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Here's all the links that we discussed on this week's episode:


The Deep Shot

I want it Josh Allen's way


Expose Smithfield Death Star


British Grand Prix crash - Formula 1


Near decapitation - Formula 2 https://www.reddit.com/r/sports/comments/vqvtbd/f2_crash_at_silverstone_today_that_could_have/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Dallas Cowboys criticized for announcing partnership with Black Rifle Coffee after mass shooting


Chris Sale freakout


Adult Site Stripchat Offers Golfers Free VIP Membership To Turn Down Saudi LIV Golf Series 2022


COUNTRY STRONG: Khaki’s aint cut it



Scrub My Clip

Explosive tiddys


Swarm of the birds


Cartel chose peace


Furry Thicc


No clothes, no service


Gator conqueror


The show goes on


Moist Clip: Drop & Splat



Lil Bit'a News

Federal agency asks 100-year-old Tampa Bay woman to prove she’s alive after checks stop


Scottsdale police investigating who spiked laxatives with antidepressants


PBR Unveils World’s Largest Case of Beer...The 1844 Pack


Dads Against Predators members ‘lured’ man to Target before attacking him


Cinemas Ban Groups Watching 'Minions: The Rise of Gru' in Formal Attire




So they get the door open. They got guns drawn on them. Like, no, no, no, no, please, please, please, please, please. And they're like, they're white. It's this sway parade with shark sway.

Welcome into the Sway Parade. My name is Chuck Sway and this is the parade. Now, if you're brand new to it, if this is just now waltzing through your town, your ears, your eyes. Well, what's this parade about? Well, we cover news, we cover sports, and we cover some crazy, wild clips, among other things, which is what I want to lead into.

There is a hotline to this show that you can call and leave a message. Anything you want. Telefone story. A hot take. Anything. The call in the phone is your oyster because nothing gets screened until the show is recording. And that number 818275 sway, if you're watching here on YouTube, I have a little graphic down below so you can jotted down if you're not familiar with what letters coincide with what numbers on a phone pad, 8182757929.

And let's get into we got one caller this week. Let's see what they had to say.

Hey, hey. Lifelong listener, this is Bobby Ray. Hey, I got a quick question. Now, some people think it's weird that I got a big, big old beard, right? And I trim it all nice and neat. But some people think it's cool. What I find a little bit strange and odd is I'm growing this massive fucking beard, but I'm still shaving my balls.

Just wanted to make sure that that's normal. And I'm a normal dude. So if you could let me know. Thanks.

Color Bobby Ray with a fantastic question similar to me. I have a beard and also similar. I shave my balls. Why is that? Well, my thought is, is that your face is, for the most part, uncovered post COVID, and you want to make an appearance. There's an image of me. There's a few of them, but not a lot of me completely shaven.

And I look horrific. I look like I have to alert my neighbors when I move into a new neighborhood to let them know, hey, I am a child predator. So I grow a beard and conversely, down under I shave my balls. But that is only seen by two people in this planet. There's photos of me without shaved or with a shaved face.

There are zero photos of my junk, so you'll just have to use your imagination. But it's. It's a presentation. The same with growing a beard, if you can. And you like how you look. There's a presentation you have to the world. There is your face. Same thing goes down below. You don't want your partner or even you. If you're taking care of yourself to rummage through the mysteries of the pubic area, keep that nice and trimmed and clean.

So, Bobby Ray, your question. Is that normal? 100%. Keep the hair up here and remove the hair down there. So, thank you, Bobby Ray, for your call in your question. A very interesting one to note. So again, that number, if you want to have your own questions that you want to pose to the show right there, 818275 Sway, give that number a call.

Ask your fun questions. Now, moving on, as we do every single week is we must pray to the almighty algorithm, because without an algorithm and the Almighty one at that, this show doesn't exist or it exists, but it just stays within the confines of the memory cards that everything gets recorded here. So to push it out there to the masses, there is the almighty algorithm.

And of course there's things I can do aside from praying, and there's most definitely things you can do instead of praying, which I still encourage you to do. It's a very powerful being out there, the almighty algorithm. But what you can do in addition to the prayers is be sure to leave a rating on whatever platform you're listening to.

If you're on YouTube, hit, subscribe, hit like hit the notification bell. All the things you're already familiar with, the almighty algorithm that is its offerings. If it sees more of that, it pushes it up. But without further ado, we're going to pray because I feel like we have to, you know, so if you're in a position that it's safe, bow your heads.

If you're not in a position that is safe, imagine bowing your head as we pray. Oh almighty algorithm, you are vast and pure in your selection. And I just want to take this time to let you know that. To let you know that I am here aware of your presence, and that I am just a single man bowing at Your grace.

O almighty algorithm. The plea is always the same. Your blessings, eternal, is what I ask, an exchange of hope for you to deliver. Amen. All righty. Let's move on to the first segment in this week's episode, which is of course, the deep shot. Go destroy. Look at that big old belly, Chuck. You get the rough. Was there a deep shot already leading off on the deep shots, the sports right segment of the show, if you weren't aware yet?

First off, we pretty much lead off this segment with something that relates to Josh Allen. There's a history of that. If you're familiar with it, great. If not, we'll go back and listen to a few previous episodes and you'll get up to speed on what the what is with Josh Allen. So first clip that we have here in the deep shot.

You learn how to use all right.

That is the Backstreet Boys in 2022. They're back. They're on a tour. Drake was in the news. He dropped in and did a spot with them in Toronto. I believe memory serves correct and this is what most would say the lead man of the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter. And he removes his shirt to reveal a Josh Allen jersey.

