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Lil Bit'a News


Vancouver wishes ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to goose, then replaces eggs with infertile decoys



Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes



Hacked Brazil airport screens show porn to travelers

Clip: https://twitter.com/jornaloglobo/status/1530219493212946432?s=21&t=TdNOuHv9MB9mb-8x3EkxsQ



State rep. floats mandatory vasectomies for all boys as his state nears nation’s strictest abortion law



WILD NEWS: A man developed sudden amnesia after having sex with his wife



The Deep Shot


Don’t bring a knife to an Aaron Donald fight



Daniel Ricciardo is Bills Mafia



Indy 500 Crash






Former NFL DB Brendan Langley makes hands take flight



COUNTRY STRONG: Where the Buffalo roam



Scrub My Clip


Memorial Day dedication



Hog Prom



Put it in park



Squidward can’t get any respect



New York dog park



MOIST CLIP: Highway Bananas




Now you can only imagine what kind of top the missus is given to this man because he's he's literally losing his mind It's this sway parade with shock sway Welcome in to the Sway Parade. My name is Chuck Sway, and this is the parade. And if you're watching on YouTube, you might be thinking to yourself, well, this ain't the normal spot where the show's recorded.

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Already with that out of the way. Let's get into the news. What's the big deal, fella? It's just a little big news.

First story coming a little bit late. We're almost a month removed from Mother's Day but up in Canada, they do it a little bit different. So take a look. Vancouver wishes. Happy Mother's Day. It's a goose. The hen replaces eggs with infertile decoys. Yep. The polite and kind Canadians stick to their roots of being polite and kind. But then also, they're complete savage ears with this goose.

Let's read more and see what this story entails. A nesting Canada goose that made headlines over the weekend for receiving VIP treatment at the Vancouver Convention Center. And I should note, if you're an American center doesn't end an E.R., it's the Queen's English. So it's our center will no longer be a mother. This goose. Vancouver's Board of Parks and Recreation has replaced her freshly laid eggs with frozen ones.

Monday, May 9th. That morning, on its ongoing effort to reduce the city's goose population. Canadian geese, by the way. Convention Center staff discovered the goose on Friday, keeping your eggs warm atop its Pacific Terrace and immediately jumped into action to keep her safe ahead of Mother's Day. They use belt stanchions to cordon off the area around her and worked with heli jet to divert a helicopter that was set to land nearby.

So this goose is laid out, got its eggs excited to be a mother, I'm sure. And the Canadian Vancouver's Parks and Recreation were like, hey, let's let's keep the helicopter away. This goose is doing its thing. But then they remove the eggs. In a statement Tuesday, the board said its actions were in line with its annual Canada Geese management practices.

It says an overpass population of the birds wreak havoc on Vancouver's public space. So on one end, you got Happy Mother's Day to this goose. And on the other hand, it's like, fuck this goose. We're taking your eggs because there are too many of you dealing with the population issues. Well, celebrating Mother's human and beyond. But sometimes you got to you got to pump the brakes on the population.

Next story, and this is a follow up on last week's clip of Madonna's NFT. Madonna came out and said a lot of thought went into her Foley nude photos of her giving birth to centipedes. And she's defending her NFT as art after criticism of the work which made was made from real, you know, all made from real scans of her vagina.

So that wasn't just an artist's rendition. That was real Madonna plus the entertainer. 63 by the way, teamed up with the digital artist artist Beatle to create the collection Mother of Creation, which depicts a nude Madonna giving birth to trees, butterflies and other insects. If you want to see the link to those, NFT is there on the show notes from last week's episode.

You can go and check it out. According to Donna, the mother of Creation series connects the ways people create life to the way they create art. So she is a mother of art. And some critics out there are trying to be like the Canadian Parks and Recreation in Vancouver to take her motherhood away from her. And she says, No, this is art.

She said, I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman's vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity. Now, when I recorded last week's episode, it was actually the previous week, so they had not yet sold. But as of today, each three pieces of work.

The NFT is of the mother of creation series have sold one for 135,000, another for 346,000, and the last one for 146,000. So the NFC and crypto market is tanking, but Madonna vagina stock is going up. Next story hacked Brazil Airport Screens Show Porn to travelers. Brazil's Airport Authority in Ferrero, which is a badass name for airport security said Friday it has notified the Federal Police over an apparent hack into electronic displays at an airport in Rio de Janeiro.

