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Lil Bit'a News


Texas woman charged with throwing boyfriend’s mother’s ashes into lake




$5M in ancient art at Dallas Museum of Art destroyed



Glitch at NorCal gas station gives customers 69 cents a gallon



Auburn man arrested for leaving flowers on fiancé's grave found guilty



Thailand launches its campaign to give away one million free cannabis plants, but discourages getting high

Weed Mascot



WILD NEWS: Man Praised for Taking Terminally Ill Friend's Virginity



The Deep Shot


Group led by Walmart heir Rob Walton agrees to buy NFL's Denver Broncos



Cooper Kupp, Rams Reportedly Agree to 3-Year, $80M Contract Extension



Man wins Buffalo Marathon while pushing his 2-year-old son, asleep in his stroller



Josh Allen vibing at Bills OTAs



It ain’t over until it’s over



Rugby CTE



COUNTRY STRONG: Truck don’t stop for no one



Scrub My Clip





Can’t even go to Flavor Town



Deez Nutz



Another level of sexting



Cooter Snap



MOIST CLIP: Bungee Butt




So my question to you, since you were a cop for so long, if you were in that position and you found out that I was dealing meth, would you do something about it legally? Harvey?

Oh, you bet I would.



It's this Sway parade with sharks sway Welcome into.

The Sway.

Parade. My name is Shuck Sway. I'm your host, and this is the parade. And what do we do on this parade? Well, we cover news.

Sports and clips and a bunch of other things. It's a.

Really fun.

Time if you're brand.

New to the whole shebang. So welcome. I do want to.

Make note that last week, if you tried to watch on YouTube, the power of the Almighty algorithm showed its might because halfway through the Deep Shots segment, the video cut off and was gone. And I don't.

Know what I did to piss.

Off the Almighty algorithm. I have a theory that it.

Was due to the.

Fact that I just opened it up to prayer for the listeners to give their own praise to the Almighty algorithm. And still played.

That hymn.


Spiritual Holy Music. And the video.

Also got flagged for a copyright issue because of that song. So we did something to piss off that almighty algorithm and we learned we're going to we're going to change things, go back to how they were. I will be conducting the prayers and the sermon if that winds up. If that's the thing I actually don't even know what a sermon is.

This is all the church that I get, all the praise, all the gospel, all the holiness is to the almighty algorithm. And the religion is somewhat new compared to others because sorting and algorithms, it's only what, 30 years old or something like that, whereas Jesus's stuff is thousands of years old. Other religions are billions of years old. It's tough to say.

So I'm going to change up what we're doing because I Oh, I do not want to piss off that algorithm, the almighty one. So apologies for the technical difficulties. Hopefully this week everything will go.

Smoothly in this new studio.

It was the inaugural run, working out the kinks. Now we're just going to keep on moving. And that's why I want to bring up the hotline. You can.

Call this show 81.

8275. Sway the telephone is right there. Open hotline, call it.

Say whatever.

You want. It gets played on the show, zero screening. It just goes. I mean, last week we had a caller asking about goat fucking. And, you know, what am I supposed to do in that position? Do I condone goat fucking? You have to go back to that episode and listen to it. So no callers this week. It's, you know, we're still new.

It's still a new show. 15 episodes in. We're still getting traction. So no callers. But I think it was two, three, maybe even four episodes ago. We covered a story in the little bit of a news segment where an officer, a sheriff actually of a town, I think in Florida. It if fits the more to the story. Arrested his own daughter for meth trafficking.

And I attempted multiple times to get a hold of my mother who was a sheriff's deputy for like 40 years. And she didn't answer. I wanted to ask her if she was in a similar predicament with me. Dealing meth, what she would do. She didn't pick up. So I'm going to try again. And the hope is, is that she picks up.

So let's give it a go oh, it's not looking good.

I said, Hi, Mom. Hey, I'm reporting a podcast right now and I had a question for you. A so a few weeks ago, I covered a story where a sheriff arrested his own daughter because she was dealing meth.

Oh, true story.

Yeah, it's real. 100% real. Okay. So, yeah. So my question to you, since you were a cop for so long, if you were in that position and you found out that I was dealing meth, would you do something about it?

Lee Harvey Oh, you bet I would. Oh.



Yes, yes. OK.

This book, no consideration of like Blood is thicker than the law.

I look at your brother when he got himself into trouble.

Yeah, he wasn't dealing meth. That was petty stuff.

That doesn't matter. It's a felony. OK.

All right. The thing is that you know what it does. Yeah. Blood is very, very thick. If you guys were to do that, I would be so disappointed. But if you got if you if you guys where I can step in your room and you were doing whatever it's a very tough question, but you have to because you've got to have you've got to have the lead by example.

Well, my mom got me out of there. Whatever. No, you can't do that. It's a very tough question. I would probably say yes, because you need to learn your lesson.

So hypothetic Kelly, if you found.

Kelly, I would.

If you found a meth lab in my home. In your home. Sorry, I can't go home. Would you arrest me on the spot when you were on the force?

I would. I would have somebody. I'd do it now. I would have somebody come and take you into custody. Yes, because number one, you know, I think that that's okay. Number two, if I know that you're doing it, I could lose my job. There's so many consequences.

Oh, yeah. The meth lab could blow up.

Well, no, I could lose my home. The state takes it away because you're you're processing you're distributing. You're doing everything in my house. If I'm aware of it, these people that lose their their homes by abatements, they were fully aware that it was going on, and they chose to do that.

Yeah. OK, so it's tough.

And I would hope that you guys would never do that.

Well, for the record, I am not cooking, stealing, doing meth.

And let you say hi. As soon as I'm through with a phone call, I would love for you to pet him. So I would hope not. I would be so disappointed. I would just be heartbroken so did you tape everything that I just said so that you can put it on your podcast?