As far as the tweet goes, I don't know where this is at, but nonetheless, bills mafia runs far and wide because here I am sitting in western Washington and I'm repping the bills. So what makes you larger than life? That depends. But what makes the Backstreet Boys larger than life? Josh Allen, Flair is what that is. Moving on.

What else do we got here in the Deep Shot? 4th of July just came and passed. Hopefully it was a fun time for you, as is tradition in America. They have the Nathan's hot dog eating competition. And I also saw this year they did lemonade jugs. I think they've been doing that for a few years now. But The Post their child for this event is Joey Chestnut.

He has won seemingly every single hot dog eating competition he has ever partaken partook in, and this year was no different. Spoiler alert, he gobbled down those glasses like the pro that he is, but a few different things came up this year. One Joey Chestnut had some sort of injury to his foot. He had a boot on. And so some people were saying, hey, this is this is Joey Chestnut flu game like Michael Jordan way back in the in the nineties.

It was in the nineties, right? Eighties. I was just a child. So Joey Chestnut, you know, he's got to live up to the moment, gobble down those glasses even when you're injured, which if it's not his mouth or his throat, you're just standing there. But then this went and happened hazing and oh, my goodness, as he's gobbling down those glazes in carpet, Titian going on some charm in a Darth Vader helmet, not movie quality.

Just when you pick up at the store, hops up right next to him, right next to the chestnut master himself, the glitzy champ, and holds up a sign that says, see if we can blow this up, expose myth, fields, Death Star, some sort of protest for what it's like with in the NBA when the people were trying to expose the the animal cruelty the chicken farm with the Minnesota Timberwolves owner running on the court, gluing their hands to the bags, all that stuff.

This is just, you know, some form of protest. But this is during the Nathan's hot dog eating competition. This is Joey Chestnut today. And so how does he respond? He grabs his neck, wraps his arm around it and throws him to the ground because a fuck you, this is not the place to do that. Oh my god. Throws him down glitzy still ball in the mouth mid competition at the very end that last frame he's got a little bit of glitzy left in his mouth and he's like, Yeah, we're still here.

And like, so that seem like a fun time out there a little bit different. My understanding is, is this did not make the broadcast, but we're in the age of the Internet, so nothing goes unseen. Moving on, some of these clips, right? The 4th of July was a week ago as the day that this is coming out. And so some of these are dated, but still maybe you have not heard or seen of them.

And what I'm alluding to is these next few bits of clips here on the deep shot Formula One, how to race that fourth, the 4th of July weekend. I'm flustered because it it was in the past, but now it's here and the British Grand Prix which is kind of ironic because that was over 4th of July weekend and celebration of beaten down them Brits to get our own independence.

British Grand Prix Formula One Silverstone Raceway. The the the very first turn of this race and some wild shit happened and I'm going to show you a crash to set it up, though. This is a racer. Racer Zhao Guanyu Formula One. And as he's coming off the line, of course, it's a race they're battling for positioning to try and win the race.

Right. I don't need to explain how races work, but there was some fuckery and little bumping, little shoving in the car sense and man's got flipped upside down and and I'll just play it and show you what happened.

What also got the LA.

Pretty much the safety fence was the only thing that saved these fans. The person that took this video was right in that front row car just scraping across the ground upside down, tires facing upwards. It's not really what you want to have happen if you're a racer. And with that too, no traction. The only resistance you have is the top of the car and the dude's had to be.

So it flips over the tire barrier, smacks into the fence, thankfully. Mr.. Pardon me, I'm not that familiar with formula One. I'm more of a Formula E guy myself. But Mr. Guan knew he was okay, thank God, and they had to stop the race. Now, one thing that I did notice, I watched this race seemingly. I thought it was live, it was a recording, but I didn't realize it could move forward after the crash because there was a good 20 minutes of all the racers went back to the pit lane.

That was a red flag. The race was essentially on hold as they had to deal with this crash. And I'm like, where's the replay? I want to see some cars flip. I want to know how it happened. I want to see some carnage. And they waited until they confirmed, hey, he is A-OK. Let's replay this 25 times to see how it all happened.

But the big kicker is they waited. The NFL, if I'm referencing when I watch an NFL game, like many of you might, any time there's an injury, you know, replay it immediately. You could have someone dead on the field, which look like it happened last year. It was a Chargers game. I think it was Monday, no Monday Night Football, because that piece of shit Joe Buck was calling it, but it was a primetime game.

Was the Chargers and the Raiders maybe receiver runs out, catches the ball, kind of gets hit weird but not super hard and relatively speaking to an NFL hit and he just couldn't sleep out. They had to bring the stretcher out. They had to remove his facemask of his helmet. But right after that touchdown catch happened, you know, Chargers scored their six points.

The camera guy on the sideline of the end zone immediately he ran up and zoomed right into his face like, look at this dead guy. And Formula One didn't do that. They did their due diligence. Now, I would think because Formula One, there have been a fair amount of deaths in the sport, I don't think any recently the NFL is.

I mean, it's just it's not that bad. They didn't die. They can't use their arms or legs anymore. But he didn't die. So let's show him so he's okay. Just keep that in mind as you're watching this. And if you are viewing, you will notice that there is a little bit of a blur on the videos, pretty much to protect myself from the rampant running of copyright strikes.

Even though I'm providing commentary, it's fair use. My lawyers advised me not to get too much into that, but I will say if you want to see the full clips with no censorship, all of the links that are shown on this show and every single show that I've done on Sway Unlimited dot com slash blog, those are where the show notes are.

They're all right there so you can take a look. But if we go and look at a still of this, I mean, that car is 100% upside down. And this little ring here, if you're not familiar with the advancements in the pinnacle of motor sports, that's called the halo and it's called the halo because it it's like your guardian angel.