Instead of advertised phones and flight information, travelers were shown pornographic movies. Now, this is not the first story that we've shared on this show. A lot of porn making it into places where it might not there might not necessarily be it shouldn't be there, but alas, there's porn in the airport in Brazil. Video clips on social media showed travelers in the Santos Dumont airport laughing at the displays, hiding them from their kids or just plain stunned.

And we can take a look here. There was a tweet. I did some digging to try and find some sort of video or photo proof. And this is the best I could get. But let's take a list here. And omit this. And coming around the corner and all that is not flight information. That is someone getting their cheeks clapped and then here's a still so this is a popular adult website.

It looks like X videos, if I'm not mistaken, out on the airport so instead of trying to get information on when your next flight is leaving, you're getting cheeks clapped and they did a decent job at blurring this. Now the blur is posted action. If you were there at the airport, you weren't seeing any blurs. You were straight C and PS in vs just cheeks getting clapped people just casually walking by just trying to get to their next flight.

Oh, what a sight indeed. Well, let's read a little bit more into this. We stress that the content shown in our media screens is a responsibility of the companies who have advertisement rights said in Ferrero. So passing the blame on to someone else, it said its partners use their own system of publication, which has no connection to Emperor's flight information.

System. Hands up. It wasn't us. Look at the advertisers. We condone accurate flight information, not hardcore pornography. And Ferrero said at it's turned off the screens that have been hacked. Good move. Great move. Actually want to clean up the blame here it's always got to point the fingers, but that's a harmless hack to a degree, right? It's not hurting anyone except their eyeballs because you're not typically used to seeing porn in the airport.

But at least it's not. You know, it could that's what I'm getting at is it could be far worse. So porn not that big a deal, but in Ferraro, they want nothing to do with it. Next story, state representative floats mandatory vasectomies to all boys in his state as his state nears nation's strictest abortion law. In what state are we talking about?

Well, that's the great state of Oklahoma. And they are gearing to enact the most restrictive reproductive law in the country outlawing abortion at fertilization. Session. And one of the state lawmakers is proposing an entirely different way of looking at things. State Representative Mickey Dolan's floated the idea last week of legislation that would mandate vasectomies to every boy in the state once they hit puberty.

So your balls drop, you start growing pubes, you're breaking out, your body's changing, and then you have to report to a mandatory vasectomy provided by the state of Oklahoma, Dolan said. That the vasectomy would only be reversible when they reach the point of financial and emotional stability. Now, this is a pretty bold approach trying to combat the very strict abortion laws in the state.

And honestly, I think he makes a point. I mean, young, young boys and young men as they blossom into young men, are the horniest creatures on the planet. And so it seems only proper to maybe not require vasectomies for all young boys, but suggests they be like, Hey, this is a good idea. Come and get this procedure, hump away at your leisure.

And then when you're ready, when you have a good job, it's stable. When you're making decisions a little bit more, you know, thoughtful, then go back into the state vasectomy department and unsnap the snip and spread your seed everywhere so will this become law in Oklahoma? I don't think so. I doubt it. But it's a decent idea. And as someone who is looking into such a procedure to preserve my own sanity and financial ability a not a bad move, but we need to we need to put vasectomies.

We need to perform vasectomies on all minors. In Oklahoma. We'll see what the parents will have to say about that. But if you thought that was wild, wait until this wild news story before we get into it. I just want to draw up a line. If you find any crazy story out there in the news, feel free to send it my way.

Deem it to me on social media at Chuck Underscore Sway or email howdy at Sway unlimited dot com and we'll be sure to featured on the show and give proper credit. Now let's check out this wild news story. Oh, the idea that some wild needs a man developed sudden amnesia after having sex with his wife a man got amnesia 10 minutes after having afternoon sex with his wife, temporarily wiping his memory of the previous day and rendering him unable to retain new information.

Doctors have said this man came so hard that he forgot everything. The 66 year old man became distressed after he looked at his phone after sex one afternoon, saw the date and thought that he'd forgotten his wedding anniversary when in fact he'd celebrated it with his wife and family the day before, doctors in Limerick, Ireland, said in a case report published by the official Journal of the Irish Medical Organization.