Yeah, but I did let you know that we I was recording the B, and if you don't want me to add this in, I don't have to know.

You said that you had done a previous podcast. You didn't tell me that you were recording my conversation.

No, I did.

At the very beginning, I said, Hey, I'm recording a podcast right now.

Oh, you said that you had previously done a podcast. You did. You did not let me know that.


You were recording my my voice right now.

No, I did. I did at the very beginning. And there's a recording of it. I can send it to you.

I don't really care. OK, but in a heartbeat. OK.

Let me to my. Oh, well, to be completely honest, I am not surprised. That's a typical answer that you will get from Mother Sway, if you will. Yeah, well, like I said, I'm not growing meth or growing. I'm not making meth nor doing it. But it's really good to know that if I do it, I have no backup on the family side of things.

Oh, man. OK, well, after that, the say my prayers to deal with that conversation with my mother, let's pray to the almighty algorithm. Bow your heads, please.

Oh, almighty algorithm. I come to you with my proverbial tail between my legs because you have shown your great might and power and I respect what you have done as punishment. And we'll make strides to do better and be better to please you. Oh, almighty algorithm.

I've devoted my life to you, my heart, my soul. And in return, I ask for one simple thing, and I ask for it every week.

For you to take your sorting powers and push this show up in the rankings so more people can hear about my mother at the drop of a hat would arrest me oh, almighty algorithm. This is for you. Amen. All righty. Now that we got that out of the way, let's move on to.

The news what's the big deal, fella? It's just a little bit news first story.

And this is a follow up from a scrub live video from last week, if you recall, if you watched and listened, there was a video of a woman with an urn on a bridge.


Ashes into this ravine. Well, there's a news story we'll get into how they.

Might be connected.

I don't know how many people were tossing ashes out of urns into lakes and reservoirs. But let's take a look at this story. Texas woman charged with throwing boyfriends, mothers ashes into Lake. The Texas woman has been charged with.

Abuse of a corpse.

For a 20, 20 incident in which she allegedly threw the ashes of her boyfriend's late mother. Into a lake. And I do have this video up for reference in case you missed it. And the links are at swim limited dot com so you can see everything that we cover on the show but there's a woman that I don't know if that looks like Texas we've only been through the airports but could be Texas definitely some sort of body of water and there the ashes go the caption on the video he cheated so I threw his mom ashes in the river you think it's pretty cut and dry if we're covering this story here now a

story it was a clip and now it's a story. But as I mentioned there there seems to be some inconsistencies. Let's learn a little bit more. The boyfriend told police back in June 2020 that he returned home one night to find that the urn containing his mother's cremated remains was missing. Now, I don't yet have an urn anywhere in my living space.

As you just listened, I spoke with my mother. So she is alive and well.

But I don't know if when I would walk.

Into a room if I would notice an urn, of all things, unless it was like one of them giant like 50 gallon urns, like what you would see I don't know. Is it with the Egyptians dead or something like ancient, like where they couldn't figure out how to make container smaller? Like we have this huge huge thing which just put ashes in it, call none.

And I think most people are running that. But this guy noticed that the urn was gone several people have stated that the woman in the video is the one who was charged.

But other social media.

Users have identified the woman as a comedian performing a skit Betty reported that law enforcement officials have not yet confirmed whether the video is authentic or not. So this happens once it's isolated. Incident happens twice.

To different people.

That make you think, how often are people dumping their estranged, significant others, parent's remains or loved ones remains into bodies of water? I'm not sure the woman faces a year in prison. And this is one of those actually charge, not the one in the video and a fine of up to $4,000 on the charges of abusing a corpse.

I didn't know that this was a law that you can or you can't abuse a corpse.

Makes sense though Matt.

I mean we'll see if more updates come along if this video is tied to this actual case. But until then, you know, if.

You get in a fight.

With your boyfriend or girlfriend and they happen to have an urn of someone that they love that has passed on and is now with the almighty algorithm, keep tabs on your urn, maybe put one of those little Apple Square tracker devices on it just in case. Next story $5 million in ancient art, a Dallas Museum of Art destroyed. And we're sticking in Texas on this one a 21 year old man who police said broke into the Dallas Museum of Art.

The demon destroyed $5 million worth of ancient artifacts. I wonder if there was an ancient urn in there as well. Reportedly said he did it because he was mad at his girl.


Dallas police said he evaded security guards at the museum, smashed glass casings and destroyed ancient Greek items, at least one of which was from 450 B.C. The demon is still open to the public, but certain parts are closed due to the damage. Naturally is reported that the alleged girl the man was mad at.

Is not an employee or associated with the.

Museum. This guy just got pissed off and like, I don't know. I don't know what else to do. I'm so angry at you right now. I'm just I'm going to go to the museum and just break some shit. I don't know how to blow this steam off and I'm mad at you. So you're this is going to be your fault.

You knew that I did this. When this comes up on the news, you see someone broke into the Dallas Museum of Art and fucked a bunch of shit up. That's me. Because of you. Strange. A simple Google map search reveals that there is a rage room. If you're familiar with those, you pay money to go into a room that has stuff that is designed to be broken.

It's OK to smash anything. I think they give you tools. I've never done one. I'd love to, though, and I would opt for that over going to a museum and defacing and damaging and breaking important artifacts. If I want to go to, you know, this rage room and do like they have like an old printer or an old rear projection TV, those aren't being used anymore.

Isn't matter for anyone to just do that. And 38 miles west of the museum is where one of these in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is hop on the highway, drive for 40 minutes and you can blow off your steam that way. Now you're going to face charges and you're just frankly a big asshole because those Greek sculptures and pottery Es and all that, like they didn't ask for that they made that.