It'll save your life. And this is the halo doing its job. There's also a helmet there, of course, but sparks are flying. I mean, just imagine inverted in a race car that weighs however much they weigh. I tell you, in kilograms, because it's an international sport. But I don't know. His head is scraping along, the rest of the car is on top of him and then he goes and flips.

It kind of incredible that he was okeydokey after this incident. And here's another clip, too. This is at the same speedway Silverstone in the U.K., Great Britain and Formula two. Now, I as I mentioned, I don't know a whole lot about the formulas of racing. I get the gist of it. Like most people do. You press on the gas, you turn, you hit on the brakes.

You be the first one to do that as many times as you need to and you win. You get a cool cup. But Formula two is a notch down from Formula One. I know that much, but they still have the halos and these things still. They still fly. These aren't lawnmower cars that they're just punching around corners. These are engineered speed machines.

Well, let's take a look at this clip.

Frightening accident. You will see the halo saving the life of the driver that out of control hit that ramp. And you could just see what's happened next. Oh, that is one of the most frightening accidents I've seen for a long, long time.

So that halo saved the dude's life, and I'm going to put the blame on the car that went airborne. This is driving 101 when merging onto a speedway, a highway, a city street. Don't just punch it. This is what this guy did, though. He's in the grass ramp and you could just and he hits those those little turtles that they have on on the racetrack and goes airborne, not taking a second to think other cars right there.

It's like now I got to get back in the race right now. And so he goes up next in that tire just hit. If there was no halo, that guy would have no head.

That is one of the most frightening accidents I've seen for a long, long time.

I mean, even the bottom car, the one that got hit and almost decapitated when airborne as well. Yeah. Take this man's racing license away. It's not that's not how you're supposed to do it. But I believe that this guy was okay as well, which should start implementing some halos into our daily cars, because there are people that drive like that on every day streets in your neighborhood, in your town.

All right. Let's move on here. Get into some sports news going back to the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys, well, they're being criticized because they announced the partnership with Black Rifle Coffee, which if you listen to any other podcast, they're not a sponsor of this show, per se. But if you I think they're on Joe Rogan. I mean, if you listen to most any podcast, there is a good chance that Black Rifle Coffee will be a sponsor.

It's kind of like Manscaped going back to Bobby Ray's question, shave your balls 100%. But people aren't happy about this partnership pretty much because while there's a lot of of shootings that are going on, it's very American to celebrate. Our independence is also very American for someone to go shoot up a public place. And so with black Rifle being in the name, you know, Cowboys, the Dallas Cowboys are facing backlash after the football team announced a partnership with gun themed coffee company a day after the deadly shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

The company, Black Rifle Coffee, says it's veteran owned and sells products with names including silencers, smooth coffee rounds, AK 47 espresso blend espresso. Let me say that right. AK 47 espresso blend and murdered out coffee roast. Quote here, please welcome America's coffee to America's team. The Cowboys tweeted earlier last week with a video montage showing the team coffee beans and a man wearing camouflage drinking coffee.

Some comments from the Twitterverse. This is such a dumb, insensitive mood and on the wrong side of history. Well, to that, uh, I mean, Jerry Jones has way more money than you, so you make that argument. It's the wrong side of history because you picked a company that had a gun on it in Dallas, Texas, to be a partnership in America's team.

I don't think Jerry Jones is going to be on the wrong side of history. I'm not saying he's right. I'm just saying he's got enough money to be on any side of history. He wants to be another tweet. This is the only team I've ever cheered for. My entire life, despite letting me down for decades. That's a very good point.

The Cowboys are asked, which I just want to take this time to plant the seed if it hasn't been planted already. The Buffalo Bills should be America's team. Now, you might think they're all the way out in Buffalo, New York. Do you even know where Buffalo, New York is? Well, most people might not, but it's on the west side of the state, best beside red, white and blue.

They got the colors and they have the big old bison. There's a logo. I like cowboys in their star cowboys suck ass. They always have for as long as I can remember. And the products that they've developed that we still have to deal with on a weekly basis. I took a shot at Joe Buck earlier. I also want to take a shot at Troy Aikman.

Those two buggers they call the games on Fox are the worst pair of commentators in the NFL. And Troy Aikman was a cowboy. Tony Romo, though, actually, I'll take that back. Not every Cowboys piece of shit, Tony Romo's fantastic in another tweet. Oh, no, this is the same tweet. My apologize, my apologies. Despite letting me down for decades being a Cowboys fan.

But this is the line in the sand. I can't support this. If the Cowboys don't rescind this, I'm done. Well, here's the thing. It's the Cowboys. They're currently America's team is kind of the general consensus. I've made my case against it, but they're going to continue to be America's team, and there's always more people to become cowboy fans.

Others express their support, including one account, the tweeted that said black rifles, veteran owned and that people were getting mad over a company's name without knowing anything about it. That's a good point. Right. We we have a very real issue of gun violence in the United States. But we also really love our troops. And what do troops normally have on them?

Guns. So it's kind of to the point of people on the side of this is insensitive. This is awful. How dare you there they've conditioned their selves to anytime they see anything gun related, they go, oh, it's a gun. Guns aren't always bad. It's the people are. Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, said in the statement when the team announced the partnership that he agreed represents the Cowboys support of the military and first responders.

That's the thing. If you're ever in a pickle from a PR standpoint, support the troops and Jerry Jones, America's team. I mean, the move makes sense on its website, Black Rifle Coffee says it was founded in 2014 and is committed to supporting veterans and first responders. First responders, as well as the police, for the most part, are the ones who carry guns.

Firefighters, medics, maybe. I don't know if they stay strapped, but it's like in America, they probably lodge the first responders in there because, you know, police as well don't have a very good rep in the States, but they still carry guns. And so we want to support them, buy our coffee, black rifle, also partners with appropriately enough, NASCAR and the Wild Turkey Federation.

