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Here's all the links that we discussed on this week's episode:


The Deep Shot


Josh Allen is a walking quote book



Josh Allen - Deez Buffalo Nuts



Fake Klay gets in before Game 5




Cheese Race



Fight or Flight



COUNTRY STRONG: Country Strong Movie, Look both ways before you cross the street & Klay comes in hot at Parade




Lil Bit'a News


California gas station manager fired for price drop to 69 cents per gallon



British man throws tortilla more than 90 feet for Guinness World Record



Europe and Canada have their first land border after 'whisky war' deal



Woman charged with felony after spitting on corpse in casket at funeral home



Sexy trash cans?



WILD NEWS: Mysterious Hard Object Inside Catfish



Scrub My Clip


Left 4 Dead Witch



Kangaroo Fight



Throw it back



Call 911



Tit check



The pit of balls



Air blast ass



MOIST CLIP: Itchy bum




Look at Grandma. I got new tits, and I think this is the first time that this elderly lady has seen augmented breasts. It's this Sway parade with Chuck Sway.

Welcome into the Sway Parade. My name is Chuck Sway, and this is the parade. Few days late this week. My apologies. Today is Wednesday when the show normally comes out on Monday. But the show or the parade if you will, must go on. So here we are. And if you're brand new to the show, well, what's it all about?

Whichever news we do, deep shots, sports and scrubbing clips. That's pretty much it. Three segments, easy enough. If you're watching on YouTube, you'll see most of it of me. But of the clips, they're going to be blurred out because I don't want to fuck with copyright stuff, even though free speech. I'm giving commentary, but whatever. I don't have a lawyer that's good enough to fight megacorporations on copyright claim.

So it's blurred like genitals. But all of the links of the shows are at Sway Unlimited dot com. Check the show links and everything's there. You can look at it pure, unedited, raw at your leisure. Another thing that we do here on the show is we have a hotline 818275 Sway. You call that number, you leave a message completely unfiltered.

Doesn't get played until the moment that the show is recorded. So right now, we have a caller. Let's play it and see what it is all about.

Name is Sabrina Telus. This is the notification call from our Department of State and Financial Settlement Services. There are new programs that can help you reduce or eliminate your debt completely. It is possible that your taxes can now be considered temporarily non collectible You can call me back at my personal desk. 8335772630.

Sabrina, thank you so much for calling the SOI parade with some very important information. I do want to just clear the air for everyone and you as well, Sabrina, because you might not know. I might have just been thrown on your desk and you got to call all these people and let them know that their tax that can be.

What is it? Temporarily non collectible. Whatever that means. I don't have any tax debt yet. Sabrina, but I think, you know, give it some time and, you know, who knows? I could end up with a plethora of tax debt. Regular debt. I mean, you should have called about that because I would have given you a call back because regular debt.

I mean, it's. I'm an American. What can I say? I am drowning in it, but taxed it. Sorry. But thank you so much, Sabrina, for calling. And I feel like I might be on your call list, so we might hear from you again and again. Sabrina. So keep calling. Keep trying to get me to call back on the tax debt thing, but I it's not going to happen.

I'm not in debt to anything because I say my prayers and I give thanks and I'm referring to the almighty algorithm at this point of the show, if you're familiar with our heads and we give praise to the Almighty algorithm because it's the hope that the powers that be within that almighty algorithm would help boost this show up in the rankings.

But that's just half of the equation. I know we're only a couple of minutes into this and you might not you still on the fence like do I like this? Is this guy my jivin with him? He doesn't have any tax debt, so he's not edgy. But if you do enjoy what you're listening and watching to the other half of it is sharing, liking, subscribing, notification about the whole thing.

You hear it from every single content creator. And this is me saying that share with your friends if you enjoy it should a follow on social media check chuck underscore sway on Instagram and tick tock. I believe it goes a long way but still we need to give our praise and our thanks and our acknowledgment to the almighty algorithm.

So please, by your heads oh almighty algorithm.

I know that I'm late this week as my tithes are normally given on a Monday, but Wednesday perhaps could be a holy day for you through the week. You're sorting millions upon millions of podcasts, and this is my plea for you to sort through the Sway Parade and bump it up just a little bit. Oh, almighty algorithm, as you know, I give myself to you mind, body and soul so that I might feel your glory and is with that almighty algorithm that to my dying breath, I will serve you amen.

Already switching it up a little bit this week, usually we go into the news at this point, but we're going to dance these segments around a little bit. So it's time for the Deep Shot. Go Destroy Look at that big belly chop.

You get the rush. Was there a deep shot?

All righty. Deep shot. As you can see from the decor here in the studio is a few different things. Paying homage to Josh Allen and any time he's in the news, I'm really just on Twitter. If something pops up, which my algorithm on the Twitter front is rock hard Josh Allen. Well, we take a look at it and we break it down.

One thing that I saw today that didn't get into this show and there's actually another thing I want to mention to you completely on Josh on related. But still, like, you know, important to acknowledge is he's on oh Boston with the Boys the Barstool podcast with Will Compton and Taylor Loewen. Tyler Lohan, two NFL players. This episode that they recorded it's not out yet as a picture Josh Allen and holy shit I always get his name mixed up tight end for the 49 ers I'm drawing a blank here if you know football you know who I'm talking about Greg Guy Yeah.