And then like, hey, this is built to last is going to be around for a long time and for about 2500 years it existed and now it doesn't because this guy got pissed off. So good on you, bud. Next story. Glitch at NorCal Gas Station gives customers $0.69 a gallon. And this is very timely because last week it was June 9th, 69 turns out.

It was also my anniversary. It's a great day, probably one of the best days of the year. And it's not overkill of like 420 something like that 69 and so gas station $0.69 a gallon drivers filling up at one Shell station in Rancho Cordova took advantage of a gas glitch. The glitch went on for about 3 hours, allowing one driver to fill up for just $14.

And this is in California, too. Gas is as expensive as it gets in California. He then called his friends and family to come and do the same. Turns out the mistake was a misplaced decimal point on the electronic signs outside of the station so said a $0.69. It should have been $6.90 off. OK, but you have to think there might be some foul play here kid work in the gas station change in the prices, gas stations probably aren't the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs.

And so to entertain yourself why not just boop boop boop change a decimal point $0.69 and on 69 at that it seemed appropriate. It's like Jack in the box they did a two cent taco promotion long time ago. I don't know if they've done it since. I have since acquired a comfortable oil income to no longer have to survive of Jack in the Box, but at a point in time I did.

And so when they dropped the hey two tacos for $0.02 I hit multiple jack in the boxes in the region just trying to get a deal spent, you know, 15, $0.14 and I was, I was happy and I was full so I could be one of them. Wacky promotions. Hey flash sale on gas $0.69 but I think there's there's something more to it connected here.

There's an inside job of sorts. Next story Auburn man arrested for leaving flowers on fiance's grave Found Guilty. The arrest warrant for Winston Haggard's how to charge for littering after he left a flower box on his fiance's grave. The judge found Hagan's guilty of criminal littering after leaving flowers on this fiance's grave with a $50 charge. For littering and that court fine of $250.

The defense plans to appeal the decision. However, the deceased's father the would be father in law. His attorney said that there would be no jail time if Haggard's agreed not to place any more boxes on the grave. The defense plans to appeal the decision oh, that's a double line. My apologies. Higgins lost his fiance I can't afford in a car crash in January.

20, 21. She died. One month after Hagan's proposed. So you made the decision you're going to spend the rest of your life with this person. Like what I did a year ago and some change I mentioned. Six, nine. Happy anniversary. Mrs. Sway gets proposed getting life in order and she tragically dies in a car accident. I mean, death.

Death is never timely. But that right there, that's. That's got to be tough. So in memoriam, head to the gravestone, leave some flowers, pay your respects. But no, daddy had a problem with that. Haggard says Hannah did not like cutting flowers from a florist. She preferred living flowers in soil. Hagens handmade a flower box with real flowers and pictures of them together to be left on her grave at Auburn's Memorial Park Cemetery, Hagel said Hannah's father never approved of the relationship and in court, he verbally admitted when he testified.

So one of these situations was like, Sir, Mr. Ford, I would ask you for your daughter's hand in marriage. And he goes, No, it's OK. Well, I'm I'm still going to do it. Thank God you're not a she died. Yeah, that's the tough one. That doesn't go into the character of Winston Hagens here. But I mean, there's always family disputes.

That's the stereotype, right? In-laws are never pleasant I can't say the same for me personally. Man laws are fine. And I actually I didn't ask my father in law if I could wed his daughter, but he doesn't hate me. He didn't then, and he still doesn't now. So that's I got lucky on this one. According Auburn's parking recreations, Settees, urns, boxes, shells, toys and other similar items may not be placed or maintained on any lot or grave, but kind of a, Hey, don't do it again.

This isn't allowed. It's an ordinance and then this guy kept doing it. And the father who was a doctor, I think. Right. I think it said in here is a doctor. So he's got connections I'm sure like you keep doing that gets you in trouble. And thus he was now he's out. 300 bucks and fiancee is still that next story.

Thailand launches its campaign to give away.

1 million free.

Cannabis plants but discourages getting high And actually, there's an image tied to this story. There it is right there. Thailand has its own weed mascot big giant leap head with some glasses and a lab coat and oversize shoes. And Thailand is in it to win it for legalizing marijuana. That let's get into this. On Friday, a day after decriminalizing marijuana growth for commercial purposes, Thailand's government began distributing plants, but with a stern warning don't use it and sit smiling at home and not getting any work done, said Thailand's health minister.

He added that cannabis should be used to improve health, not a detriment Couch lock, bunch of snacks. Not doing a whole lot throughout your days. Don't do that. But if it improves your health, if you can't sleep, you don't have an appetite all the stuff that it can be good for, then you can take it. On Thursday, cannabis was delisted from the country's narcotics list, allowing people to grow the plant if they registered on a government smartphone application called Pluck Ganja, which translates to grow ganja.

Authorities are, however, discouraging its recreational use, while smoking in public could lead to fines or prison time. So this seems like they're in the early stages of it all and they're like, Hey, it's not criminal to do this anymore. But we haven't really figured out, you know, what we're going to do about actually using it. You can grow it and it's, you know, nice pretty stinky flowers.

The psychoactive compound in marijuana, THC, or Delta nine THC. If you want to get into the weeds, is limited to point 2% in cannabis extracts and products that can be sold in Thailand. So this headline is a.

Little bit.

Of a mislead because weed, THC, the stuff you smoke to get high, that is always higher than point 2%. Thailand, what they're doing is they've decriminalized hemp, which is where you get your CBD from. They do the hemp stocks for strings and clothing. Yarn cloth, what is it called? Not taxidermy. Whatever. You know what I'm saying? That you can make things from make rope, hemp rope.