Didn't know that was the thing. And motocross athlete Travis Pastrana so this I don't see any any thalamus makes you think you're un-American if you don't support it because it's coffee and there's a rifle but then it's black rifle to. Huh. Okay. Moving on here, baseball is pretty much the only major American sport going on at this time of the year.

And say what you all about baseball? I will. It's boring as shit to watch. I don't watch it on TV and that's why I'm pulling up races and all that fun stuff. But baseball is on nonetheless, and I'm not too caught up to speed with, you know what, what goes on in baseball. You hit the ball, you try to put it out of the park, you run around a circle, a diamond, and you score runs.

But it's competitive. Even though it's America's pastime, it's kind of a boring sport to watch. Tempers can still flare. It's, you know, baseball and hockey are the two sports that seemingly condone fighting. So sometimes there's some drama in baseball and sometimes it's off of the field. Like with this clip, this is Yankees pitcher Chris Sale having a fire sale with his temper.

Last week. Yeah, I feel like darts.

Got it right.

I got to take that back. He is on the Yankees network, but he's playing in triple-A and not a happy camper down in the dugout on that first corner. He is just beating the shit out of whatever board this is, citations or what have you. That man is pissed right off kicking it. He just walks back. Now if you do some digging in the Chris sale, this isn't the first time that he's done something like this and it probably won't be the last.

But if you're good at throwing a ball really fast, you're going to continue to have an opportunity to play baseball and freak out. I do want to give a shout out to Jordan Goes by Zuse 98 on Twitch. He's a streamer of MLB the show so if you want to check him out Twitch.tv slash Zuse Underscore 98. Thanks for sharing zuse.

Moving on, last thing here in the deep shop before we bust into the country, strong golf, there have been some spicy news coming out of golf lately because there is a new league in the world of golf called the Live, Live Golf Series and they are scalping PGA players with tons of money. And so the PGA, which has been the one, the only the creme de la creme of golf, is doing their damnedest to keep their players on their tour and not with live.

Live. So the adult site strip chat is offering golfers free VIP membership to turn down the Saudi Live Golf Series in 2022. The adult website has made the offer to golf stars in order to persuade them to stay on the PGA Tour. The contentious live golf series has entirely turned the sport on its head, with players opting to compete in the cash laden circuit.

It's not about tradition over there. They just give you money. It's about tradition here. Shrimp Chat is the largest adult camping site. It has chosen to take sides and reward golfers to continue sporting. The famous PGA Tour said, quote, We're making an impossible offer. Do you want to see some trees live or stay? On the PGA Tour? Strip chat is the top adult live camp site with over 500 million unique users every month.

It is a great fan of golf and the PGA Tour, said Max Bennett, strip chats vice president. He also said, We're thrilled to be able to give this to a worthy cause and assist the PGA in its fight to retain the finest players. We are forward and seeing how you perform on and off the field this season. They also spoke about offering golfers a plethora of tokens to pay to models, to get them to indulge in virtual sex.

Now, the thing I'm confused about, I was thinking about this a couple days ago is golf has evolved tremendously, to my understanding, even without this new cash laden circuit, as it's said in the article, way back when it used to be a rich and proper sport, we all know the golf clap. You don't smack your hands together. That's not golf like it's prim, its proper, it's sufficed to Kate it but that's how it was even before this this company that does the live sex camps golf has been evolving.

More and more degenerates are getting into golf, myself included, and the golf club has turned into cheers and taunts and heckles. The DNA of the sport itself has changed. So I think this is playing into that as well. And the live feed that's a result of the change in the sport. Hey, we pay you more money. You want to play the same game you've been playing, but with more money.

So try as you might strip chat. But is it classy as golf intended, as the traditions of the PGA Tour? Oh, I don't think so. But still, there's the offering. If you're a professional golfer and you'll want to see some titties and you want to throw some tokens and some can models ways to do whatever you want them to do.

You have that opportunity. All righty. Let's move on to my personal favorite part of the show. It's The Country Strong segment. Coaches don't play the week. All righty. We got a fun one lined up for you this week just down here on the Joy Ride is take a look at this clip. See our coaches drone. It really is going down.

Oh, quite strong indeed. All right. Let me set the scene for as I put this here on a loop. So this is in a school cafeteria, not a place that you would expect to find football. You find football players in there for sure. But football itself, the sport, I highly doubt it. But these cafeterias a little different because you got this this kid who put on a bear shoulder pads and a helmet in the cafeteria and thought, I'm a football player.

Now, the only problem is he's still wearing his khakis and that ain't football, at least on the field. And he goes running down the cafeteria aisle and just gets blown up country strong style tries to lower his shoulder and get he helicoptered. He starts to spin around a little bit. I mean, look at him go no good. You're strong.

I want to do a few more down to the audio on this short clip. Kurdish drone that I would I'd be pressed to think that in the cafeteria there's some chitty chatty going on me. Like you're not a good football player. You're like, Nathan, you don't even play football. Get him fired on. Let's see what you're all about.

Then he suits up in the air. Let's do this. I'm going to show you on the rear. Dale goes down and just get country strong. Goodbye. And he's probably not going to be talking, talking, talking that much smack there on the cafeteria, the lunchroom floor anymore. This episode of The Sway Parade is brought to you by the support from Parade Plus members.

Every week I like to shout out AJ Jo, Michael Davis, Reverend Tanner, Mills, Quinn and Tyla for their monetary support of the show. If you would like to do the very same thing, head to sway unlimited dot com slash pricing. Pick a plan that works for you and your budget. Lowest plan parade plus starts at $6.90 a month and the highest plan parade plus infinity is $0.69 for 69 years, all at an upfront cost.

