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Here's all the links that we discussed on this week's episode:


Lil Bit'a News

Nuclear-powered flying hotel that can stay airborne for years with 5,000 passengers


Mafia drops ban on homosexuality after discovering mob boss’ son is a fabulous drag queen


N. Korea suggests balloons flown from South brought COVID-19


Florida man poses as Disney World cast member, steals $10K & R2-D2 droid


Putin: Western leaders would look ‘disgusting’ topless


Hikers had no gear on cold Colorado trail because it’s ‘so hot in Texas


60-Person Carnival Cruise Brawl Was Ignited by Alleged Threesome


WILD NEWS: Men having sex with women is gay



Scrub My Clip

Nathan call 911


Croc Bonk


Croc Boop


Extreme thirst at the ball park


Baby boulder


Paratrooper Fish


Pure Focus


What comes up


MOIST CLIP: Cardi B and a can



The Deep Shot

Josh Allen Math


Stanley Cup delivered to wrong house


Down goes Stanley's Cup


NBA Free Agency

Bobby Bonilla Day


Michael Vick is now in it with the sharks



Big lift, little clothes


Thicc Women




She goes back to America first.

You've got to try to see, oh, my God, it's fantastic. We're doing it all wrong.

Instead of Incels, we need to be in person.

It's this sway parade with shark sway.

Welcome into the Sway Parade. My name is Shark Sway. And this is the parade in the week following the 4th of July. Actually, when this episode's coming out on Monday, it is the fourth CPR. Listening. Thank you for tuning in on America's birthday. It is the, as they say, greatest country in the world. And as such, I throw on a little, little bit of flair for America.

And I hope that if it's a few days later and you're watching on YouTube or listening on your favorite podcast platform that you.

Still have all of.

Your digits because it can always get a little frisky.

With the.

Fireworks. Now, if you're new to the show, we cover news, we cover sports, we cover clips from around the net, pretty light hearted. It's going to be a fun time. It's a parade. I mean, who would have thunk? But first and foremost, we need to pay our respects to the almighty algorithm, because what else are we supposed to do.


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Not the only the praise to your power. And so I ask just a small favor in return.


All right. Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the show, I had a listener reach out to me and let me know that not all information that I share here on the show is really necessary. Some people just don't care. It's on the takes. And it was.


Was constructive criticism at that. And I'm specifically referring to last week's episode. Tail End of Pride Month had some pride stories in there. One of them was that bottom friendly menu from Postmates, I believe it was pretty much suggesting, hey, if you're going to take it up the butt of any orientation, any sort of object, whether it be organic or synthetic, to eat those specific foods to help with safe passage into your bum bum.

And this is something that I mentioned on the show, and it's also something I mentioned in my daily life. Any time but stuff comes into the equation, I have to insert the piece of information. There that, hey, it's not for everyone and me included. So the critique was, Hey, no one cares that you're not in the bad stuff.

And no.

One cares at.


And that may be true, right? You think you see a couple someone telling a story, an exchange of physical relations, and unless they go into that detail, like, yeah, it went in my butt or I put it in there, but you don't really think about it. You're just like, Oh, okay, yeah. Getting frisky, as most people do. I say most because there's a story later today.


There's not much presence of that type of action. But most people. Right, are bumping uglies. PS and V's. PS and PS V's on vs everything. But when bad stuff comes into play, I feel like I owe it to myself to tell for the first time or remind for the 100th time. I'm not in the bad stuff either receiving or giving.

It's just not my cup of tea. So leaning into the critique a little bit, just reminding everyone, once again, I'm not in to stuff. Moving on. There is a hotline for the Sway Parade that you can call 818275 Sway with 7929 on the tail end of that. No callers this week, but that line's always open. Give it a call.

Tell a story about maybe that you like, but stuff, whatever it may be, doesn't get screened until the recording starts. So surprise me, but not surprised. But sex.

Okay, let's move.

On to our first segment, which is going to.

Be the news. What's the big deal, fellas? Just a little bad news. First story.

Nuclear powered flying hotel that can stay airborne for years with 5000 passengers. The maker of the video, which I will pull up and we'll scrub through. It's not the Scrub My Clip segment, but here we are. Videos four and a half minutes long. I'm not going to play the whole thing, but it's a fantastic time to remind you that every single link that is feature on this show, all the previous shows and every single show in the future will be at Sway Unlimited dot com.

Click that three line.


The bars on the top right of the page and go to the show links. You can access everything providing that it is still up and live on the internet. If it's taken down and you really want to see whatever it is, shoot me a DM on social media Instagram Chuck Underscore Sway or Tok. Same handle and I have all the footage archived.

So if you really want to see one that I'm thinking off the top of my dome is there was.