It's completely out of my head. Anyways, there was a photo of him and his thighs. Josh's thighs just. I mean, the comment on the tweet was, these are men in this photo. And then you look at Josh Allen and his big beefy legs and I, you know, he's a quarterback I could never quarterback I accuracy, no arm strength.

They look big, but they're not they're not that powerful but to have the thunder thighs to play the position that he does is just you know, I mean, it's just a specimen and probably getting a little sick of the obsession here on the show. It's like he's just a football player is a guy. But you know, there's history to it.

If you don't know the story when Josh Allen came into the league and was a rookie way back when the Deep Shot was its whole podcast, the whole thing turned into a well, let's see what the Bills can do with this guy from Wyoming. And then it morphed into this is the greatest person to ever pick up a football and throw it.

So it's it's the lure of Josh Allen, and it's covered ad nauseum here on the Sway Parade. So I just wanted to I'll I'll pull it up next week and show you. Oh, the other thing, two completely unrelated I mentioned last week, what was it in regards to something raunchy as the show typically plays towards but I told a story and I mentioned a video clip that I had of a a oh, and it was a bulldog getting its balls licked.

I remember now, but I had a video. It was a French bulldog. I think that the video was it was sitting down and flicking. It's been it was a lady dog and it was rubbing its paw on. It's been I searched and searched and searched and searched. I was going to share this week it has been lost in the ether because I have no idea where the video clip went.

But you can imagine that breed of dog, as I mentioned last week, it's a horny bunch, but speaking of horniness on another level, have platonic horniness, if you will, with Josh on. Let's take a look what we got here this man is a walking book. I mean, he's he's at the pulse of pop culture and this tick tock from the Buffalo Bills explains just that.

The back is up, guys.

Hello, Miss Lady. I'm sorry. Who's this gentleman behind you?

Hello, Miss Lane.

Grandma, you didn't pay your taxes so I would have, but I didn't have any money.

Put a nice, mild turkey chili in front of me. Oh, yeah, I'm gonna eat it. Name that movie. Hey, Dwayne. This guy's never seen wild hogs.

Come on, son. I just happen to have kept.

Myself a an honest man, an earnest man, and that is a deep drive to left center field.

I think was an official threes quotes.

I'm close on, quote, unquote, on quotes with Josh Allen out on the golf course. This wasn't at the match. This was just him playing a friendly match. It looks like Matt Barkley, they're just goofing around out on the golf course and just it's a pulse man. All these references, some of these I'm going to be completely honest. The Wild Hogs won.

I've never seen wild hogs, but the dude knows his stuff. And for someone that I can relate to that spent a lot of time as a child just watching movies, not being active. I mean, this is a testament of what how it could turn out anything is possible. You either end up like me or you end up like Josh Allen.

We have some more Josh stuff here. Report came out Dawson knocks Buffalo Bills tight end told TMZ. Or at least was reported by TMZ that Josh Allen has an infatuation with these nuts jokes saying dudes have to walk on thin ice in the locker room whenever Allen asked him a question because he'll probably spin it into a Dee's not salt that's what she said type of thing but it's all these nuts with Josh Allen.

Dustin Knox said every day is a new Deis Knox joke. Knox said, You can never be comfortable around him because any time he comes up and asks you a question, you just have to walk away. Now, you're probably wondering this far into this show. And then if you were one of like four people that knew about the deep shot when it was its own show, this obsession.

I'm a grown ass man. I pay my taxes. Is Sabrina's not aware of things that I have tax debt. I have I do adult things, but I geek out when it comes to Josh Allen. And I think because of these clips here and most of the things we cover, it's not Courtney and Josh Allen threw for 372 yards and four touchdowns in week seven against Chicago it's like ad great like it's cool when the team that you're following is winning but I just feel like we would be best friends or just really good friends.

I don't want to come off too strong but Josh I do podcasts about have a helmet that you sign and we should let's be best friends like no, no, we can be friends. Acquaintances just put my number in your phone. I'll text you every once in a while. A funny meme, a tease, not what have you. So that's I mean, I'm trying to pontificate is that the proper word of that obsession?

And that's what I think it is, is from a very far distance, literally thousands of miles. Pardon me. It's the first day of summer. It's a little warm here, thousands of miles of distance. I just feel like that that that that could be one of my good friends and so thus, I'll continue in this dungeon just drooling over Josh Allen and you'll continue to watch and listen.

But let's move on in the deep shot. Take a look at some other things that are going on in the sports world. If you're a basketball fan, you know that the Golden State Warriors who won the NBA championship beat the Boston Celtics in six games. You know, my quick weigh in on that. Not to get to sporty in the sports section is it's impressive that the Warriors did it without KD.

It's a solid team and Klay Thompson, WSU alumni, that's another you know we share that again didn't play basketball there although I did declare for the NBA draft didn't get much looks but Klay Thompson has a doppelganger he he is known as fake Klay and fake Klay surfaced early on in the Warriors run your first and second championship.