Again, different English on this one as well. Organization doesn't have a Z, and as an ass, the more you know, the memory loss lasted for an hour, with the man repeatedly questioning his wife and daughter over the events of the morning and the previous day, the man who was not identified in the case report visited in an emergency room and had a completely normal neurological examination by the time he got there.

So he was fit as a whistle, but also couldn't remember shit and his balls were promptly drained. Doctors diagnosed him with transient global amnesia or TGA, a benign condition that causes sudden, short term memory loss and the inability to form new memories. Any memory loss typically lasts four to 6 hours without the need for treatment, but can last up to 24 hours.

The steward lost his mind. He busted and then forgot he hit it and quit it. And there is nothing more to say about that. That's what happened and I. I can only imagine being in that situation where you're just like, oh, uh oh.

Uh oh.

Who am I here? What the hell? The doctors who authored the report said a repeat of the Oh my God, can I speak words? Rapid sieve questions and an inability to retain answers are key features of TGA. Who am I? Who am I? You're. You're my husband. Well, where am I? In the bedroom. What am I? What not full of calm.

I could tell you that much. Most cases have been reported in men between the ages 50 and 70. We don't know exactly what causes TGA but it has been linked to several activities, including physical exertion, immersion in cold or hot water, emotional stress, pain and sex. The man in the case report had experienced the exact same phenomenon seven years prior.

So this is not the hardest, allegedly, that this guy has came because he's had his memory wiped from it before. I can only imagine what kind of top the missus has given to this man because he's he's literally losing his mind. TGA can happen to a person more than once. As established though. Exactly how often is not agreed upon?

Well, I think I have a new goal in life. I want to come so hard that I forget who I am. This episode of the Sway Parade is brought to you by parade plus supporters shout out to AJ, Joe, Michael Davis, Reverend Tanner, Mills, Quinn, Tyler, and my dad. If you would like to support the show head on over to Sway Unlimited dot com, click the pricing and sign up for a parade.

Plus plan prices start as low as $6.90 a month now without another way let's get back to the show could destroy like that big belly.

Shop you get the restless dirty shot.

Tons of fun stuff this week in the deep shot first off we're in the NFL off season which means that there are players that are training for the upcoming season and Aaron Donald Super Bowl champion from last year he's doing training but he's taking it to a different level. Let's take a look at history running with knifes, not dodging hands, dodging knives in his training, making sure that his body stays on stabbed, which just plays to the age old.

Don't bring a knife to an Aaron Donald fight because he's blocking all of this. Look at this. He's he's avoiding it like it was nothing and he's getting to the quarterback. So this goes to show that even if you are equipped with knives as an offensive lineman in the NFL and you're going up against Aaron Donald, he's going to get past you.

Good luck stabbing him. You'll be able to stab the next guy but not Aaron Donald. All right. Next one, staying kind of in football. This was submitted by Taylor. This is oh, I need to back up a second. I need to find the proper clip. Here it is.

Still on the Bills Mafia hype today. Question mark. Well, I'm going to answer that right now. Absolutely. Even more so than what I was on this day that the photo was taken.

So this is Formula One driver Daniel Ricardo showing his love for Bills Mafia as one of the premier drivers. I think I'm not too equipped in Formula One, but I know his name. I've watched a few episodes of that Netflix series, Drive Just Survive, Road to Victory, whatever it's called. And it's good to know their support and the racing world for Josh Allen and the Bills and staying and racing.

We have the Indianapolis 500 over the weekend and once a good race without a neat crash. Let's take a look at this it looks like Colton's locked in. All right there are those on power. Let's see what happened here. It just loosened up with them. Come around the corner all getting a little little wobbly and all over front end cargoes airborne got it.

And just skirt's upside down completely inverted here comes a little bit of a misdirection and misguide on the turn and just taters the back end. And when those cars get up, they're getting into the air. Supposedly the driver, Colton Herta, was OK. Thankfully, but like I was watching the Monaco races in Formula One over the weekend and just taking a moment of appreciation that humans can drive that quick and make those fast reactions.

Shit like this is bound to happen. And what do you think? Just riding in the race car, driving a race car. It's a wild ride. This is wild there. You're flip it over, but he's OK. Good. Here's a view in the cockpit and the camera probably won't last very long on this one. It loses, it tries to save it.