A lady who had.

What's the best way to put it?

Abnormal lee shaped my nipples and.

Don't ask me why. I went back to check and see if it was still.

Up but is.

Gone. So something like that just, you know, extended plug there. But let's move in to and continue on with this nuclear powered sky hotel. It's a cruise ship of the air. Let's take a look at this video.

Introducing Sky Cruise, a.

Nuclear powered.

Hotel suspended above the clouds.

This futuristic Sky Hotel.

Gives you the.

Ultimate travel experience. So 2022, we're not anywhere close to this yet. So this is just a rendering in the video. But this is a bar.

The myth of an aircraft.

I mean, 5000 people in the air. It's it's a cruise of the air. And that is the only thing I could say is that's.

A huge bridge.

I mean, this thing, if it comes to fruition.

Will be.


It's big enough to accommodate over 5000 guests.

Like I just said, it's sleek.

Design combines.

The features of a commercial.

Plane while offering the epitome of luxury.

Sky cruise. Nice food five stars, a 360 degree view of your surroundings. So this thing is going to be massive and it's one of those put it in the air and figure out how to land it at a later point in time. So the weird concept to this, as I'm scrubbing through this and trying to find is because it doesn't land, you don't just go to a port and hop on it and then it goes its way.

You actually take a commercial jet and the jet somehow lands or docks with this mega craft, and then you get on it and you enjoy your vacation. So let's read a little bit more into this story and learn about what they're dubbing. The fly Titanic. So passengers intended to visit the sky cruise could charter planes or simply book tickets on a commercial airliner that would be able to land on this aircraft once on the cruise, visitors could enjoy the views from many viewing decks, such as the disc shaped observation tower, while restaurants and bars would cater to food and drink needs, the massive ship would also have cinema halls, theaters and game rooms for those

looking for regular entertainment and even venues for people.


Married. Now, here's a question I have.

Because when you.

Do get married, it has to be my experience was it had to be the county in which you were performing the ceremony. If you're up in the sky and say over the oceans, international water, international air, who's going to recognize your holy union? They'll figure it out. The ship will be stared by artificial intelligence, also very encouraging. No human intervention.

I mean.

That you're just.

Flies itself, which will be adept to reading weather conditions, that it cannot only predict turbulent weather, but also glide over it, providing a hassle free experience to the on board tourists. That is my biggest concern with this whole venture, because it is the worst thing and the center of my fear of flying is the turbulence. Now it's supposed to be safe.

Air pockets get a little bounce around. But imagine feeling that on an absolutely massive aircraft it's terrifying.

But of I guess.

The I just knows. Oh, there's going to be some weather over here. Let's go this way. Oh, there's going to be a rogue pocket of wind. We just fly over it. So they're going to sell it. According to the maker of the video Hasham Al Kelly, the sky cruise will be powered by 20 electric motors that will keep the aircraft afloat in the sky.

Powered by nuclear fusion, the ship will be able to remain afloat for years together without carbon emissions. So eco friendly sure is afloat. The right choice of word floating in the sky. I guess.


Guy who made the video, I'm not going to butcher his name again, it's disrespectful. Predicts that this type of travel will be available in the 2030s.


Forties at the latest. So we actually might be closer than what I had initially predicted. He says, quote, All we need is sufficient energy for the takeoff, which is probably a boatload or of plane load of it. This is why nuclear energy was part of the design. I believe it's a matter of time before powerful nuclear reactors become small enough to fit inside a plane that size.

So, right, turbulence is definitely a factor. It's just what happens in the atmosphere. But then you have.

Did to give account a.

Bunch 20 to 20 nuclear powered engines what could go wrong while some were impressed by the vision of the aircraft, many were skeptical whether something like this would even fly. I'm part of that group. One YouTuber posted or pointed.


How big a runway would be needed for the cruise to take off, which wouldn't really be used to any other ship used. Pardon. So yeah, you have a runway that is 12 miles long and would find a straight track. I mean, never mind, it's high desert. That's easy. Low desert. Any desert just set a long piece of asphalt.

Send that bitch up. Another commented on the lack of any detail on the size of the ship. I mean, according to the render, it looks pretty darn big.

So you get a full shot here.

There's the sky. I mean. Yeah, look at that thing. I mean. Yeah, that maybe not. It looks like maybe the size of a Cessna, it doesn't exist yet.

So calm down. Okay? Uh.

Yeah, size and weight or wingspan and some fundamental parameters needed to make it fly. Others were more sarcastic than critical, saying that they could see the sky crews fly if physics and aerodynamics did not exist. Valid point. Another user said the concept was like putting together the Titanic and Hindenburg and then putting a nuclear reactor in it. And if they're in this thing, the fly tannic and you're throwing the Hindenburg in that, I mean, if you don't know.