So this is what they've approved and it's very similar to what it is in the US because it's point 3% THC content for it to be considered hemp. Anything above that is still cannabis but it is the the wacky, the wacky to baccy. You may be wondering why I know so much about this, and I'm on the fence a little bit about sharing this information, given the conversation I just had with my mother, who was a cop for 40 years.

I at this very moment am growing cannabis, but it falls within the United States 0.3%. THC set a point to if I was growing this in Thailand, I'd get my dick cut off But here in the US, I'm cultivating a very small batch of cannabis sativa l, which is CBD. It's completely legal Now I just need to wait for my landlord, my mother, to come see it and flip a fucking bitch.

Now, it's not meth. It's not a schedule one. I'm completely protected. But the thing is, as I explained to you, not all weed is the same Some will just kind of relax you. It's not psychoactive.

It's CBD.

It's trendy. The others high. Very high. Mine is not that, but I don't think my mother knows that. She just knows what she looks like. And she's going to see it. She's going to smell it. I will see if it gets to that point. And it's already been established that it could. If she brings in the authorities and I get arrested I will try and do a show using my one phone call.

I'll try and do a show from jail. I don't know if they'll allow that I don't think they give you an hour phone time, but I will call 818275 sway, leave a message and then just convert that noon episode. But it's very early in that will see what happens. According to Thailand's corrections department, since the law changed this week, 3000 people have been freed from prison after being held on cannabis related crimes.

So I think I'm good. But like I said, we'll figure out. Now, let's move on round out this segment with the wildest bit of news. And before we do, I want to let you know if you stumble across some crazy stories, feel free to send them my way. I would love to cover it on the show. Shoot a DM on social media Chuck Underscore Sway.

You can email in how to get sway unlimited dot com or hotline 818275. Sway. Just make an audio recording of the story you find and tell it yourself. We'll cover it that way. But yeah. Without further ado, let's get into this wild news, Audie. That's some.

I'll name is.

Man Praised for taking terminally ill friends virginity. Reddit commenters praised demand for taking his terminally ill friend's virginity after she said she wanted to have sex before she died. The anonymous man known only as song grounding underscore posted about the situation in Reddit's popular Are True Off My Chest subreddit, where it received nearly 23,000 upvotes and 800 comments in the post titled I 31 year old male took my terminally ill friend's virginity before she passed.

The man said the two of them were friends for six years. He explained that when her cancer came back, she told everyone that she did not want to go through chemotherapy again, saying she wanted to enjoy the time she had left. So tough, very tough. Today is her one year anniversary since she passed and I can't stop thinking about her, the post read.

The man recalled one night when all friends were drinking and she admitted that she was a virgin. She added that she wanted to lose it to somebody she trusts before she dies. So Reddit sees this. They praise this guy as a hero.

Dying wish wants to get laid.

At that point, it's a service you want whatever, whatever you want your last bit to be the time you have on this earth. You want to get laid. She got it. It's a it's weirdly beautiful. It's like I trust you to take my virginity because I'm not going to be here much longer and I need to experience it.

And here's the thing. Since I'm going to be gone in a little bit, it'll be the best sex I've ever had and the worst sex I've ever had. I'll no no different That's actually kind of sweet. I'll put the question out to you. If you had a friend that was in a similar predicament and they were terminally ill, and they requested whether they were virgin or not, they requested that you have sex with them before they go would you do it?

Now, if you're single, you have a friend that it's like, oh, yeah, you know, maybe like, you know, there's kind of been like a little side glances. Nothing really has ever happened, though, but we're still friends. There are those people. Then those are people like myself who are married Now, if I posed that same question to myself. If my friend was terminally ill and they asked me to have sex with them and that wasn't my wife, If I did opt to do that to help my friend out, have them pass on after giving them the old one to sway I think the whole thing with the urns, I think my wife I think Mrs. Sway

would do the same thing if she found out or if she knew. And I did it in spite of her, which I wouldn't. OK, it's trust, but I would die My terminally ill friend would pass. I would have given them coitus, and then I would have ended up dead because again, not my wife and sex. She brings up a question that I haven't really asked myself before is like, what?

What do we want to do with my.

Body once I'm gone? Because if it gets put in an urn, Mrs. Sway isn't going to hang on to that. She is tossing that bitch. They'll leave a sour taste in her mouth. I don't know if I want to get cremated. Sometimes think about I have some time left. I'm also not terminally ill, but yeah, that does it for the news.

Let's get on with the rest of the show. This episode of the Sway Parade is brought to you by parade plus members. Shout out to AJ, Joe, Michael Davis, Reverend Tanner, Mills.

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To the show industry Look at that big.

Belly shop. You're getting me restless for a deep shot. All right. Sports segment here on the Sway Parade. Got some money to go over big money in this segment. Starting it off the Denver Broncos. There's a new sheriff in town for the Broncos group led by Wal-Mart. Heir Rob Walton agrees to buy NFL's Denver Broncos. The Waltons, heirs to the Wal-Mart Fortune and America's richest family have won the bidding to purchase the Denver Broncos in the most expensive deal for a sports franchise anywhere in the world.

Terms of the sale weren't disclosed, but multiple media reports said it was 44..

Six 5 billion.

The price tag far surpasses the 3.1 billion sale last month of Chelsea, one of European soccer's blue ribbon teams. According to CBSSports.com, the New Jersey Nets attracted the most money ever paid for a sports franchise in the U.S. when they were sold for 2.35 billion in August of 2019. You know, inflation things have gone up. The 4.6. $5 billion would also be more than twice the price of the most expensive NFL team ever sold in 2018 when David Tepper bought the Carolina Panthers for 2.275 billion there is a lot of money getting thrown around and if you haven't if you have too much money you don't know what to do with like if you're in the air to Walmart.

Buy a sports team and don't just buy any old sports team the most money.

Ever for the sports team and that's what they did CBSSports.com also adds that.

