games and it makes 700 K for the year. I mean, that's a that's a good chunk of money.

But when you're talking about the likes of professional sports and how much money they make and he just goes out on an afternoon, hits some dingers, he just gets the back. So, oh, good for him.

All right.

Still sticking with money on the sports side of things. And there's a lot of it, as you probably are aware. Picture this. The average salary in the United States in 2022 is estimated to be $53,490 a year. Breaking that down to an hourly rate. You could say that the average American makes $27.85 an hour. That's based on, you know, 8 hours a day, five days a week, hundred 60 hours a month, times 12, whatever.

Now, imagine you do. You're at this number. You make that money on a yearly, hourly basis, what have you. Now say your job requires you.

To do four.

Hours of work related research per week outside of the normal working hours.

If you do that, you still get paid.

Especially if you're on.

Salary, you get paid, but.

You also increase your value as an employee to perform your job. But the catch is if you don't do these extra 4 hours of work related research a week, you're canned. Now this is just off of the average enter in the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, who is not average. He plays football. He's a quarterback.

He's one of 32 people in.

The world that start games playing quarterback in the NFL.

He'll start the 2022.

Slash 23 NFL season with an average yearly.

Salary of $46.1 million for a.


And based on the same 40.

Hour work.

Week that we.

Broke down the average American pay.

He makes 20.

$4,000 in our.

Again going on with the math, 862%.

More than the average American per hour. He makes a lot of money.

He has.

That same catch as the scenario that I just it out.

He is.

Required in his new contract. There is a stipulation in fine print that says that in order to make this money, which is a ridiculous sum.

He has to study film, do football related.

Research for an extra 4 hours a week, studying and preparing for games.

If he doesn't do it, if he slacks.

Off for.

Four extra hours a week, that's that's easy. You could do almost anything.

In an additional 4 hours in the week if he doesn't do it. The contract has an addendum. Addendum by Birmingham that will.

Void the.

Entire contract and to.

To you to.

$46.1 million per year. The total deal came out to like $260 million, all for just Hey, we've prepared everything for you.

We sent you these.

Video files of some film. Just play it, watch it. Check the.

Boxes. Like it's just homework. It's probably simple homework, too. He gets the film.

And it's a still. And it's like the question.

On the sheet is, what type of defense.

Is this? Oh, I think that's a that's a it looks like a43 playing. It's like online classes of just like easy math classes. It's either right or it's wrong 4 hours into it and you get paid that much money. The thing that we don't know yet is, is he going to be able to keep up with this very demanding workload of four extra hours of watching football, the game that he should by making this much money and getting as far as he has gotten, he should love the game.

He gave up baseball. He gave up.

Potentially going to a home run derby and making $1,000,000 in an afternoon because he's already making 24 grand an hour with this contract.

So can he do it?

We will see. Now, round out the deep shot as we always do, means.

It's time.

To get country stew.

Oh, cool. Just don't play the week.

All righty. Well, it's going to be a country strong is one we happy hit pretty been around football in baseball we started with football and then we.

Went to baseball then we went back to football. And now for our country down, we're.

Back to baseball. Take a look at this here. Before I play is Daniel Vogel black Asian player in the baseball, the aged eight male. He's black.

I think I looked.

You know, he's like six foot one, two.

Hundred and £80. This man walks around country strong.

And the parallels here, we're talking about home run derby. Talk about the Seattle Mariners. This guy used to be Seattle Mariner. And I, if I recall correctly, he was country strong when he.

Was a mariner.

Now, looks like he's playing for the Mets now and he's on base. Some sense of the scene before I.

Roll his country strong clip.

His own base and I don't really need to explain the rules of baseball.

For you, but it's it's simple. You hit the ball, you hit the bases, and then you run home. You score a.

Run. He's on the base.

I'm a run.

This ball gets hit and he is only get could you strong get our that man going he's only keep going down down and slam down. Could you stretch. You wouldn't believe someone that big has that many.

Jets Daniel.

Vogel back is speed machine for good this.