Those ended quite poorly for everyone involved. But hey, I mean, we're not in the 20, 30 or forties yet and we'll see if it, if it comes together. I'm curious as you're listening and watching and learning about this story and this sky cruise, if you would be interested in being a patron on such a craft. I'm on the fence about it.

I'm all for cruise ships on the ocean, you know, a little bit a little bit of swell, some chop, if you will. I mean, that's kind of fun. My experience on the one cruise that I've been on is the.


Nautical turbulence of the ship. Swaying back and forth was when I was absolutely hammered. So it was kind of like working with me instead of against me because I was swaying with the boat. If it's in the air, though, it's not just left and right, it's up and down and yeah, because of that, I'm still on the fence.

But are you. Next story. Mafia Drops Ban on homosexuality after discovering Mob Boss's Son Is a fabulous drag queen. In the past, mobsters risked being murdered if they were even.

Suspected of being gay.

But the once fiercely homophobic mafia is now involved with society and anti-mafia investigator. In the southern region of Calabria.

It's Italy Italiano.

Has revealed the Mafia has relaxed its rules to permit gay men in its lower ranks as long as they don't, quote, parade it in public. So if I were to ever have a mafioso guest on the Sway Parade, they got to keep their lips tight. But that's because that's the rules of their group. Be as gay as you want if you want to come onto the show.

The investigator eavesdrop on communication between the in drag and inter ghetto Italian roots, and I still can't say the names. The Ndrangheta Southern Italy's richest crime syndicate, the family is thought to control 80% of cocaine flow in Europe, part of a business that brings them £38 billion a year with the pounds being the currency. He intercepted passionate letters between one crime boss and a young lieutenant and learn that many mafia foot soldiers freely enjoy drag bars.

He even discovered that the son of one prominent crime boss is living as a drag queen under the.

Name Lady Godiva.

The investigator claims that the Getty Indoor Garda have grown.


Instead of receiving the expected death threats for his comments. Because this guy literally works as an anti-mafia investigator. Big old target on your head. So instead of receiving the expected death threats, he was bombarded with emails accusing him of being insensitive and declaring the mafia's admittance to gay men meant they'd gone soft. Valid point. You find out that in the ranks of the Italian mafia, they're now no longer operating on a don't ask, don't tell basis.

And this guy comes to the conclusion, Wolf, there's a bunch of gays in the mafia that is the mafia of yesterday. Make the mafia great again. Kick the gays out. It's the mafia. The Mafia can do whatever the fuck they want. Next story. North Korea suggests balloons flown in from the South brought COVID 19. North Korea suggested Friday its COVID 19 outbreak began in people who had contact with balloons flown from South Korea, a highly questionable claim that appeared to be an attempt to hold its rival responsible amid increasing tensions over its nuclear program.

Bold move to send up balloons with with COVID locked aboard. I don't think that's how that works, though. We were two years removed from the whole thing. I think at that point we would know.

A little bit more.

About if balloons were a big threat. But North Korea always got to point the finger. Classic activists for years have flown balloons across the border to distribute hundreds of thousands of propaganda leaflets critical of the North Korean leader Kim Jong un. And North Korea has often expressed fury at the activists and at South Korea's leadership for not stopping them.

South Korea's Unification Ministry said there is no chance South Korea balloons might have spread the virus to North Korea. Zero. North Korea's Epidemic Prevention Center said an 18 year old soldier and a five year old kindergartner had contact with, quote, alien things in the town in early April and later tested positive for the Omni Krahn variant.

I mean, its rivals.

Country size rivals, point the finger.

I mean, what is it?

Don't take credit for something terrible when you have a rival and just feel like they did it by using those bullshit balloons. We'll learn more. See if also too. Actually, this just came into thought. These are like little weather balloons that they just send up with just little notes on and be like, Hey, do you dream of a better life?

Come on down to the south.

Can you just shoot them.

Out of the air? They're just floating. They're just catching the northern lee wind up to North Korea. If you really concerned about it, just expend a few rounds and.

People to.

Shoot them out of the sky. Speaking of pupusas, Pew's Florida man poses as Disney World cast member in steals $10,000 R2-D2 Droid. David Proudfoot of Kissimmee is facing a grand theft charge and a charge of obstruction by false information, according to an arrest affidavit. The Orange County Sheriff's Office says on May 31st, deputies were called to the Swan Reserve Hotel by Disney Security.

When they arrived, they made contact with Proudfoot, who they say was wearing a beige work pants, an orange work vest and a Disney nametag, which goes to show that if you have a ladder or a safety vest.