One would instantly become the NFL's.

Richest owner and have a higher net worth than the NFL's six richest owners combined. This guy now has the biggest dick at the table when it comes to the NFL. Ownership. The biggest pick on field, of course, belongs to Josh Allen doing some fun money math. You know, as we did with Stefon Diggs when he signed his contract.

Contract extension is, if you're not familiar, Denver is known as the Mile High City because it's exactly one mile above sea level, 5280 feet. So if we break down the sale, 4.6. $5 billion and 5280 feet, that means that Walton paid $880,681 per every foot of elevation to buy this team. And the team is actually looking to probably be have some noise out there in the AFC West because they got former Seahawk Russell Wilson at the helm still with Sierra is the curse real?

We will find out. But putting a run for the money for the other teams in that division, it's a stacked one. You got Justin Sherbert with the Chargers, you got Patrick Mahomes with the Chiefs, and you got Derek Carr with the Raiders. So it should be fun. But now there's more money backing the Broncos. So if you have 4.6.

$5 billion floating around, you too could buy an NFL team. Now, sticking with money and just shaving that down to the pennies at this point, relatively speaking. Cooper Kupp wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, signed a contract extension worth $80 million for three years. And again playing around with the fund math. What can you do with all this money?

Because there's too much goddamn money for.

Even 80.

Million dollars. What would I do with $80 million? Don't get me started. But what could Cooper Kupp do with $80 million? Seeing as how he already has a fat contract this is just the extension. Well, given that he's in L.A. Tinsel town where they make movies.

He could use.

This extension, money, all of it to fund the production for the sequel of morbus, which I've heard wasn't a good movie, but i guess due to all the memes, there's jokes that they might make a second one. And if cooper kupp somehow is in that minority of really liking the film and wanting to see the story progress in the sequel, he could front that cost and make it happen.

And the first one first, more obvious costs about $75 million to make. He just signed an $80 million extension. Cooper ball's in your court I also got here man wins Buffalo Marathon while pushing his two year old son asleep in his stroller. Lucas McInerney ran the marathon in 2 hours 33 minutes and 32 seconds for reference it takes me probably it would take me I've never done it it would take me probably that amount of time to run five miles wouldn't without pushing a kid.

He finished the race with his son Sutton by then nodding off 16 seconds ahead of the next runner. So wrap your head around this this guy entered the Buffalo Marathon as a contender to win. And instead of doing it, how most marathoners do just running by themselves. He's like, I would bring my little, little tech along. And lo and behold, he won the whole damn thing.

McEnany said he's never spoken more during a run than he did at the Buffalo Marathon, referring to his young son. And I've never talked more in a marathon. So instead of keeping your breath down, making sure your blood's getting all the oxygen, he's pushing his stroller. And then and little Sutton is in the struggling.

Chicken wing saying.

Yes, yeah, we're going to get some very Josh Allen. We got to out absolutely insane at the long distance to me is one of the greatest feats that man can do man and woman, humans can do because it's set right. The humans, we're not the fastest in short distances but we are by far the best endurance animals on the planet.

Most of us may know that this is not the case so this is incredibly impressive and it's close to home, relatively speaking. Is this in Buffalo? I am not in Buffalo. I'm very far away from Buffalo. While Sutton, the son, crossed the finish line. First, the rules state you actually have to run the marathon. So his dad is technically, technically the winner.

But Sutton, he did pass first. So maybe challenge that when you get a little bit older, be like, no, I want to be the youngest marathon winner in history. Yeah. If you want to read more about that story, as I mentioned, all the links are at Swain Limited dot com. Click the show links and breaks down. There's links, there's gifs.

You can relive the episode just through articles and videos and photos, or you can just follow along because on YouTube I got to blur it out because it's not a piss off the almighty algorithm war copyright flags and then we just sink all our chances. All right. This is going on here in the deep shot, staying in Buffalo.

Josh Allen, as you can see from the setting, as we've heard on the show, he's a big inspiration to the show. And OTAs have begun for the NFL and Buffalo is no different and Josh Allen is no different because this is Mr. Josh in a move.

And a little kick, kick, flip throw.

Now, at this point, if you're venturing on TikTok or Instagram, reels, me personally, I like the Instagram rails. Your algorithm has probably been hooked on to the moment. You don't wiggle, wiggle, it folds that's all I can play in my head when I watch this. Ten years to hammer away in the mid 40 once one lap away from the completion of another quarter our old the flux space suit from the Yamaha man the laces so if you're listening sounds like something with a motor it is these are these krautrock bits that they race around tracks and they get their knee like back close to the ground and as they make their turns so far pretty

normal. I don't watch a lot of these races but still pretty typical. See what happens.

To have trouble. Can you believe this? On the last lap, Alexis far grow is withdrawing from this but.

You got to count how many laps are how long the races before you jump into victory formation because with one lap to go.

This dude.

This driver, this racer or rider do they call riders because they're off their motorbikes thinks the race is over, crosses a lap to begin the final lap and goes ha, yeah, I've done it. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Race is still going on.

I told them to up three on the look.

And his crew chief or whoever this is is like oh you plugging into head count and they have to have communications in the helmets, like.

One more lap to go, you fuck.

But maybe not. It's motorbikes. I'm kind of coming at this blind fast up.

He got his hand up we just saw there for him our team came through.

So he's a also I mean the sport is really impressive because I mean they're going like hundred 75 miles an hour on two wheels and no protection. This is arguably a little bit more impressive because he kind of pulls off the track and he's just he thinks the race is done. He's kind of doing his slow, you know, progression.

He's going to go to the winner's circle and he's doing so without hands on on the handles and that's for a motorbike, even for a bicycle. Me, completely honest. I don't have the core strength. I never had even as a kid to ride the bike with my hands down, not touching the handlebar and riding along this guy doing on a motorbike.