Five and $72.36, however the math works out. Head on over to Sway Unlimited our comps us pricing and see if I did the math right support the show all right with that another way let's get back to the parade is scrubbed Meklit all right time for the part of the show where we take a look at clips from around the Internet.

They're pretty raunchy. They're pretty wild and they are pretty much right here. So first clip, I've already mentioned a few times that it is the week after the 4th of July popular entertainment for such a day is fireworks. And every single year we think we've seen it all with what the human American one can do with some fireworks.

But every year we are proved wrong because there's always some new inventive ways to light off fireworks, for better or for worse. And this clip, I will let you be the judge of that. You get it right end. Well, I never thought I'd see such a thing, but it turns out you can strap sparklers onto your naked body, your nipples specifically, and light off some fireworks.

And this is exactly what this woman did without any clothes on. I mean, forget safety. It's about being sexy. So this is on a beach fire going it's nighttime. And this lady or her friends thought it was a great idea to strap them on to her nipples. But hey, you're already naked and you feeling free out on the beach, so you're already naked and we have these sparklers.

Just put them on your nipples. She's like, That's a great idea. Let's do it. And so she lights them off and they're going off and she's doing her little burlesque titty dance as the sparklers are going, that's a new one. What will they come out with next? Well, tune in next year. We'll find out. All right. Moving on here, setting the scene for you.

This is taken on the second or third floor of an apartment. There's a guy down on his car by his car, a nice Mercedes or something, and there's like a pigeon on the top. And so he's coming around the car park, wants to get his bird off before he drives off his destination, wants to avoid the bird shit.

He grabs it and a swarm of ravens surrounds him. Oh, trying to take shots at him. He's ducking down. These. These birds are pissed. I mean, they are evolved dinosaurs that bit of aggression obviously these ravens, I call them crows, but crows are kind of trash ravens. They're trying to help out their fellow bird because if I'm not mistaken, the bird on top of the car looks to be of the pigeon variety and it gives a little squawk.

And I go back with the sound of like it was immediate. That pigeon started squawking back and then immediately like these ravens were watching, man, the fuck is this guy doing down here? Going around with that bird? That's one of us. What's he going to do with that bird? They picks it up. The big squawk and the three four ravens are like, All right, boys, attack formation.

Rah, rah. And he lets go. The bird that he picked up the little pigeon and I think I saw Yeah. This pigeon just kind of waddles away like, is this the bird mafia? Is this pigeon pay for protection, whether it be from other birds, cats and humans? Are these are these ravens just the guardian angels to this bird be pays a monthly fee of seed and nest equipment to stay protected out here in these streets.

Maybe. I mean, they don't they don't let up, too. I mean, they don't get a shot end. But I mean, this guy knows now don't fuck with them. Okay? Next clip.

There's another car coming up. You know what? Why should I go straight to right away?

Yes. So just to set it up, there's these two guys is a dash cam in a car extreme, wondering where they're going to go.

There must be civilization. Some.

Like this town, appear to be a little lost. Perhaps behind us. It's kind of scaring me how fast I know. So unknown area that they're traversing. Make mention of this car behind you. You just see it as a little blip and the driver's kind of looking in his rearview mirror, like, are they still coming.

To turn this around?

Cars coming up.

Oh, my God. Oh, God. Oh, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. No, no, no, no, please, God, please, please, please, please, please, please, please open it.

Oh, it's a gringo. Oh, this appears to be the cartel.

No Espanol, please.

No habla espanol.

So I was on this point.

There's like, you can't really see it. There's like five or six of them.

Well, there was.

Yeah. Rifles.

Hey, please don't roll. Available to pass out. Logan, don't. Oh, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Oh.


What you want? Can we go? Huh? On.

Where are you going? What are you doing out here?

Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

What is clenching his heart? I would be to. Holy shit.

He would not.

Like. It's okay. We're not going to kill you. And Captain.

No applause. No.

A reference to a few weeks ago. Our monkey captain hasn't given the order yet. Okay.

He's really not cool. Well, I hope we're going to see Madre. The will. We will. Cancun. No. Oh, no problem. Another year, a little platinum.

We're not going to kill you. Don't you worry.

What you like, ERIN They don't say no. Logan Oh, what's your name? Felipe Yeah, I speak a little.

This little one poquito. You, huh? Huh? That's a fair request. When you're getting a run up on the cartel, please don't kill us. Which at this point, unless they were very twisted, which seems to be up the cartels alley, it's like, oh, no, no, no, you're okay. You're okay. We're not going to kill you. Just calm down. But I said to thankfully, from what I can tell in this video, that didn't happen, but holy shit.

So I think that they were in a place they were lost and cartel members were like, Who the fuck is that? Let's go take a look. Let's throw some weight around. And so they roll up on them with guns, like, who the fuck are you? What's going on? And then they realized, Oh, these are just gringos. You're here when they right when they popped out of the car, see if we can find it.

Demigods. Okay. Go, go, go, go, go, go. No, no, no, no, no.

I want to say to I believe the passenger was his yama was Logan. He puts on a seatbelt.

My God damn gods.

It's one of the wider things that you can do in any situation. When a car approaches you, you just assume cop. The only risk I have is I will get a citation for not wearing my seatbelt. Let me put that on. White world problems. So he puts on the seatbelt.

He's go, go, go, go, go, go. No, no, no.

And then panics. It's like, just go. I don't want to die. These aren't the cops. No policia.

No, no, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.

So they get the door open. They got guns drawn on them like. No, no, no, no, please, please, please, please, please. And they're like, they're white. It's. It's no problem here. Where are you guys going? Oh, you're going to Cancun to see your mom. Awesome. Hey, you're okay. You're fine. Just, you know, off you go. Bye bye. Have a wonderful time.