Can get into anywhere. He reportedly identified himself as David Rogers at first and said he worked in the receiving division of the Yacht Club Resort. The affidavit states that Disney Security stopped Proudfoot because he was seen by hotel security pushing a cart off the property on the property, rather, and he looked suspicious. The officer offered to help Proudfoot with the cart and says that he appeared confused as to how to get into the loading dock and what the hotel's proper procedures were.

That's when deputies were called to the hotel. So something was funky out there in Disneyland. So call the police. A deputy escorted Proudfoot to the yacht club resort to retrieve his belongings and driver's license from the employee lockers. But says Proudfoot appeared to be lost and confused and failed to open the locker. I am just digging yourself a hole.

The deputy then reported, reportedly noticed that Proudfoot had a wallet on him strange and asked if he had his ID and his wallet. Proudfoot showed him the idea which revealed his real name. So the jig was most definitely up, and at that point he admitted to moving the R2-D2 droid from the third floor of the hotel to a unknown location and a game machine because he had.

It's a weirdly structured sentence. He moved in R2D2 Droid and a game machine at slots or a little Star Wars type GALAGA Arcade game, whatever that is. He did this because he had an application for a security job pending at Walt Disney World and wanted.

To show.

Weakness in the security of the resorts in the hope of securing a better paying job. So this he just took the interview into his own hands. Whether he had submitted an application, was just waiting, went in for an interview like, Oh, Mr. Proudfoot, and I see that you were a bouncer here at this club and.


Seem to be a security professional. Well, we'll keep you in the loop. And as massive as Disney is as a company, most large companies, when you go to interview for them, you want a job and you want to work for them. They just like to drag you along so much so that they never get back to you to let you know you got the job or you didn't.

So he might have gone into an interview saying, Hey, here's my stuff. I think I'd be a great fit here at Walt Disney World for security.

Like, oh, okay. Well, I speak Disney.

We get a lot of applicants, so we will be in touch. We'll let you know. So however much time passed wasn't mentioned in here. Things like how Disney hasn't gotten back to me.

Oh, I wonder if they. This is a test. I'll do a covert.


And I'll infiltrate the resort and I'll move.

Some shit around.


Then they'll catch my eye and they'll be like, this is the this is above and beyond any applicant we've ever had. You're hired, had a security bucket. But now instead, he gets arrested, faces a charge of grand theft of an R2-D2 droid and doesn't mention also that the Droid was found. So it could be in some broom closet.

It could be in the underbelly of the hotel. They're just walking around R2.


They just got their ears to the ground, just hoping to hear some sort of oh, hopefully they found R2-D2. And I know for a fact this guy working at Disney, but if you this just shows the.


In Disney World with their security all you need a safety vest. Like I said, you could do anything you want. This guy's problem was the he I mean, fake it till you make it. And he was like, oh, yeah, let's. Yeah. Oh, the cops. Yeah, perfect. The people that I just want to see, actually, you know, I applied to be a cop.

You're a precinct in your county. Didn't work out. But anyways. Yeah, let me. Let me just go get my stuff. Own it, own the lie. But he's like, house, where the fuck? You know, I'm just walking around secure in this place all day long. I sometimes get turned around. Then he found where the employee lockers were and he's like, Oh, what number was my locker?

Seven. Okay. And she starts turning the padlock. It's like, don't even get to that point. Say, Oh, it's silly me just being so secure. I don't even know the passcode to unlock my locker. Oh, what is that? Oh, yeah, that. No, that's my wallet. Why didn't you say your wallet was in your locker? I'm going to level with you.

I'm not who I said I was.

He fucked up. He could have. He could have made.

Off with this R2D2 droid. He could have gotten this dream job. But instead, he's getting featured here on the Sway Parade and not a security guard for Disney. Next story. Putin Western leaders would look disgusting topless. Russian President Vladimir Putin shot back at Western leaders who mocked his athletic exploits, saying they would look.

Quote, disgusting.

If they had tried to emulate his bare torso appearances. I guess there's a collection of images, not just one or two, but a.


Shebang of it, of Putin with the shirt off showing him.

Look at what they.

Do here in Russia. I never.

Was sure.

Do you know how cold.

It gets here? Then they'll use stupid.

Western developed countries. Measure things in the imperial metrics. I do not to with Fahrenheit. It gets as cold as -20 centigrade.

I keep in my shirt off.

Putin made the comment during a visit to Turkmenistan early Thursday when asked about Western leaders joking about him at the G7 summit. At the summit, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson jested that G7 leaders would take their clothes off to, quote, show that they were tougher than Putin. Amid Russian West tensions over Moscow's military action in Ukraine and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also added into the fun and joked with the leaders that they could try and match Putin's naked torso pictures with a, quote, bare chested horseback riding display.