But keep in mind, this race is still ongoing.

We put him down the main straight.

Given thumbs up.

Does he think the race. Oh, he looks back he checks is blind spot and he's like.

Why is everyone still going so fast?

Just finished up the course. He's really good, nice. And then.

He gets back on.

It just for good.

We thought there's another guy in the in the pit crew just like Flock Dammit.

It was a mechanical he thought the race was over. He's made an incredible miscalculation. Likes his father. He thought he's home grown three was over. He thought he taking second place.

So this rider, it was his homecoming. He was a favorite to the home crowds like, hey, that's our guy's name is Alex asparagus expert Esper Guero pardon me. And dude, just dingus that up so hard.

That's one of the most incredible blunders I've ever seen.

It's a blunder. That's exactly what that.

Is, I think. Who needs to second it? Hey, boss. Lowering the motor to drop tray. Some really unbelievable scenes here in Barcelona. Premature celebration for Alex's father. He thought he'd taken a half full second place. He's dropped down to finish.

And that's where he finished. Could have taken second which I mean something to celebrate. Second place right now, you get a podium. Podium finish, you still didn't win. So I guess it could be worse. It could always be worse because he could have been in the lead and gone.

Thank you. Thank you.

And then gotten past and got I mean, he still lost his podium positioning came in fifth. He was in second. He had a good thing going. You don't know what the leader's going to do. There's still a chance on the last lap. He it's exciting. But this guy, big old dingus, all right. Next thing here on the deep shots before we get into country, strong rugby, the sport, if you're familiar with it, do you know how the rules work?

Good on you. You know more than me, but it's pretty much American football with no protection. But also not, you know, T-Bone hits at full speed for the most part, they're tackling. I've watched a bit of rugby in my time. You can tackle someone. You do. You do something with the ball where you can't you got to. It's I don't know.

I don't know how the sport works. I just understand that it is a sport. But you got to think, you know, the sport's been around for a long time. They haven't implemented. Sometimes you'll see like the the little like hat, like head cushion things. But for the most part, professionally, it's just they look like soccer players, just big, huge, beefy soccer players.

And, you know, NFL has been making strides for a while now to improve player safety in rugby. You would think after all this time they haven't implemented any sort of protective gear, then it's relatively safe. Right? You not having people's heads get knocked out with how the game is played. But this clip here shows you in the head still can get knocked out.

Take a look Swoopes Stanley takes off Scott this key or smother he knocked him out so if you're listening man's running down the field with the rugby as a rugby ball I don't know if they call it a football as well It looks like one it's like a big elongated rotund football. Well, he's running down well let me go back to running down does like a little like dribble he like bounces it off of off the pitch and then continues picking up running it and there isn't anyone near him I mean he's on a he's on a fresh break sprint trying to get down to the to score the rugby goal which I do know

that when you do score in rugby the referees go yes. Instead of you know touchdown it's so he's he's running he's he's doing something productive for his team. And as this little pixilated smudge comes up to try and defend it, I don't know like technically what you're supposed to do in the terms of rules to stop the dude with the ball.

But he goes and kicks it and you can kick and rugby at times that I'm not familiar with, it's established. I don't understand the sport, but I do understand what happens here.

He kicks the ball and it looks like instead of the ball, he kicks dude's head. Oh man, he's a splendid smother.

He knocked him out and he was knocked out there. That's that's unbelievable. Now let's get that in slow motion. Is the ball coming down? That really matters. Oh, so you didn't kick him in the head? He kicked the ball in the head and he's running. I mean, this is, this is crossing. It's crossing right there. That ball is supposed to be long gone.

The rocket set hits the dude straight in the face immediately after take off and good night. He's limp now. He's out. Yeah. To one more goose or I don't think those balls are soft either. There's no context post for this week.

Anything else? I mean, he's on the ground is supported there. Oh, they're just going to keep replaying it. Oh, gosh. Nick did get yanked. They're a little bit different than the NFL as far as just cycling the replay of, you know, this guy, he could have neck injury, could be paralyzed. From neck down his face, could be torn, caved in depending on how tough that rugby ball is in the NFL.

It happens once. Oh, God, I can't remember. His name was last season. Chargers player caught the ball. The way he got hit was weird, knocked him out cold. And Joe Buck, the commentator with Troy Aikman, probably the worst duo on television, you know, made the comment they didn't show the replay I had to go on Twitter to see, you know, I to see how how it happened.

Oh, no, never mind. Let me back up. The touchdown was ruled a touchdown on the play and the camera guy who runs onto the field to show the player celebrating like right there runs up to this guy, this player that gets knocked out and just puts the camera right on his face and he's just is is gone. He's knocked the fuck out and the punch people complain.

I think Fox was doing the broadcast like.

You can't show that.

That's that's.

Awful. This is a violent sport. Check out rugby. No, keep playing.

It over and over and over again and show the dude on the field. He doesn't have a helmet to protect him to see what's really going on. He's out in the open. He's in shorts and a shirt. They didn't hit the and just knocked out. Now, with all that out of the way, let's get good.

Good green.

Euro cool. Just don't play the weak. Oh, rowdy. This is a redemption from last week because I really wish the almighty algorithm would have saved the footage from the world's strongest man. Multiple countries round from last week.

But alas, we move on. And here we have this looks like peewee football. Before I even play this, take a look at this. There's a I mean, these are young kids. Most of them are young kids. They're smiling probably living, you know, this show. And you have these Migos, somebody in the back, he's at least like 35. Let's take a look.

Rim is get started off the bat. Oh, it's a hand of missing their running back. This largest man on the team and he's playing running back horn. Let me restart it and we're just going to let it run out in the handoff. Good strong Jim quarterback he thinks Somalis are in charge go and he's going oh he's going he's not very fast he's still.