Matter stretch two from second base all the way round third base down home.



Country round. This episode of the Sway Parade is brought to you by support from Parade Plus members.

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So head on the swag Ltd. dot com slash pricing. Pick a plan that works for you. Now let's get back to the show. What's the big deal, fellas? It's just a little bad news.

News time here on the Sway Parade, and it's starting to become more of an issue in my pit. It out. Oh, my God. Oh, that way they might know more. I'm getting moister and moister. We're just coming off a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm feeling that. So I'm getting oh, I'm just I'm looking at this monitor here of what is going on.

I'm glistening everywhere. But alas, the show must go on and time for the news.

Going to look at what's going on on on the alternative front, if you will, because these stories.

Don't really matter. But they're fun. That's why it's a little bit of news for story.

Kid Curry leaves rolling loud set after replacing Kanye as the headliner.

And there.

Is a clip for.


And before I play on, I do want to mention if you are a viewer on YouTube, you will see these clips, have a little bit of pixelation.

To it and you can kind of make out what it is.

But that is.

Just my legal protection so I don't get.

Taken off of YouTube because that would be an atrocity of.


But every single.

Link is at Sway Unlimited dot com slash blog, all the show links, all the links you can view everything providing. It's still up in the internet. There are a few things that have gone missing and taken down over time. Rest in peace to the star nipples from way back when.

I mean, kid cutie here. This is him at.

Rolling Loud performing roll at the end of the very popular song Marijuana Kid Cutie. The song is winding down and some jerkoff decides to hock a water bottle at the moon. Man play that one more time because it happens quick Hits, I mean, props to throw it as far as the aim, but maybe you should use your talents to throw something else to someone else.

Thank you, cutie.

Come on. Hits him. Yo, I want to say.

Brother, one more thing. Probably I be right down the wall and I want.

To say I'll.

Walk off a the line. I'm not going to rule anybody. I will forgive me if.

I can make a pretty.

What could be the strongest day of the whole.

Well, he's a man of his word. He said, you throw one more thing. I'm gone. Don't fuck with me. Some jerkoff was like.

That kid cutie. Then he made him leave. What the.


Drops the mic he's out. He's done, and rightfully so. What, you're getting up there? I'm just going to take the stance of the performer. You're giving it your all. And when you have people in a live crowd that are like, I don't approve of your music or whatever your reasoning is, you're supposed to be corny. Yay, here's my water bottle.

You look thirsty. What the fuck? You ruin it for everyone. This is a rolling loud in Miami. I don't know how big the show is. There's a lot of people, though, and these one or two, just a few jerk offs ruin it for everyone. So fuck you. Whoever did that, not Cool.

Assholes, just.


Gaping assholes, I swear to God. Next story in the news. And that is news, you would think. At least for me. I've seen Kid Cutie perform live before. No one was throwing water bottles.

Everyone's having a good time. I even saw people pass out just at the sight.

Of the moon.

MAN Scott.


Came out. He said, Oh, my God, there he is.

Oh, there's also a sardine pan in there, everyone bunched in together. But it was a fun time.

Our next story here, a pair of women spotted twerking on Texas freeway.

During traffic jam.

Oh, let's take a look. See that?

This what is this all about?

Oh, yeah, that is during traffic and that is twerking. There's not much more information to the news story. I guess in the news typically, you.

Know, take a look at what's going on here. Traffic wise, weather wise, all that stuff.

Oh, here on the I-85 appears to be some women shaking in that.

Ass as they're trying to get to their destination. I, I mean, traffic sucks everywhere. Everyone kind.

Of copes with.

It in their own.

Ways. And nothing wrong with these ladies. I mean, they're going as fast as us. This is I mean, they pretty much stopped it. Stop and go. Stop and go. You get up to maybe five, ten miles an hour and stop.

Safest time to start twerking, but it's.

Still it works. And if that helps you, that cools you down in the Houston heat as I am. If I was in traffic right now, sweat my balls off and I was like, if twerking is going to help, I'm shaking that ass so good on them. Beat that he.