One of his wildly publicized athletic adventures. I don't have the image of that. But imagine Putin no shirt sitting on a Russian horse. Speaking to reporters, Putin retorted that unlike him, Western leaders abuse alcohol and don't do sports. He said.

I do not.

Know how they wanted to get undressed above and below the waist.

But they think it would be disgusting. Satan in this case.

Me, on the other hand.

Sculpted Russian beauty, the pinnacle of our country and the motherland.

He noted that to look good again, quote from Putin, it's necessary to stop abusing alcohol into the baths. Habits, do physical exercise and to take part in sports. Of course, Putin's favorite sport is invading a sovereign nation.


He's doing it with his shirt off. Next story. Hikers had no gear on cold Colorado trail because it's so hot in Texas. Hikers left the Texas heat to camp out on a cold, rainy Colorado trail, officials said. The duo hiked up Lake Como Road and into Colorado's Sangre de Cristo Range. They never made it to the lake and set up camp about a quarter mile from it.

Lake Como is an 8.3 mile out and back trail near Blanca, about 210 miles south of Denver. It's considered a challenging route. After some time, they started experiencing hypothermia. They called for help and.

Said they were cold.

One of the hikers started throwing up and was severely dehydrated with a headache. Rescuer rescuers brought the hikers hot water bottles and sugary drinks to help them warm up and rehydrate. They were brought down the road and checked by medical professionals nearly 6 hours after the call for help. The rescue was complete, so no one died. They probably shut up.

Officials said it was difficult, a difficult operation because of the rain making the road rocky. Probably slippery, too. The hikers weren't prepared for their trek. Go figure. They didn't pack any extra clothes to stay dry and their tent had no rain fly. The hikers also didn't have any extra food or water and they didn't have layers to survive the night.

Temperatures. Yeah, big silly danger says one of the rescuers said these hikers said they did not understand why it was so cold and rainy in Colorado. Well, it's not like this in Texas because so it had been so hot in Texas where they hike all the time. And also they never checked any weather forecast. So they're thinking, golly, it's hot here in Texas.

Well, let's go away.

Let's go somewhere else.

Let's see Colorado. I heard it's nice up there. Let's go on a hike. I'm tired of these taxes hikes. I get so sweaty, I can just feel it in my britches. But Colorado's nicer, right? But it's summertime. It's probably just a little cooler. And that's what I want in my heart. Then they get there probably like 40 degrees.

And soggy and like, well, shucks, looks like it's.

A little different than when we had.

Expected. But alas, let's get on with this hack.

Let's go camping. It'll be a fun time. And then they get almost to the top. What was it, a quarter mile from the lake that they wanted to camp on? They're like, Well, we should just set up camp and try to make it.

Because movie.

It is cold out and they set their tent up and they're like, hang out on rainfall.

I'm I'm wetter than a.

Hold on 1/2. Let me come up with a Texas euphemism.

I'm I'm.

Wetter than a steer.

In the rain.

And assume these Texans aren't very creative with their euphemisms that that's what that is. Right. I'm not very clever with it either.

I'm wetter than a steer in the rain you way.

I'm kind of cold to.

The other person's like.

You know, I'm dehydrated and I hate this.

These hop on their phone, but hey, we're kind of fucked. We might be in a little trouble here. What? Not a little Texas sized bit of trouble. Can you come get us? Bring some water and snacks because we might die, silly Dennis. Indeed. Next story, 60 person Carnival Cruise brawl was ignited by alleged threesome. They say the cheetahs never win, but it's not clear that there were any witnesses or winners.

Sorry, let me restart that. They say cheaters never win. But it's not clear that there were any winners in this massive rowdy skirmish that took place aboard the Carnival Magic Cruise ship that broke out early Tuesday morning. A new report from Fox News has revealed, however, that allegations of cheating were behind the origins of the fight. According to an eyewitness, several other passengers accused their significant others of cheating on them and an alleged threesome on board the ship, like I mentioned, with this guy, cruise on the regular cruise on the high seas.

It's international waters. It's as close to lawless as you can get and bring in all the amenities of a cruise ship.

Food, drinks.

Everyone's horny.

It's just it.

Happens, I guess. The brawl, which would eventually swell to 60, quote, ignorant people acting stupid as the witness put it, kicked off on the ship's fifth floor where the dance floor and casino are located. Over the course of an hour, the rumble would eventually progress to the first floor, an enormous distance in the witnesses, telling the fractious spike style points for words right there attracted the attention of the US Coast Guard, which sent a boat to escort the ship back to dock in Manhattan, where officers with the New York Police Department were reportedly waiting.