And that's that's I think is courteous is the cartel can get if they weren't white it's different story different video probably wouldn't shared on here all right nice clip quote oh, my god. It's so if you're listening. This is a furry at some sort of convention event gathering looks to be maybe the runway or just walking across the hall and strut their stuff.

So this furry is a horse with big ole huge horse, Teddy's American flag bra and panties or bra and top and bottom. I think it's supposed to be a swimsuit and then thick as all hell thighs. Now I feel like the furries get a bad rap for just the what they partake in, their hobbies, what they're interested in.

You should never knock someone for doing weird shit if it doesn't affect you. And which is why I'm not going to knock this furry for having big ole horse titties and a big ole horse ass because the person inside, it's all about the person inside. And they want to be a big headed, huge assed horse furry. So let them be that.

I just thought that's it's one thing to dress up as a as a furry which you can see here as the camera pans. There are some furries that have taken off their their helmets, their masks. I don't know what they're called. And they just seem to be, you know, cats and wolves. But this horse is just seems to be on another level.

That's that's where they want to operate and let them do it. Next clip. Oh, yes. And please hold on. While there's a trend of nudity this week, this is in a restaurant. You can hear the alarm going off because there is a 100% fully naked woman trashing the place, throwing bottles on the ground. So I'm just pissed off at the service.

Maybe up on the bar, standing on the bar, crouched down and just taking every single glass she can find. But fuck your shed, fuck you, fuck you. Oh she looked at that one for a second. Yeah, fuck you too. And there's people taking videos. This woman seems to be in a little bit of distress. And I can tell because she doesn't have fireworks taped to her nipples.

As the earlier video showed, I was up more on the bar and just tearing everything down. Ah, the video cut. I still hear the alarm going off. Shit's been tossed, broken. There's not a whole lot of people in the restaurant. It's just this naked woman and the employees. And now she's throwing stuff at an employee. The person taking the video is hiding behind a half wall by a booth.

Oh, oh, that was an employee. That was an officer of the law. And that officer had a Taser. And that naked woman got tased. You hear dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee, you're going to get his virus now. They call for fire rescue. This isn't a criminal. This is someone who's mentally ill. So don't shoot him with a gun, shoot him with a taser.

And that's the thing, too. If you're going to have an incident where you take off all your clothes and run around and trash a restaurant, just be aware that with no clothes on, your entire body is a target for a Taser, that she doesn't have to poke through any clothes or any fabric, any nothing that's going to hit your skin wherever it's going to hit you.

And you are going down next clip into the animal kingdom. Here's a gator. And this guy grabbed the gator on the back of the head, was walking across the street and I said, bitch in the pond. Now I keep referencing it. I believe it was episode 1516 Animal Kingdom is the name of it. One of the news stories was published.

If you're not familiar of how many Americans think that they could take on this list of animals starting at a rat and going all the way down to a grizzly bear. And of course, that number got smaller and smaller. But there are some crazy people out there that think that they can take on these apex predators, gator crocodile, whichever one of us I don't can't identify it.

That was on the list. And there are people who think that, yeah, I could take on a gator, an alligator or a crocodile bear hand combat. Most people that think that they can, I would say buck and bullshit you can't. But this guy, he makes a point. He makes a really good point. He bested this croc, this gator.

And I'm saying both because I don't know which one it identifies as. So I just want to be respectful to the animal kingdom and just make sure that they get equal represents Haitian, but not much of a fight as it just gets hocked back into the pawn. Now, if those fights between person and animal were to the death, obviously it's no one died that I'm aware of.

Getting tossed into a pond as a gator probably happens all the time. But round one, round two, whatever of how many rounds the fight is, I'm going to give this one to this guy. He can actually do it and he did it. Next click Cool Rock Concert guy playing the guitar with some eighties hair. And what's a concert without some fireworks?

The only problem is, is that hair.

Is the crowd. Man goes out crowds you oh.

So firework goes off this lead man's hair is caught Blaze and the show goes on because he doesn't stop They go back to the combustion. Oh, hair is on fire. He is with that flame. He has gained an extra probably foot of height, is on fire, has had some fire. And one of his bandmates just tries to go and he just wipes off the fire.

But with that much hairspray to maintain that 80 style hair is not going out. So he calls, he's like, Hey, Brand, someone who knows how to deal with this because like, I just know how to play the bass for. But he keeps going and then you have the, the stage crew from back throw some sort of powder extinguisher on it.

And this guy in the bandana usually does hair and makeup just starts grooming the hair again as if we were backstage. But this is during the live show, just brushing it down. All right. Looking good. Doesn't even acknowledge him. That's that's how I saw I want to act in the face of adversity while giving a performance with this being a prerecorded podcast, there's not a whole lot of risk I go through.

I edit out the parts that dead spaces slip ups with the tongue. But I feel like if there was some sort of event, like an earthquake, I'd be able to push through. But at the same time, like, oh fuck, I'm in danger. But the show must go on. I got to keep that in my head. And I hope you keep it in your head to the show must go on.

And if you got good people in your corner, even if shit is literally on fire, they'll take care of you. All right, let's check out the moist. This clip.

This next clip is so moist.

All right. This is security cam footage. There's no audio here of a woman kind of suspiciously walking around this open area and she finds a spot look it on. She pushes out some diarrhea and then walks away. Well, that is that's moist as all hell, because that was not a solid turd. That was oh, that's a stream. Here's the thing.

When you got to go, you got to go. And aside from the security camera, which she was not aware of, which brought her here to the Sway Parade, she felt like she was alone to do the dirty. Oh, and this is like a mortifying scenario of, like, having to shit so bad and finding a place of solitude to emergency evacuate.