The guy in the crowd in a Klay Thompson jersey looked like a basement brother to Klay Thompson. When I say basement brother, I mean the sibling that families have that they're so ashamed of. They just lock it in the basement and just, you know, feed it, toss it some raw steak every now and again. But Fake Klay was in the news in this finals because he went a little too far, one would say, with his similarities to Mr. Klay.

So much so that he snuck in and snuck in is not the proper term. He pretty much walked in like he owned the place at Chase Arena, where the Warriors play before Game five, walked in, went out to the court, started shooting around, walked back and security guard found him, was like, You're not Klay. And he's like, I know.

I never said I was might the mindset I was I look like him, but there's a video of that. Let's take a look.


Here is going through security bang, bang, metal detectors, the whole shebang.

Today we got it.

You hear a guy in the background Klay let's get a double let's go like he is none the wiser this is an impostor. To be fair, though, he looks like a taller guy. He's got a hoodie on and he's got kind of the trademark Klay Thompson goatee, but he's walking through. He's like, Dude, we're in. He's actually doesn't even have the goatee.

He's got a full beard now into the stadium. When we're in the stadium.

What would we just go into the locker room? We want to.

Yeah, I mean, they have full access, unadulterated access to this stadium. Walking through and here, let me scrub forward out on the court before the game, just shooting around, kind of skip the majority of that part. But shooting around made some shots. And as he's leaving now, he looks anything. Did you guys have credentials? My little noggin says, I don't think you're Klay Thompson.

Sort of thing.

So he comes up. So we got to go back. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go. You're gone. So few things developed from this one fake play. A lifetime ban from Chase Arena can no longer go back as pretending to be real. Klay Thompson pretending to be him, which his name is. Give me one second here. The Doors, Dawson. Some rather.

My apologies. I'm not a journalist, so lifetime ban. And that's actually the tweet that I pulled up here. He tweeted out, Was it worth it to lose ten K on tickets to be banned for life? Absolutely. I was an NBA player for 10 minutes bro. Laughing crime face. So you know he he got his shine. He he pretended to be one of the NBA's best players and got away with it just based off of it's one of those things too.

It's like if you go anywhere with a safety vest and a ladder, they'll let you in. If you go anywhere looking like Klay Thompson and you just kind of give some effort and you'll probably get let in the other end to that, though, from what I read is the security guard here on the screen was and I'm that lightly quote, this is not hard news.

I'm just reciting from memory. She was put on some sort of administrative leave and there reviewing it. They're like, well, this is a big security breach. You can't be doing that. And yeah, so she might get fired, which it's like it's not really her fault. I mean, in this situation, it's harmless, right? Do goes out on the court, shoots some balls, leaves well as escorted out.

But it could have been a lot worse. So you just I mean, you got to you got to know who your players are, especially NBA team and there's only the 30 of them. And do the math there's 12 to 15 players on each team just because they're tall doesn't mean that they're a player. So just know what your players look like of literally who you're working for and who signed your paychecks.

So we'll see what comes of that. What else do we have here on the DB shot a little bit of an alternative sport, right? We've covered the main ones, the NFL and the NBA, but this is a fringe of sorts in England. This is the cheese race, the Cooper Hills, cheese Rolling and Wake is a British tradition dating back to at least 1826, if not earlier.

According to the BBC. Once a year participants gather at the top of a notoriously steep Coopers hill, which, according to National Geographic, bears a gradient of 50%. I don't really know what that means of 50% gradient steep right it must be it's 50% 100 went straight down so half of straight down nice someone lobs a cheese wheel down and the racers take off after usually tumbling and crashing into each other as they go.

You've probably seen the video just a wet grassy hill and people are just flipping and eating shit and it just doesn't look like a good time. And for the most part, it isn't a good time for the participants because most every single year someone gets fucked up pretty bad. So there hasn't been an officially sanctioned race since 2008, but what's to say private citizens can't throw wheel and cheese down the hill when you chase after the town doesn't have to be on on it like everyone still goes, though.

I'm sure it's a huge spectacle. Yeah. A group of volunteers decided to organize their own cheese rolling race, and a couple of weeks ago it was this year and this is actually the first Cooper Hill cheese rolling race since the panda since 2019 so two year gap have some of these participants are men their wounds and make their knees go back in the right direction as they recover.

But yeah let's take a look at a short clip here of this 2022 cheese race crowd gathered gathering looks like England because it's raining even in June and they're just falling down the hill.

There is the cheese and they're after and no one is up.

Everyone's fallen so 50% great I think that's it right there not shallow it's steep.

Tumble and fall and down oh and I mean.

That's it once a year you roll some cheese down a hill and you have entertainment for how long was that? About 15 seconds. And then I guess you just move on. Go grab a pint at the tavern and then wait till next year. Mend your wounds. Let's keep going to see that cheeses hauling ass.

And so all these people, except one other, it's.

Head ass, head, ass, head ass.

Ow, ow, ow, ow. Hit me a few. From the looks of it.

I just one cheese tossed multiple and this here, it looks like they're climbing up the hill which they're bear crawling it. This is not a hill. You just walk up and it's muddy and it's steep 50% gray. Don't you forget it straight through and then change, change, change, change, change. We want to say the cheese went to his coat and now we going to see goat cheese go down the hill and chase it.