And I would be a lesser podcast host if I didn't have a video of this. I don't have Putin with his shirt off, but I do have this.

Carnival Cruise hoedown.

Beatdown fight. Take a look.

Okay, then I got it.

Looks like it's on.

To the dance floor.

Not much moves being busted, but lips most likely in exchange. I mean, that's a lot of people. Probably near 60. That report seems to be accurate this far. There's one lone security guard with a security shirt not in the thick of it. I mean, you work security on a cruise, your majority, your job is just helping drunk people out.

They're getting sloppy. This is an advanced level of sloppiness because there are fists being thrown. The one thing I'm curious about this was a 60 person brawl over one threesome. I mean, do the math right there. That is a whole lot more people are.


It out. Then we're trying to get involved in the threesome. I mean, even if it's a threesome between three couples, that's still six people. That's ten times the amount of people that are like, I want to fuck and fight. I've drank all I want to drink. I've eaten all I've wanted to eat and.

I've done all.

The things on the cruise and at the stops a port. Let's fucking go. I'm trying to fight. And so it just got out of hand, seems like. And from the fifth.


To the first floor, it just kind of migrated like a cloud of just like the cartoons, like when there was a fight, they'd actually show punches. Being thrown was just a cloud of dust, some hands throwing out feet, whatever. It's just a huge skirmish. And it just that whole thing from the club floor.

Was much, much better.

All the way down to the first floor. And then maybe at that point someone was like, Let's get the Coast Guard involved. Because clearly our one security guard on staff isn't doing a whole lot. Carnival cruises are fun, though, even without, you know, the rest of the passengers probably had a good time. The other ones that got arrested with 60 of them getting booked be like, well, it was a party.

Well, I'll tell you what, that Carnival cruise we.


Let's get into some wild news to round out this segment. And before we do, I just want to drop a line there. If you find some weird stories in the news, send them my way. I mentioned the handle earlier. I had Chuck underscore Sway on Instagram is also the podcast page at Sway Parade Pod and Tick Tock as well at the chuck underscore Sway Handle.

But without further.

Ado, let's check out the wild news.

Oh I did that some war.

I old news.

Men having sex with women.

Is gay.

America first leader, extreme right wing, white nationalist and anti LGBTQ idea podcaster Nick Fuentes has a reason for being an involuntary celibate heterosexual and Incel Fuentes, who considers himself the straightest guy, recently said that any kind of.

Sexual activity was gay.

And there's a video of that. Let's take a look at what this winner has to say about getting it in or the lack thereof.

What people called me gay because I've never had a girlfriend. I think if anything, if anything, it makes me less gay. If anything, it makes me not gay as opposed to less gay. Not there's any gay, but it makes me not gay. Well, because think about it this way. You know, a gay person, gay people do date girls all the time.

Real. And when I said on Elijah Schaefer's show and they said, Have you ever been in a romantic relationship if you ever had sex with a girl? And I said, no, if you name searched me on Twitter, as I always do, all these gay people are coming out and saying, I've had more girlfriends or Nick, I've I've had sex and more girls.

And Nick. So like I said last week, not only is not only is that thinking flawed, but actually it's the reverse that actually makes me really more heterosexual than anybody.

I like to write America First is the platform. It's it's an agenda I'll say that much. Not it doesn't make much sense if you don't have sex with a woman and you're a man, that makes you the straightest. Because I guess you're not touching your own dick. Like this guy probably doesn't even jerk because he's like, Oh, no penis.

No. Get away. Oh, no, no.

No, no, no. It's stuck on her.

I don't even touch it. I mean, it's by the book's an incel. But I think it's funny too.

That the hand motions out Trumpian, one could argue.

And he's just making this case. It's like, Hey, if you have sex at all, man, the man, woman the woman man on woman any of it in the but in the pause, in the mouth, in the hand it's all gay and.

Here in America, first we don't.

Fuck with that shit. So I'm the straightest guy. And all you out there slamming posts and slamming and slamming ass. You all are gay. That's how I define it. So as I mentioned, he is a white supremacist. And according to the Anti-Defamation League, Fuentes and his America First Aider adherents vocally support the closure of U.S. borders to immigrants while opposing liberal values such as feminism, LGBTQ I a elemental plus rights.

I mean, this is just kind of the the space that they operate under. It's like.


Rights for people other than us whites ain't right. And that's what we stand on. So, I mean, in light of this abortion ban recently, they're probably ecstatic. But at the same time, if a man impregnates a woman with a child, that's pretty fucking gay. FUENTES identifies himself as an incel, an online subculture, mainly among white men who say they are unable to find a sexual partner.