Shake that ass.

Next story.

Now we're getting to some beef of it all. And I actually have some information, not just clips like this is.

News that, look, it's this chicken that has chess robot goes.

Rogue breaks.

Seven year old players finger.


According to Sergei.

In imagine.

The chess robot broke the.

Boy's finger when the child went for a swift.

Move without.

Waiting for the necessary time for the machine to complete its action. So this.

Kid was chomping at the bit to make Knight five.

And this robot chess player said this.

I don't think so. The boy is all right.

They put a plaster cast on his finger to heal faster. Yes, there are certain safety rules and the child apparently violated them. This is also refreshing because, I mean, I'm not celebrating that a kid got hurt and he broke his finger.

Poor kid. But at the same time, they'd be like, Oh, the machine. It's the machine's fault. This innocent child, this.

Guy Sergei, is like, No, this kid fucked up. He broke the.

Rules. He should have waited. He did not notice that he had to wait.

This is an extremely rare case and the first I can recall. So first I think anyone can recall if a robot breaking a child's finger, but could be the first of many. Who knows Terminator.

The robot did.

Not like such a hurry. He grabbed the boy's index finger and squeezed it hard, said the Russian news website.

The people around.

Rushed to help and pulled the finger of the young player, but the fracture could not be avoided. The report. The incident ended with a cryptic line wording whether the robot will be put.

To sleep.

After breaking the child's finger.

The robot is unique. It performed at.

Many open arenas where there were much more people. It happens.

It's a coincidence. Apparently, children need to be warned. It's the kid's.


It is extremely strange that this happened. But it happened.

And it happens. Let's. I don't.

What do I say? This is Sergei is like the chicken go wrong. I mean, that's just life, you know.

I and then you going back to the line of will he be put to sleep? I mean, robot doesn't have any feelings. All it knows is chess. No emotions, just chess.

There is a clip of this just.

To get a visual to help understand what's going on in this game of chess and and the robot that we're working with here. This isn't like it's just the giant arm, the show. You just a giant arm that is doing moves.

And it looks like it's at the.

Center of the table and it's playing three different players. I mean, chess is a crazy, complex game. There's like a quadrillion, the sextillion, whatever potential opening first ten moves or whatever. It's no joke. And especially in Russia, they don't fuck around with their chess. So how old was he? Seven. Nine. This child is probably training to be a chess grandmaster.

He's beaten all the kids around him. They kind of stuck to only playing Russians at the moment, given, you know, what's going on. But he's like.

I have beaten everyone around me.

What is next challenge and the the chess federation of Russia the CFR whatever the fuck it's called.

It's like we have a.

Machine that you cannot beat. And so here's the robot making its move.

And you see the kid.

Immediately as the robot takes the piece away and drops it in the bucket, the kid goes to make a move that is.

Way too quick.

Says the robot, and just presses down on this poor kids finger and it's stuck and they're looking around. Adults come to help. It's not moving. It's in a locked.

Position, trying to get the poor kid man.

The finger. The robot is just like no emotion. Just pressing down on the finger like you will not beat the machine and to fucking hurt. And it just I mean, we get six, seven adults. One of them looks like a parent. I don't know if it's a woman or a man is like hands over, face their face. Sorry.

Oh, my God, this thingy. And they get them out and the match is over. That robot stays undefeated and that poor kid has a broken finger. Poor guy.

But as Sergei.

From the report said.

Learn the fucking rules. I don't care how old you are.

Follow the rules. Our next story, The Weather Channel apologizes for showing racial slur during broadcast. Oh, what?

The Weather Channel has apologized. After I told you my voice was bad, they apologized after I was local on the eighth broadcast showed an offensive.

Racial slur in the middle of the weather report.

Graphic accidentally made its way.

Onto the air in Des Moines, Iowa, area last week. The graphics.

Said, Hello, Des Moines, this is your.

Weather. My not the word.

That I won't say.

I can't say I shouldn't say.