Oh, another toss. I don't know if this is true. I mean, these are multiple feet. Never mind this. Just 15 seconds. This is an afternoon of cheese. Fun but people just falling down in shit. The article that I saw, there's a guy willing to write his name down, but there's a guy that has won this event like 22 out of the last 24 years or something like that.

And I think the article went on to saying he's retired because he has children and he wants to be around to enjoy cheese with his children instead of just being a vegetable and they have to feed cheese through a tube but yeah, if you ever find yourself in England in June, I go to the cheese roll and race actually looks like a good time.

Last here in the Deep South. Before we get country strong, let's take a look at this.

You'll see science textbook.

Pretty normal up to this point. I mean, it's getting punched on the ground, bell rings. I'm not the person to break down. And Emma may fight you punch until you can't punch no more down the side of the hill. So you hear the bell it ends and so the do the white shorts here is the victor seemingly. You got to wait until the ref raises your hand because that's a very important in fighting.

You don't win until the ref raises your hand and you go, I won. But what's interesting about this club is he takes a corner and he is pitching the most aggressive pants ten I have seen in a pub kick back tackle a full blown fight boner. After winning this fight, the excitement, the adrenaline, you can get a little bit of shake ins and it went straight to his dick and he is just rock solid to the guys.

And that's yeah. I mean, before I go back to this frame, it makes it look that much worse because he is straddling this dude and all this guy can feel in addition to the fist going into the side of his face is something hard on his back just gone. But now you got to tap out at that point.

Oh, all right. Let's get a country strong. Maybe not as strong as this guy's Wang, but we'll find out.

Just don't play the week.

Already checking out country strategy. Actually, two clips this week that are country strong and they follow a theme not only what country strong is, but also you need to look both ways before you cross any sort of crossing, but before we get into this. This is imperative information. And my advice to you to follow that, not just physically walking across the street, making sure look left, look right.

It's also to do your due diligence when picking a movie to watch as entertainment because I was on if you go to Hulu right now, which is what I was doing over the weekend, there is a movie called Country is Strong. And I saw the title and I thought, oh, man, they embodied everything that is country strong and put it in a movie hundred 90 minutes of country strong action.

And of course, you know, the theme was appropriate. It was country, but it wasn't strong. I thought you know, make bow ride and or something crazy like that's working on a ranch, make our country strong. And I'm trying to get back to my prime of of wrestling bowls and shit like that. No, this movie was about a country music singer that had a drinking problem and also wanted to fuck a younger chap that wasn't her husband.

And the younger chap wanted to fuck this older alcoholic but also had a romance with one of the younger gals. And it's just it was dramatic. Sure. But it was in country strong. So I say save time, don't watch the film because it's just it is not country strong. If you know what country strong is on this show, it this film is completely the opposite.

But if you do want to check it out, here's my recommendation not to do it. But I can't tell you what to do. Now, let's get on to the clips. Check out Country Strong. And I told you, you got to look both ways. Make sure you check out reviews for things the more you watch and do this as a back brace.

What is run? This massacre is coming down the road. Hey, you're on a race and it looks to me the finish line and this guy is looking at wholeness and trying to win the racing clutches. So just completely takes out that last. Oh, and she's done knocked to the ground looking at her phone now looking both ways in the middle of a bicycle race, of all things and she just happened.

Go go to the other side and watch the end of the race there. And you can hear to everyone screaming, now you're going to win this. And now can you show getting run over destroyed in a contrary strong fashion? I did a little bit of reading on this whole event this year and Span and it was about a 53 mile race.

And at the very end, this guy who's finishing in the yellow helmet, he is given hit his oh, he can't give no more than.


For miles. You ever roll back for miles? It feels like 54 miles. He's at 54 miles. OK, I'm going to go 100% get to the finish line. And what he was not expecting is this woman right here walks out in front and just killed Curtis Stroud. Oh, here he hits the ground and well and like I said, I did some reading and what they're both OK.

The, the the rider, he actually was worse off then the woman had to go to the hospital with a head injury, and he's wearing a helmet. And this woman, she's wearing herself from what she was. And now this phone, we're flying here, it's gone. But if I was wear a helmet and always look both ways before you cross the street.

Now, next one I told you was double header. Take a look at this. Here is Warriors this is Klay Thompson. It's the 11 ending. The fake one is the God's green earth. It's a real one. He's had the parade. It should be. Listen to the swipe, to be completely honest. But he's at the Warriors parade. They won the championship.

It is the epiphany of ecstasy for basketball and the city of Oakland and San Francisco. That whole Bay Area shout out to San Jose down there as well. They're ecstatic. But what don't happen is you got to look both ways. Especially when you're dealing with Klay Thompson will play them trips and country strong just poor woman didn't even expected this was walking trying to find friends of the parade Klay Thompson in an even have his heads down he's wearing his captain's hat but there is nothing going on in that head except need to recover but he wasn't thinking he was going to go stress 00 and there are two examples technically three with the film

why he should look both ways. Because if not, you go get country strong. This episode of the Sway Parade is brought to you by parade. Plus supporters shout out to AJ, Joe, Michael Davis, Reverend Tanner, Mills, Quinn and Tyler. If you want to help support the show monetarily, head on over to Swain unlimited dot com slash pricing pick a price plan starting as low as $6.90 a month going all the way up to the parade plus infinity which is $0.69 a month for 69 years 570 something bucks.