And then it ends up on the Internet. Thankfully, the video quality is not that great, so hopefully she's not local to whatever wherever this was. Hopefully this is the only time that it happened, but that is the definition of explosive diarrhea. Oh, and then pants go up and she just walks away. I mean, I've I've been in situations where if things were a little different in my surroundings, that would have happened.

So I can relate with this woman. I mean, you just got to leave it and move on with your life. Thankfully, it looks like it's outside. These are like big concrete slabs. So just put a hose and just spray it off. But I mean, yeah, I, I can I can relate. When you got to go, you got to go.

And before go on this episode, we still have one more segment to cover, and that is the news. What's the big deal, fella? It's just a little bit news already. First story here on the news segment, federal agency asks 100 year old Tampa Bay woman to prove she's alive after checks stop coming. It just stopped and it hasn't started again.

Betty Ashley said. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, OPM, is an agency that disperses the payments from the annuity of Ashley's late husband, who served as a US postmaster, which for how lame every single post office seems when you go in, there's no flair, it's a government agency, but then you have a job title. As postmaster, I always thought that that was interesting.

But this this old lady hundred, year old old lady, her husband was a postmaster. He died and she gets annuity checks until she dies. When Ashley and her daughter looked into the six months of missing payments, Ashley was asked to prove she is still alive. Someone from OPM said, My goodness, she's 100 years old. Why would we think she's still alive?

Said her daughter. Ashley sent a notarized form to O'Brien and a picture of her with a current newspaper. There has not been enough to unlock the payments. So the OPM, which again that is the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, thought this lady, we've been paying her for a lot. Her husband's been dead for 40 years. Why are we still paying?

She it says here she's 100. Let's just not pay her anymore. And then this 100 year old Betty Ashley is like, Where's my money? It stopped coming. I don't know what's wrong. Their daughter stepped in to help us. Like we need to send a letter and a photo to prove that you're alive. And then she adds, and you can get the newspaper so we can show you from today, because that's that is one of like old people.

That's what they do. That's an old person move. Hey, show the newspaper. Today's date. They have no idea that photos can be have a digital back end that shows the date location I'll show to where it was taken. No sender newspaper seems pretty alive to me. I am alive, Ashley said with a smile. I'm going to celebrate 1 to 1 in June, which we're in July now.

She's 101 years old and she's getting shanked by the US Postal Service and not getting her checks. OPM has not responded to requests for comment, so they're like, Can you explain to me why you just stop paying a lady? Because she was too old and they're just like, Well, I won't talk about it. Not a big deal. Next story, Scottsdale police investigating who spiked laxatives with antidepressants.

Scottsdale police are warning Wal-Mart customers to be more cautious about consuming over-the-counter drugs after a package of laxatives was recently tampered with at a local store. A customer reported feeling ill on Tuesday after ingesting a laxative they had purchased at the store. Police later determined the customer's laxatives appeared to actually be prescribed antidepressant medication. The equate brand of laxatives had been taped closed by an unknown subject.

So you're all backed up having to share. Not like the lady, the moist as clip on scrub my clip. You're back to shit. You're backed up with shit and you just want a shit. So you go buy some laxatives and now all of a sudden you feel ill because you're not depressed. Officers discovered a similar looking box on the store shelves and removed it from circulation.

So someone's gone in, been like, you want laxatives now? How about antidepressants and prescription strength that Scottsdale police are investigating how the laxatives were tampered with and encourage customers to inspect their over-the-counter drugs before ingesting them. That's a tall order, because if you've ever looked at any single pill, yeah, sure, there's little numbers on the identifiers. But as a regular person, I don't know what the fuck that means, but I'm not buying laxatives, so maybe it's just some weird like, you know, who let people shit naturally, I'm going to spike it with antidepressants.

How do you feel about that? Next story, PDR unveils world's largest case of beer, the 1844 pack. And when I first saw this story, I thought, oh, PBR, professional bull riding. That's country strong. But no, this is Pabst Blue Ribbon, the beer maker. And here is a photo of the 1844 pack. That's a lot of beer and a price tag.

Eight 4999 $850 for almost two cases of beer. Let's dig into the story and learn some more. The 4th of July is the biggest beer drinking holiday of the year. Yeah, who would have thought? And Milwaukee based Pabst Blue Ribbon decided it was the right time to debut the world's largest case of beer to satiate the nation's thirst for cold brewskis.

The 1844 pack celebrates the Pabst founding year, and 250 of them are for sale at various locations, or I should say, were for sale around the country, measuring at an incredible four feet tall by three and a half feet wide, you'll likely need a forklift and a pickup to get it to its final destination and a sizable crowd, if you're looking to polish it off in a single sitting or a severe drinking problem, those are who those are for.

The idea is that the 1844 pack creates an event wherever it's located. We want people to stop and shoot photos of it and tell their friends about it. Yeah, I mean, that's just market research by Hey, did this work? Did you like it? Try a tasty cold Pabst Blue Ribbon at your next party. 1844 cans or just 12.

Your choice. Hopefully it stops people in their tracks and gets them to grab our beer. It's clever. We wanted to do this around the 4th of July, the biggest beer holiday of the year, because who wouldn't want to show up with a picture of an 1844 pack to a party? This was Lee Dixon, PBR director of national accounts.

So how do we sell more beer? We offer more beer. The 1844 pack. Next story Dad's against Predators members. This is a group lured man to target before attacking him. Three members of the dad's against Predators or the Dapp social media group lured a man as they were the predators in this case, to a North Carolina target. Before attacking him, the man reportedly fired a gun inside the target to try and stop the beating on June 28th.

The shooting left one of his accused attackers injured but didn't ward off the assault. Officers said the group continued to beat the man, took his gun and left the target in a car that might have had Ohio license plates. So they however, they were able to coerce him into going to a target. These dapt ads had a reason to go into a target.