Earlier this month, America First Treasurer Jane McNeal found a girlfriend, moved out of Washington's basement lair and denounced the group as a cult. So He has this entire legion of Incels that are like, Fuck women, fuck up, Percy. Not literally, though, that's gay and we are not gay here. We are America first. Homosexuality last I just sexuality last.

I guess because this guy, Jane McNeal, he was the treasurer. He's doing all the the money. They're getting donors from these wackadoo who's just like, yeah, fuck women. Where did our white rights go? We're going down hill. And then this guy found a girlfriend. She's like, Put it in. He's like, Oh, but an incel for so long. But I kind of want to try it.

See your boobies.

I see your vagina.

It's like that. A kind of. I feel good about this.

And then he slips.

It in and changes his life. The power of the pussy. And he's like, You know what?


I'm a proud man, but I'm also man enough to admit I was wrong.

It's he.

Goes back.

To America first, like, oh, you got to try this pussy. Oh, my God, it's fantastic. We're doing it all wrong.

Instead of incels, we need to be in.

Pussy because this. This stuff is amazing. You guys have no idea.

And then this this cult mentality is like, get out, you pussy fucker.

You just. You betrayed.


We're stuck. We're supposed to stay out of it.

In you went inside. You betrayed all of us. My trust most of all.

Do you know you can't tell me.

That pussy is fantastic.

Because it's not. I just know it's not.

After admitting I've never had a girlfriend because I'm not gay.

This seemed to infuriate Fuentes as I just tried to caricature it and sent him off the rails.

His most trusted partner, the treasurer of America, first betrayed him. And in the video.

That we just watched, Fuentes took issue with the fact that people consider him gay as he has never had a girlfriend. I think.


Asexual, right? Isn't that the definition of that? You don't really have a sexual attraction to anyone, but also isn't that in the LGBTQ.

I a acronym?

This guy's confused. The quote again, some people call me gay because I've never had a girlfriend. I think of anything that makes me less gay. If anything, it.

Makes me not gay.

Yeah. You don't touch your dick. You don't touch your.

Dick into a.


And. Oh, so.

Someone just needs to be a good Samaritan or a woman, rather, needs to be a good Samaritan, be like, come on, just try it.


And persuade him to ride the pussy train, not force him. That'd be rape. Men can be raped, so don't do that. But you women can be persuasive and just convert him. Just have him feel the warm, moist embrace of a vagina and completely change the incel movement. Because, I mean, all you need is love. No. All you need is pussy.

Change your life. This episode of the Sway Parade is brought to you by support Parade Plus members. Shout out to AJ, Joe Davis, Reverend Tanner, Mills, Quinn and Tyla. If you want to help support the show monetarily. In addition you just listening consuming the content head on over to sway unlimited dot com slash pricing select a plan starts as low as $6.90 a month or the parade Infinity Plan.

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Scrub Meklit clip.

Time to scrub some clips here on the sway parade and with this being the week of the 4th of July, Independence Day, summer barbecue, fireworks, I want to open up this segment with some fun I've had in my past with pyrotechnics and explosives. So let's roll this clip.

Or we.

And that monkey behind the camera is, of course, Travis, who was one of the former hosts of The Deep Shot. Want to see if I can pause on the frame and provide some context. This is you know, it's dark out. This is a 2011 iPhone that took this video. But when that goes.

Off, you can see.

That there was light. So this is in a field, in a neighborhood, like I said, circa 2011, 4th of July. I thought it'd be a good idea. I still stand by it to take one of those mortar balls, not use the tube that they give you, but to light it in your hand and then toss it in this drainage grate.

And that's exactly what I did. I, i set that bitch off.

Go to the.

Beginning. There's a lighter.


And it's going. I mean, I was. You can't see this because it's so dark. But and I was there I loved it. It lit that quickly and I immediately tossed it because it's a mortar and then it had its first pop, which if it had been used as it was designed, the first pop is to send it out of the tube.

Hear me.

Go bah fuck.

Because I'm right there.


Not two feet.


This happens. And the chimp that is Travis. While he can't help but laugh because I almost lost my front side. So there's the. Toss it one more time.

And then.

The other people that were there, like.

Oh, he almost died.

So with it being 4th of July or at least the day of right, if you're listening to it, the day of the release or a few days after, I hope you were safe. I missed my opportunity to grant you safety and wishing you safety going into the holiday. So now, looking back, I hope you are safe and I hope all the 4th of July is forthcoming will be safe as well.

But 2011, I was 71. Kids be doing dumb shit and that will never change.

Next clip. Okay. I need you to be quiet right now. What are you going to do? I'm going to take you from the hotel, and I recommend you get out of my face. Or what? Nathan, call 911 of the.