Every dollar that you give to the show goes to one pay in taxes because those are important bits to support the show to improve and make things better. So again that link swing limited dot com slash pricing sign up for parade plan plus plus plan play and parade peep today. What's the big deal fella. It's just a little bit.


All right news time let's get in to this first story is a follow up from last week's story. There's a gas station right in California that there was a glitch the gas was $0.69 a gallon when it should have been $6.99 a gallon. So the whole town of is it in here the whole town of California USA wherever this little town is flocked to the gas station and got the best deal on petrol that you can get today's day and age development a little bit more human element to this story is the Shell Station is the shell.

I should really proofread my story. The gas station. I don't want to throw names out. There could be Arco Exxon, any of those. The gas station is what it is pointing the finger at the manager and they said that it costs the gas station $20,000 in losses in just the short period of time. I believe it was a few hours where gas was $0.69 instead of $6.99, which I don't know there might be some foul play here because we did just have June 9th 69 seemed appropriate you know celebrate the day with some crazy can get people in the door at the pump the manager John pardon me with this last name says says Jade says

Jack Sheena says says Gish Anna it's Eastern European and my tongue is not in tune to such names. Apologies John said the snafu was a mistake that occurred after he accidentally put the key decimal point in the wrong place. Honestly, it was an honest mistake. As a result, gas should have been 699 was available at a massive discount of $0.69.

I thought this is a nightmare. I put all three prices on except the diesel. But the last one kind of didn't go, you know. Right, go back, didn't go, you know. Right. Like the price was wrong. If you ask me, the price was very right as family members have started. Oh, man, it is moist. Happy summer, everyone. By the way, I'm I told the Almighty algorithm earlier blood, sweat and tears into the show.

Mind, body, soul. Actually that I think what I said, but blood, sweat and tears as well because I'm sweating it lost my spot. His family apologies. I beg your pardon. As family members have started to go fund me seeking to raise the lost funds and repairs of employer as of Sunday 619 ten days after 69. The fundraising page generated over $24,000 so making up for the $20,000 that was claimed to be lost at the gas station during this snafu as they put it an extra four grand probably to help this guy find a new job pay some bills maybe even gas up.

Our next story a British man throws tortilla more than 90 feet in Guinness World Record. Oliver Miles told Guinness World Records he decided to attempt the world record after watching a YouTube video while in the COVID19 lockdown. Attempting this gave me something to focus on during lockdown, which really helped my mental health and actually breaking the world record really well really prove those efforts weren't in vain.

And that he did. He threw a tortilla 90 feet 11 inches almost 91 feet, you think a little flappy Tortola tortilla. Apologies for 90 feet reading this story. I'm a bit inspired. I'm I think I'm going to create some some original content here and share it with you soon of taking a tortilla and trying to toss it. Now I'm not going for the world record but if I if I get a lucky toss if there's a breeze who knows I could be a world record holder.

I did look it up though. I don't think that it was this recent record recording, if you will, but it looked to be indoors and they had their, you know, official Guinness man with his his jacket, his blazer and a tape measure and was making sure that distances was distances beforehand, though this is actually what's really impressive. The record stood at 30 feet one inch.

So this guy tripled it. So I'm going to give a shot just for giggles. I want to see how far I can throw a tortilla. But Oliver Miles, my hat tip to you, sir. You launch that tortilla next story. Europe and Canada have their first land border after whiskey war deal. Canada and Denmark finally ended their decades long war on Tuesday, fought over flags, whiskey and schnapps on an uninhabited island in the high Arctic.

Do countries formally sign an agreement to share Horne's Island off northwest Greenland, creating the first land border between Canada and Europe? So if you were to go and look at a map, you see Canada and it just goes up into infinity. And the Northern Territory is just a bunch of islands. Not a whole lot of people live there.

I mean, that's the name, the place, Northern Territory they don't even come up with a fun name for just. So that's the Northern Territory. No one's really up there. And then Denmark, which I guess owns Greenland, the big big white thing, there's an island there. They're like, Well, this is ours, says Canada. It's like, or this is ours, says Denmark.

And they've come to agreement. They drew a line right down the middle and it's like there, look, North America now borders Europe on land, kind of pointless but kind of neat. The Danes, the Canadians have taken turns flying to the island to claim the territory leading to diplomatic protests, online campaigns, and even calls for Canada to boycott Danish pastries.

I don't know what's so special about this island in the high Arctic for Canadians to be like, well, that's not very nice. Of you, so I don't think I'm going to buy your pastries anymore. It's it's a whiskey war. The Canadian troops would fly up there, plant the flag there. Danish troops would do the same thing, pull the Canadian flag out, toss it to the ground, stab a Danish flag in Denmark.

I'm not a European expert, but whatever their flag is, they'd stick it in there and they leave a bottle schnapps. And it's kind of like cheeky, you know? And the Canadians would come back, and it's just years, decades. This went on now. They finally settled it. During these visits, each side would plant a flag, as I mentioned, and leave behind a bottle of whiskey or schnapps on the other side.