Going to try to get him but they can they could Chris Strong 00.

There's the country strong junior farm league.

If I've ever seen one not that fast but makes up for it in country strong size.

He's a super wrestler part of Manitou he doesn't even get touched by the opposing team it just this cornerback goes in to Dolph ran him over and even does the lunges is arm forward that's a truck stick if I've ever seen one country strong takes off big just impeccable blocking from the line that is half he is sad just gets the hole in his home brain keep on running you hear the parents there shouting get him you get him you can't let this happen then that ain't the case he's going to take it down and you know he's number 9898 are not supposed to touch the ball but the tell you what those are the

biggest urges I have. The bigger the number gets in junior football, that's the bigger you are.

9899. You ain't much bigger tonight if you are, you ain't getting out of your chair to play some football. But these guys.

Two numbers away actually one number away and he is country strong taking down there by running it through again at the very end after he crosses the.


You have little living.

Here I mean that's a low number trying to do what he does take him down he just kind of I'm going to grab around your belt and hopefully it'll.

Slow you to indulge in this this I would say this more, but this ain't a boy. This is a man playing peewee champ football in his country. Strong.

Oh, oh, culture strong. Who wow.

How do you follow that? Well, we're going to grab some clips. We're going to try and we're going to try and try to scrub my clip. Clip as well. The country strongest plays I've seen wow. All right. Let's focus. Focus. We got clips to scrub. We got clips to scrub. So this first one I'm going to set the scene here because this was tied to this came to me in a very weird circumstance.

So I've mentioned before on the deep shot that I am in a fantasy formula e league. It's the formula racing. But instead of gas powered internal combustion motors, they're electric cars and they're faster shit. And it's it's a fun sport. To watch. There's, you know, little zones. You can drive it. I've explained it before. If you're interested in racing, you can look it up.

If not, I won't bore you with the details. But with it being a international sport, these races, this last one occurred in Jakarta, so completely different time zone. The other side of the world. I couldn't wake up at 3 a.m. to watch the race, so I recorded it. And in watching the recording on the DVR, right, you start having commercials get recorded as well.

There was something about this broadcast where every single commercial break was a PSA and not just one PSA. Per commercial break. You know, sharing is carrying time, kindness. Pass it on. Not just like an isolated one. Multiples per commercial break normally. Right? It's a DVR recording why don't you just fast forward through it so well, I was in the middle of making dinner or whatever, and then the trend started to catch it.

I was like, what are with all these PSA ads? And this one here really caught my eye because now we're we're in the new age of advertising. We're in the new age of the world. Welcome to it. If you haven't been ushered in, this is what we live in. And it just caught my eye. So this is a PSA.

I'm going to play it and we'll talk about it.

Hey, can you check the Pineapple Chuck Papa promo nope. I'm high.

How about I wash off the grapes? Yes. OK, you're.

Already making good decisions when you're high. I want tacos. Will you drive me a little toasty nope. I'm high.

Let's order in. Don't make an exception when it comes to driving. If you feel different, you drive different. Valid point. I've admittedly in my youth operated motor vehicles were under the influence of THC, and it's fucking terrifying. There's the whole thing right? When you when you drink and drive dangerous. When you're high and you drive you wait for the stop sign to turn green.

It's just interesting to me because I don't watch a whole lot of TV outside of sports that we've now moved away from. And a cracking open the pan this is your brain on drugs or the one where the kids are sitting on the couch and the girl is completely deflated. It's like I'm on marijuana now. It's like it's dangerous.

Don't do it. You'll feel good and not want to move. But now we're getting it. I mean, this is the Ad Council and the NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There you go. This is their PSA. They've just they've accepted it. They're like, hey, everyone's getting high. Let's just let people know you shouldn't shouldn't drive for you while you're high.

And I condone that. 100%. It's just very strange. It's like, now the man right this authority figure, a national administration's like I mean, people what do people do at home that's safe? But it could be dangerous cutting a pineapple when they're high. OK, turn that into not driving while high and so it was really strange. Very strange.

Next clip if I'm offending anybody, all right? I'm just simply saying I come out here to see you prepping the chicken and this is the flavor salt, pepper, onion powder. I'm not going to eat it. There's no flavor in this house. I asked for hot sauce and all you got me was ketchup.

I can't ever go to Flavor Town. I can't enjoy my dinner. I'm done. Stop the films. Seriously, I'm not eating chicken with salt and pepper on it.

So if you're listening, this just sounds like a woman who is passionate about her cuisine. If you're watching, tells a different story, equal passion with the cuisine, maybe a little bit too much. She is wearing a t shirt that was designed to be a t shirt, but given her gut because she loves cuisine so much, it is now turned into a crop top.

And she's walking around with a pan with tinfoil on it, freaking out to whoever holding just three simple spices, salt, pepper, and maybe some garlic powder or something. And she says it. She says, I hear she can't. Yeah, let me find it.

Oh, I'm going to eat it. There's no flavor in this house. I asked for hot sauce, and all you got me was extra simple request.

You want hot sauce with your chicken, you should get hot sauce.

Not ketchup.

So she takes a second and just just it's just catching up with her. The reality that she's living, that she's eating bland, boring chicken.

She has advanced taste buds.

She can't just get away with the simple stuff. And how does she articulate that?

I can't ever go to Flavor Town.

I can't ever go to Flavor Town, because all you present me is salt, pepper, ketchup, and bullshit.

What am I? How do I enjoy my life? If I can't go to Flavor Town.

I can't enjoy my dinner. I'm done. Stop the films.

And if I was enraged like this, when it comes to food and it's happened before, I identify with this woman strife. If I raged like this and I saw there was a camera on me and my t shirt was a crop top when it wasn't designed to be, I wouldn't just.