Thug life right there. This looks to be a hotel manager whose dealing with some sort of belligerent guest and, you know, whatever words were exchanged before the cameras started rolling. I mean, threatening to be evicted from the hotel. That's a that's a high order.

Okay. I need you to be quiet right now. So what are you going to do?

And this looks like Peter Griffin's brother, Paul Griffin. There's a name tag there, but there's no way I'm going to be able to read that. There's one of those. What are those things even called? I mean, everyone's seen them. You know what they are, whether it be at the airport any time, a line, a queue that forms or those those ropes, the posts, and then you pull the thing.

And then there's that line. I don't I don't know what they're called, but that's.

That's the only.

Thing between this guy and this guest, which seems to be some solace, because, I mean, they're getting face to face.

I'm going to take you from the hotel and I recommend you get out of it.

I mean, their belly to belly, their bump and.

Bellies and.

And this guy, Paul, the hotel manager, so he's thrown his weight around, is like, I'm going to get you out of my hotel. The guy's like.

How how are you going to do it on my face or what nation or.



That's what set him off.

Nathan, call 911. Barrett out of the.

Just a boss move when you have a lackey, the subordinate that you can just call to at any point in time.

Call 911. You're going to get it now.

This one was submitted by listener Michael, and there seems to be.


Recurring theme week in and week out. Ever since I laid out the list of predatory animals that Americans think that they could take in a one on one fight. What was on that list was an alligator or a crocodile. It's not much difference when comparing both of them. Can Fuck you up. So let's see how this chap deals with.


Apex predator.

That we didn't.

Ask. I get it.

So to set the scene, if you're listening, there's a gator in a patch of grass at the bottom of what looks to be an elevated deck or something. And there's this dude in a red shirt walking down the stairs and he's holding a frying pan. Let's see what happens.

I'm telling.

So it's exactly what you thought would happen. He gets on level field with this year gator and gator starts to charge mouth wide open and he just takes a frying pan and goes.

Fuck you bunk at two.

Times, gets him two times. The video keeps playing with the audio, cuts out. Maybe cause some Australian profanity. Don't know. And he's still holding his frying pan like this is all you need to take on a gator video. So there's even a sign in this lawn, big red sign probably says Warning Gator. So I'm going to take the side of the gator and just defend this animal.


This guy went into his dojo in his space and it looked to be provoking. Maybe they were up on the deck and they're like, see that gator down there? I bet.


You can't bonk it on the head three times with a frying pan and they're just drinking buddies. They're like.

Give me a pen, let's do it. I'll got get him, tiger.

And just gives to bonk. Bonk. And then the gator retreats.

It's like.

Never mind, I don't want to deal with this.

Gator wasn't doing nothing wrong. Now, this next clip is a little more gentle of approach on how to deal with these literal dinosaurs.

Thought up. I'm just on crocodile. What's going on? Time in trouble. Oh, I've got to go. I go, crocodile.

This might be more insane than thinking it's a good idea to take a frying pan and.

Being bunk bunk.

On a gator because this guy is standing in like shin deep water. It looks to be a downed tree or something tying a rope. Then this gator slowly just kind of swims up to him, his mouth open, and he's just.


Instead of a bonk. It's a boop boop on the nose. Just kind of. No, get back. I'm tying this up.

No, no, you silly. It's give back. Who's your good gator? Give back. Okay. Not many places in the world can do anything.

It's a very valid point, he said. Not many places in the world that you can do this. And then just put his hand right on the start of the gator. And I stopped it right at a point where it looks like he's taken his other hand and it's like.

Bite me, bitch.

Who's your good boy? Maybe.


He starts flicking his hand. He's like, You're ain't going to do anything.


Oh, that almost look like something could take his hands clean off. Then he just kind of like when you play with a dog, they open their mouth and you like tap their mouth.

Their father high.

Left and right, left and right.

He's doing this with a gator.

Oh, stop. Stop it. I'm walking. Back off.

Bugger this guy. Maybe this guy might be a rare. He seems to have this gator in a trance or they have some sort of relationship because there has to. They have to be familiar. They have to be on a first name basis because there's no.

Way there's no.

Way you could do that to a gator. Take the frying pan. Go for the bonk instead of the ping. Little tap people are nuts. That's all I got to say. Next clip.

So this is at a baseball game up in the higher stands. A person took. This video is sitting behind what looks.

To be.

Potentially a a dad taking his daughter to a White Sox game just to enjoy our nation's pastime.

And with it.

Being a pastime.


There is not action all the time. A lot of stoppage, you get a pitch count goes up to 20 on a single at bat. And so, you know, go get a hot dog.

Go get a.

Drink, just enjoy it. It's a good time. Well, this guy.