And then just repeating what I just said. But now I guess the the fun is over they're just kind of like, OK, let's settle our differences in this article, which the link is that so lot acom, they did explain that they they did it as kind of like a hey like look could we can do in the high Arctic nudge nudge Russia and Ukraine.

It's like a little bit different of a situation, but hey, now there's a fun geographical fact that you can tell all your friends is, oh, did you know that as of recently, North America has a land border with Europe and if someone calls you bullshit tell them go to Hans Island, it's their next story. And this one isn't so friendly.

The last one is just kind of fun. This one not so much. Woman charged with felony after spitting on corpse in casket at funeral home.


A Texas woman was charged with felony after spitting on a corpse at a funeral home during a viewing. Something about Texas women and doing things to corpses or ashes they guess that's technically considered a corpse. Texas don't don't mess around. Don't mess with Texas when it comes to dead bodies. They just keep getting these felonies and these crimes committed against you, charged against you.

According to the arrest affidavit, the woman went into the funeral home in Tyler, Texas, walked straight up to the casket and spit on the corpse. She was charged with felony abuse of a corpse. I don't know what this person who died did. But this woman, this something, something savage, because that is absolute savagery. We like on a way to die and I'm not going to do it at your headstone when no one's watching, when everyone's looking at your corpse, I'm going to go in.

I'm a spit on it now. People say that you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but when I first learned that, I thought it was kind of interesting because it's like if you an asshole in life, why could they say oh, if they were such a good person? It's like, no, like they were a dick. But to go to that length, to spit on the corpse I mean, yeah, it's a felony now.

Abuse of a corpse. If the corpse can't defend itself, don't spit on it. Like, do like what the rest of us do with our deceased enemies. Piss on their graves. No, no, no. I'm not condoning that. By the way, I also have never done that. No one has pissed me off to the extent where they've died. And I'd be like, OK, like, I'm I'm not going to let this go.

I'm going to have the last laugh, but still relatively young, I don't know, a whole lot of dead people or people that have died. The people that I do know, I would not piss on their corpse or spit the piss on their grave or spit on their corpse. But I got a long life ahead of me. You never know.

But the felony abuse of a corpse, my pass on that. OK, next story. Sexy trash cans. The Swedish city of Malmo is talking dirty talk. Sorry, taking dirty talk to a whole new level with its latest effort to clean up the streets by installing talking garbage cans. That dish out racy audio messages after being fed trash. Authorities are hoping for an increase in rubbish being deposited.

The ideas open up the trash can. It goes.

Mm yeah.

And you're like, oh, man, I give me a rush. I need far more trash to throw away pedestrians that drop trash into one of the two bins in the city's David Charles Britton Bridge are rewarded with extremely positive feedback from a sultry female voice who offers a range of responses. Oh, right there. Yes. Come back soon and do that again.

And I'm a bit bored more to the left next time feature among program messages. And if you know Swedish that the language they speak, I'm just putting it out there that I don't know shit about what goes on in the world, but there is a video so if you know the language, whatever the native language is Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, whatever, if you know it you might you might be able to decipher what I just said in English and in tune.

Too small to carry on that I love you oh I'm sad.

I was saying that. Right, but I just turned a bunch of Swedes on oh.

To see stereo oh listen to them stylized gone.

So you get the idea this town, Momo thinks that they got a bunch of horny citizens and some trash to pick up. So go toss it in these sexy trash cans. And I'd be curious to see in a few weeks time if there's a new story that comes out that says Swedish citizens of Swedish town see huge increase in dicks stuck in trash receptacles.

Only time will tell on that one. But if you thought that was wild or you get on to some wild news, let's check out this story or idea that some wall child ideas mysterious hard object found inside catfish is a quote we noticed when we got it in the boat that it's stomach was huge. At first, we assumed it was because of eggs or maybe some wildlife that fish had eaten, but.

Oh, no, no, no, no. This is the fish you see here on the screen. So it does have a of a bulbous belly. I'm not much of a fish or fish or person per say, but that looks it looks bulged now that I've mentioned it but this is a fish. But what was inside the fish? Well, it wasn't until later in the day that he actually pressed down on the catfish.

This was the person that caught it pushed down on the abdomen and felt two hard objects that he knew couldn't be eggs. Like, I know one thing about catfish and its eggs, and these ain't them when they return home to cut open the catfish, they discovered what was bulking up in the fish's tummy, a foam ball, a part of another fish and a fairly large sized dildo.

And do we have a photo of said dildo and catfish tummy? Yeah, we do. Here it is. A fairly large that thing is a dong, full blown dong in this catfish they just swallowed it up. And just as destiny had it, it got caught. And now the dildo is back in human hands. I mean, this thing is a monster.

I mean, it's a big fish. Sure. I think again, not a fish person. So I don't know what a big fish is. I caught a £2 bass once and I was like, this is literally top five, one of the biggest fish I've ever caught. But that bastard of a giant fucking dildo. And this thing has like the the banana shaped curve to it.

I mean, one would hope that before this ended in the bottom of the lake for catfish to slurp up, it was you know, put to good use. But I, I'd like to assume I don't, I don't have a lady parts, so I don't understand. Like, I don't know that sensation and I don't put things up my ass. I don't care to, but I feel like most hoo haws would have trouble with such a large object.