They and find their target and attack him in the target. And as they were attacking him, the guy had a gun. He was strapped. This is like an offer meet up or like I don't I'm curious on how this was coordinated to get him to the target and for him to have a gun and target target's relatively safe.

Anyways, after the attack, officials said they had identified three men responsible for it. The men were North Carolina and, Ohio residents and are tied to the group called Dads Against Predators. They're accused of arranging the encounter on the meet up app, which is designed to help people find new friends and activities. So they went on meet up. For whatever reason they wanted to ambush this guy.

They determined that he was a predator. I guess if these are dads against predators and the guy on the oh, it's all coming together now and it makes sense. Okay. Dads against predators, the child predators, the sexual criminals. Okay. These dads were posing. This is like Chris Hansen. Take a seat with To Catch a Predator. These are the dads against.

Okay. It's all making sense. Bear with me. So they went on meet up and they're like, hey, I'm 12 what are you doing tomorrow? Like, I'm going to be a target. You become the target. And then they met up with him at Target. Well, hey, we're the dads. We're beat the shit out of you because you thought you were talking to a 12 year old.

The scary thing about this is, though, is this predator or alleged predator had a gun on him. So if it had in fact been a a young kid, that's this gives the dads against predators a bad rap because they're trying to do good. But then they didn't really. Oh, this makes a lot more sense. They were predators. They tried to prey on the predator and should just went sideways.

Once a victim arrived inside the target, the three males approached the victim and confronted him as to why he was at the target oh god, I feel like such a dingus. At least one of them was recording the interaction with his phone when the victim slapped the phone from him and the males out of one of the males, he slapped the phone out.

He's like, Don't record me. I'm in the kids. And then that resulted in a physical altercation during the subsequent fight, police said the man who had had been lured to the store was hit in the head over and over again. And at one point he reportedly fired a single shot to try stopping the assault. Well, it's kind of a double edged sword for this guy that just went to Target because he was like cops are probably asked him, so why were you at Target?

While I was trying to meet up with a 12 year old once? There's nothing wrong with that. So, oh, no, everyone's going to everyone loses in this case. Next story, cinemas, band groups watching minions, the rise of GRU Informal Attire. If you've seen this across the web, young people are dressing up in tuxedos, nice clothes and going to showings of the new minions movie and some theaters because this article is from the U.K. the theaters are not taking a liking to it.

Immediately following the release of Minions the rise of GRU, teens kicked off an interesting trend through social media with hashtag gentle minions. It sees groups sue clad teens documenting their viewings of the latest movie in The Despicable Me Despicable Me franchise on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. The viral trend has now for some theaters or theaters in the UK to ban groups of guests wearing formal attire from watching the film.

In other parts of the world, theaters have kicked viewers in anticipation of disruptive behavior. So they're noticing that the teens that are meaning this movie are just doing it to be seen and get some clout on social media. They're also watching the movie in a disruptive nature. Now, what I don't get is the minions, the whole Despicable Me movie.

Those are kids movies. If you're to go and see it in the theater, expect to have families with their children watching the movie. And you know what? Little kids are very bad at its silently watching movies. They'll fuck around their attention spans, they'll lose interest. They'll jump back in to being interested. They'll talk, they'll cough, they'll do whatever.

Kids are just disruptive in movie theaters already. So now the kids are a little bit that can now go to the movie theaters features without their parents want to go see rise of GRU and some tuxedos and their disruptive this seems a little bit discriminatory. There is a tweet of one of the theaters with a sign in up that says Due to recent disturbances following the hashtag Gentle Minions trend, they even put the hashtag on the notice like, Hey, we know what you're doing.

Hashtag gentle minions. Any group of guests informal attire will be refused entry for showing of Minions. The Rise of GRU. Thank you. So it must be pretty bad then. I, I think it's kind of funny that young people younger than me, I used to be young people, I would have done the same thing. I mean there's trends you jump on.

I mean, there was planking. Planking was disruptive. People died from planking. This is just the new plank and now they're getting reprimanded for it. I don't think they should or you're going to ban them for being disruptive, ban the kids to only adults can go and watch this minions movie, which I have no interest in seeing it. But it I think I saw it's like the most it broke the 4th of July box office record for box office money I think over the original Independence Day.

So it must be popular of course is popular to minions. But is it any good? Maybe. Maybe. I mean, I went and saw the first part of the last Twilight movie in theaters because I had to. It was a field trip and I didn't just attend theater normally. I went to the very front row, looked straight up at the movie, but didn't really watch it.

I was eating Cajun fries from five guys and bullshitting with my friends that no one in the in the theater there freaked out because it was Twilight already. Well, it hasn't reached across the pond in America. So if you are looking to go see the film and want to put on your best suit, put your best foot forward, by all means, do it.

Go there. Don't be disruptive. Enjoy the film. Like the gentle minions that you are and then watch the kids fuck everything up. They're going to be the ones that are annoying. And then if you do something, you know, if you see your favorite minion, there's like a billion of them. You see them like, oh yeah, if they remove you for that point at the snot nose, kids that are also doing the same thing when they recognize, oh, maybe.

Yay, yeah. Okay, let's get out of here. Pretty much just going to do it for us this week. I do want to give another shout out to the parade plus members because they paid for it. AJ, Joe, Michael Davis, Reverend Tanner, Mills, Quinn and Tyler, again, thank you to you guys for supporting the show and thank you for watching and listening even if you haven't thrown a dime this way, thank you for getting into the end.

I hope you enjoyed it. And if you're interested in throwing some money my way, how about the show? Sorry, unlimited dot com slash pricing. That's going to do it for us this week on this parade. And I will see you next week. But on.