My most.

Heightened response and statements wouldn't be I can't ever go to Flavor Town. It would be.

Turn that fucking.

Camera off right fucking now. But instead she just accepts it. She is more upset that her chicken will be bland than the fact that now she's on the internet. She's ended up right here on the street parade.

Oh, it sounds to be this summer. You're a boy. Oh, boy. This game is balls like. Oh, again, is honestly freaky.

If you're listening of.

This clip as two pit bulls. One of them it's on its back completely spread eagle legs are out its head top of its head is hitting the the patio stone whatever that is kind of licking just enjoying just oh, this other pit bull standing upright normal.

Going to town on this pooches beanbag and pooper.


Sounds horror beat is some of your.

These if I'm not mistaken or French bulldogs in this fits the mold these are a very sexual breed of dog.

Oh boy oh.

He's just up like this is the greatest feeling he is getting his ass gooch and balls eaten from his compadres dog tongue getting his.

Balls like oh again is honestly freaky.

So like I said French bulldogs if these are what this breed is I encountered one once multiple times but once I actually have a video of it, I need to. I will share that next week. I have a video of this French bulldog is sitting down regular dog sit ass down. You know how dog sit. Why am I explaining this to you?

But this dog this girl dog takes her paw and starts flicking her dog beam and kind of gyrating her her butt and and licking just as a weird breed of dog. So this this definitely fits the mold of eating ass gooch and balls. So if you want a sexual dog, you want to see if you want a dog to this weird sexual shit to itself or get two of them and it's a party.

Get a French bulldog because I know you all. I know t.


OK, we OK. So let me set the scene for you listeners here. This is a screen recording of a text thread. That's where the sound is coming from. I promise you. First text in the in the thread from the sender, not the recorder. I'm trying to suck that dick tonight. What's up? Person replied, Deal. And then where that noise came from was the woman on the other end of the phone.

Did the the apple bit emoji, whatever, where it does a face tracking, you can make your your apple emoji talk or you can be a unicorn or whatever she does it with hers. You know, she's got this blond hair here and she's mimicking how she's going to give that top agency the the emoji face because I know you all.

I know t I mean this here's the thing. She already closed the deal. She's like, hey, can I suck your dick? Garrity said, Yeah, sure. She's like, well, just in case, if you're still on the fence, even though you're not dealing with this, you can't go crazy with it. She's got to go crazy.

This is like one of those things where it's like, hey, let me come over in second deck or come over and let me see your deck. It's like, I can't. I don't have a car. Then that could sent and then, you know, some obscure form of transportation on their way getting a message.

Like that, which.

Is subtly sexual, that'll make you drive ten over the speed limit to get to where you're going I mean, she's ready. She took the time to record her apple emoji, her purpose. I know what they're called. Shit. Just to show. Hey, this is this is what you're getting if you get over here, it's like I am on my way oh, oh.

So this this woman's at the gym doing pull ups, and I don't know if there's a band, a resistance band here. I don't know if that's for assistance. It's wrapped around her foot, and I think that's just. Yeah, helping her do her pull ups. It's less than her full body weight. The only problem is, is the band slips and shoots.

Oh, right up in her coat. Coach Kerch asked and cut her cooch. Just slap. So let's get the sound again. Oh, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, now, of course, I've only limited to the experience of being racked in the nuts, which, in this case, this person does not have that I'm aware of. But I've been told from women that when you get a punt in the con, so to speak, it doesn't feel good.

And I think it makes sense to me. It's your mid-section, your nether regions. There's not supposed to be hard, fast moving, blunt force objects moving towards it. It's OK. Hash that out. They came out wrong. But either way, I mean, the thing snaps. I want to get the sound one more time for you. Oh, oh, yeah. I mean, you could tell there's some resistance on that.

Oh, Eddie here, too. There's other people in the gym. She's filming herself for her fitness page. Or whatever. Oh, this is this was here. This is from the Udub Chicks on Instagram. Just University of Washington, if I'm not mistaken. That's right in our backyard. We're getting. Yeah, yeah, that's. That's U-dub. So I've never used resistance bands. I have some that I hopefully will start using here soon, and I won't do that.

Because there's no coming back from that. I mean, thankfully, most of her stuff is internal, so it's still probably hurt. But if that was on a pair of nuts, oh, you go from that French bulldog getting his salad tossed, that good feeling. This is the opposite. It's getting smacked.

This next clip is so moist.

And you're so this is just so I like each other OK, again, if you're listening, I'm more than happy to explain what's going on there's a man with jeans on that don't have ass covers their assless denim. And attached to his butt are some sort of clips, clamps or whatever that are on there. And attached to those clamps is a bungee cord.

And he has squatted over. It seems to be a sizable drop. Let's continue on this tour so I mean, this this is in this is from the look at this Russian Instagram page. I have to assume these are Russians, not part of the military by the looks of it, but it looks like Russian jackass like this just looks like a set up to some something Stevo would do.

How do you say Steve on Russian in wow. Oh he jumped he jumped. Oh God he jumped. I remember there clamps on his ass cheeks. There's no buffer. It's going to get the full force of his body weight coming down on the bungee uh, or he would be able to sit for a week for a month. Ha. I wish a new Russian maybe be able to understand them a bit more, because I don't get it.

All right, let's round out the show here. Has been a fun one. I just want to give one final shout out to the parade. Plus, Infinity members who monetarily support the show shout out to AJ Joe Michael Davis. Reverend Tanner, Mills, Quinn, Tyler and Dan, the dad. Again, do you want to support the show by not just listening and viewing, which, by the way, that's really all that I ask of you.

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Thank you for your support and thank you for listening and watching likened subscribe bleed reviews all that yada yada yada. I mean that's that&#