And it might have been like, well, I don't know the receptors and I can't use this anymore. It literally is tearing me apart, so I'm just going to go throw it in the lake and, you know, forget about it. Out of sight, out of mind. But yeah, if you go fishing for catfish and you see a bulbous belly, just know there could be a giant dildo inside it.

All right, with that out of the way, let's get to scrub it some clips. Is scrub my clip. Clip fun clips for you to round out this week's episode. Find my bearings here on computer. Dora first clip, if you recall, if you've ever played the popular video game series Left for Dead, there was a character in that game as a zombie game that was called a witch.

And you could always hear her presence. She'd be crying and you would know as a player turn off your flashlight, go down in the crouch and sneak past hissing, because if you disturb the witch, it would wake up and have razor sharp claws. It would attack you and it would just fuck your whole day up and you might even lose a game.

This clip here appears to be a real life left for dead, which let's take a look OK.

Bitch, get the fuck dude.

Drive it. A big old diesel you got to you got to go with a Prius electric vehicle. Sneak up on the witch. So this guys driving along and in the middle of the road is a woman with no clothes on and he slowed down and stopped in this situation, just keep going. Outrun it with your wheels.

This which this woman now hops on to the window then. Oh, now he decides, oh, let's drive away. I don't want to be a part of this anymore. So get the fuck and then the witch lets go. Tumbles down the road, guy drives off and the next person that thinks it's a good idea to slow down and let this witch into their car don't do drugs.

It's a lot more fun when it's in a video game. Next clip take a look here.

Oh, oh, shoot. But you've got to have a full does this go him in a headlock.

OK so referencing a few weeks back when we took a look at a list of animals and the small percentage of insane people that think they can fight these animals and I'm not referring to a single wolf that's easy but kangaroos I if I recall correctly I don't think I could fight a kangaroo. And this clip shows it.

I mean, this is kangaroo on kangaroo violence, but this one kangaroo has the other one in a headlock. And they're known to be I mean, you've seen picture of the kangaroos. They're fucking jacked, got in a headlock. But then here on the frame there's another kangaroo.


Getting it in. And I think this little ring here and just plops on wants to be a part of this kangaroo orgy.

Oh, God.

And oh, the one that was in the headlock originally plopped on to the kangaroo pile. I'd say Dogpile, but kangaroo Pyle try to get some in and then another kangaroo with some ball. Let's watch this again. There's a kangaroo in the headlock. It's trying to fight, and it's like, Oh, I want to suck. I want under the other half.

And then these two kangaroos are getting at it all the while.

The boys punching on nothing different.

Commentary here from a local Aussie. This is normal, I guess. Thanks. So I talked to an Australian to show him this clip because I'm curious like, hey, are kangaroo headlocks and orgies and roo piles, are they common? Are they just, you know, neighborhood things? And this video makes the argument I again, I don't think I could fight this horny kangaroos.

It's like one like that was in a stipulation in the report of animals to be fought. But this video, I mean, it's just primal energy right here. Just don't get in the way. Just let them do their thing. I mean, who would have known kangaroos have six arms however many are here going on. Just your clear next clip wow.

That's my oh.

Oh, wow.

Oh, so if you're listening, this girl thought it was a good idea to get on the roof of a car. This isn't a left for dead, which it seems to be. Everyone in this video is acquaintances at the least. So she gets up and is just kind of living her best life thought. Now it's such shaking her ass, talking over.


Mobile phone, and then Drew drops the tank straight out into the windshield and it's tempered glass. It's not going to shatter, but it still breaks and her ass goes through the windshield. And that's a safe flight repair. Safely replace after that one next clip.

I don't want to have to wait for it.

I didn't know that hot so go 911.

So this is a kid learning the hard way. Sometimes it's the best way just to have life, get thrown at you and you just you'll learn from it. I've been in this kid's situation. He has a raw hall, a piano in his hand. All the confidence in his growing bones. It's a growing boy, just like it's a pepper.

Fuck this shit. Like, I've. I'm in the third grade. Like you ain't shit. This ain't shit.

He messed up bad.

He just defiantly just takes a bite of this raw holla piano and then we see his progression into just misery and drinking water, which, first off, go for the milk. But he's young. He'll learn he's drinking water. He's against God. You know, this ain't shit. And then the the skull will start to just fester in his mouth and burn and burn and burn.

And he gets to a point where it's not just drinking water to survive, he needs medical attention and wait for it. Chugging water hot. So I didn't know it was that hot. Like, it's silly me, right?

And then it just starts to break down. It's like this water is not doing the trick.

Well, they call and 911 because my mouth is going to fall out of my face. It is a blaze go night. What obviously the worst thing that can come of this, providing he's not allergic, is just some really bad diarrhea. We've all been there, but like I said, I've been in this situation before. I was at a birthday party, the Mexican family and I dare I say their taste buds are more attuned to all of Pino Spice.

I mean, they they throw it on everything and it's like, you know, so the one thing that I know, if you go to a Mexican restaurant, authentic one, don't get the Verdi sauce because that is a butthole fire. But I held up a hollow peanut and I was like, are these hot as probably around this kid's age? And one of the uncles, tio, I learned that day that Tio is uncle and Spanish was like oh no, not at all.

Not taking into account that this little fat white kid is holding up a Holla Pino Pepper. And I was like, I fuck it. Cool. I hate it and almost immediately regretted it. And I'm like, oh, later he learned that word that day to milk. Later I drink them all of their milk and it wouldn't go away. And I started crying.

I didn't know what else to do. I was like, I'm to die here. So I have been in this kid's shoes, but a learning lesson nonetheless. It's got to happen. Next clip.

If you have fun, I got to touch you all here. Yes. I hope they get a little soft. They know all too.

They feel so again, if you're listening if you're watching, it's blurred. But check out the links when limited dot com. If you're listening, this woman is showing her new tits to her mom. No, her grandma just lifts up her shirt and son Instagrams. It's not. There's no nipples, but she lifts it up and it's like look at grandma.

I got new tits. And I think this is the first time that this elderly lady has seen augmented breasts if beautiful, immediately supportive, which is great because if you're getting a boob job and not right, I'm speaking out of pocket here because I don't I'm not in the space, but it's usually tied to some sort of self-consciousness with your tits.

And you feel like if you make them bigger be more attractive, more accepting, whatever my opinion, they're not needed. Tits are great, all of them. They don't need to be ballooned up. But you have that option. And Grandma's been supportive. This is a killer, Grandma. I got in touch. And then, I mean, really just you see some of them for the first time seeing is part of believing.

She's got to touch them to know what these fake tits feel like. I just know I've known real tits for 70 years. I want to feel fake once.

Feel like we're all here.

And she's like, fuck that. That ain't regular tip me. That's that's augmented. She's like, yeah, I got a boob job. All right, next clip.


This is an inner tube bombing down a hill. And at the end is the plastic balls from, like, McDonald's ball pits from like the entire county, you know, covered the playpens supply areas were shut down. So McDonald's had to liquidate. You know, they need to fulfill more orders of big chicken. So they're going to sell their plastic balls.

And wherever the fuck this is I want to go because they're all in this corner, and that's your stoppage. You're bombing this hill and then the inner tube and just go just play it again.

OK, just I mean, the dude is gone. He's disappeared. Where did he go? No, idea. He is one with the balls. Now, that looks fun. Where the hell is that? I want to look into that. That. Yeah, I want to do that. That seems fun. And I think, I mean, that could have hurt. You never know. My memories is probably the same as yours.

Is these ball pits. No pain could come about in these areas. It was a safe zone. It smelled fucking disgusting, like person McNuggets and vomit, but it felt safe. So, yeah, I want to give a shot. I want to find out where that is, see if I can do it. Next clip so what you're hearing is some sort of air compressor cannon.

It looks like a leaf blower, but by the sounds of it, that is very high PSA of things pushing out. And this unassuming victim is just standing there with his back to the camera gets blasted and air just shoots air into his ass. His shorts go down, his britches go down. It's just bare ass. And just from that physics going to remove your clothes and give you a fake fart I mean, that's a good old fashioned prank.

It's similar to the Moisés clip here we'll get into in a second. That has to do with an ass, except it's not fun like that. Let's take a look.

This next clip is so moist.

All ready, not air blowing into an ass as a fun prank. This lady is getting in there. Deep scratch and her B hole in what appears to be a public place. A really short clip. I don't even know if there sound worth her. Oh, yeah. It's it's just. Oh, this. She's just digging for it. I mean, I feel like we've all been there.

I don't know where I stack up as far as itchy asshole. I might have a more than the average person, and it's never been to a point where I'm in a public place, and I think I have some privacy, and I'm like, I'm just going to go up there and get a good scratch in the nice thing is the refreshing thing with this being a moist clip in the scrub.

My clip segment is she doesn't bring her hand around. At least what we can see in the video doesn't bring her hand around and just so we don't get that. That's very refreshing. But still like that is that is a grass of like she is she's getting in her butt and you can tell from this isn't a sexual pleasurable thing.

From what I can tell, this is just like a stage four ass itch and just getting in there and the fact that it's looping, I mean, it doesn't it's not getting old. It is. I mean, this is a to her an emergency of sorts. If your ass itches that bad, you don't care who's around. And providing that this person has, you know, some decency, she's just got to get in there and just scratch that booty hole.

And with that you know, round out the show, I hope your asses are staying nice and fresh and itch free, but I will give you the endorsement if you're out in public and you have that asset and you need to scratch it, an itch got to be scratch. So scratch away my my little float goats, my paraders closing remarks here on the show.

And then we'll get to getting just a shout out again to the parade. Plus Infinity members that are executive producers of the show. Shout out to AJ Joe Michael Davis, Reverend Tanner Mills Quinn and Tyler again, if you want to help support the show with your money sway unlimited dot com slash pricing but I mean really if you made it this far just by listening I mean that is as valuable to me maybe not monetarily but again I'm not in tax debt yet so maybe don't get me your money Sabrina's going to keep calling me, but that's going to do it for this week's show.

We'll see you next week. On Monday. You have my word on that one. And back to our regularly scheduled Mondays moving forward. But yeah, thanks so much for listening and we will see you next week. And by we, I mean, I don't know. I said we are the mobile you.