Oh, and then bye bye camera. So the winner of the Indianapolis 500 was former F1 driver Marcus Erickson. And I always forget with the Indy 500, they always drenched themselves in milk so here's a nice image here of Markus Erickson just loving his milk as I move on this was also submitted by Taylor. This is a Russian wrestling basketball.

And this is just this is just all man right here in the singlets. Not a whole lot of dribbling. It's different rules because you can take more than two sets but just know so this this guard, if I think they're going to call the same position in this version of basketball, goes up for a layup and just gets checked mid air.

Now it's fair to assume that all of these players here are wrestlers first and hoopers second. So they're going to default to what they know best which is wrestling moves. I can see here in the corner they're kind of locked up here. But I've had this happen to me in a regular game of basketball not not wrestling basketball.

I went up for a layup and we were playing against a guy that probably doesn't play basketball too often. And might as well been a wrestler because I went up and he essentially did the same thing as this guy does here in the read, just checks the dribbler, the shooter and he falls down and that night couldn't have they couldn't have felt good at all.

But our next thing here in the Deep Shot, this is a former NFL player that wound up in the news at a New Jersey airport. Let me pull his name here Brandon Langley. So he was a third round pick by the Denver Broncos in 2017 and he did sign with the Calgary Stampede our Canadian Football League team but then he was arrested and charged with simple assault whatever that means.

Let's take a look at the video here and see what simple what is simple about this assault and this altercation oh OK we're setting the scene here we have a United Airlines employee walking up to Mr. Brandon Langley and slapping him just kind of a bit slap on the face. Langley looks at the passer bys, people taking videos like do you see that?

You see him hit me, ding, ding, ding. It's fucking on. And let's take a look here. Oh, quick hook another hook over the counter. Oh, and he is down. Almost landed on the baggage carousel the go onto the flight. He's all come by, Billy. He's already bleeding. That was a clean shot. He's ready for more. Let's go let's keep going.

I didn't hear no bell. Let's go. I'm ready. I'm ready. He's talking it's like this is his fault. You saw it. So that's simple assault or simple battery. What was the charge here? Simple assault. Pretty simple. Just throw in the hands there. Let's. Let's run it back again. Take a look. It's a good freeze frame. I mean, this guy just gets knocked the fuck out, and he's acting all tough.

Look, here's his big slap when he's looking away. He's also probably three, four inches shorter than a former NFL player. Current CFL player? No. Know what evil spirit came over him, but it's not a fight you're going to win. Most likely, he's like come on, let's go, let's go, come on. And then it's on clock. Just hit and clocked again and he topples over.

Look at the legs. Just fly over. Oh, and he's down. And you would think, all right here on the ground, you just took a licking. Just let it be over. That's it. But now he gets up slowly, kind of a little wobbly. He's got probably a big gash right by his eyebrow, and he's like, Fuck it, let's keep going then.

Then he kind of wobbles over and he's like, Whoa, you are more than slick. Like, the damage is done. The round is over, the fight is over. You lost. Now, this is self defense. He hit first this United Airlines employee. He did hit first. So what came after? He deserved it? No, I mean, no matter what words were said before, talk is cheap.

A bitch slap is worth a punch to the face. And I guess simple assault as well. Now the store has to go through the courts but I would think that this is a matter of of self-defense. It was a reaction. And so hopefully there isn't any too serious punishment. Hopefully, Mr. Brandon Langley still gets to play football because that wasn't his fault.

Now, there's also a statement here. The United Airlines worker he fought in the melee is no longer employed by the airline as a result. Oh, well, I wonder why you bitch slapping your passengers for apparently no reason. Now, again, I don't know what was said before, but you got to you got to know what to expect when you get to bitch slap.

And now let's check out kind of strong move on from this.

Just don't play.

Too weak.

All righty. We're going wild this week on country strong this year in Yellowstone. Look at where the buffalo roam. And here comes.

One across the street, flipping new mom. Good, strong style, almost lifts that.

Mansion up and down. Stay away from my herd and get going. Cause this ain't your game. This is mad. Look at that. This bison that just gets completely upended because they're like, I can £5,000 is able to land on its feet. But at the very end, it's like, OK, I'll stay on this side of the road one more time here.

Just coming in. Oh, and he looks. It's just that was a side eye type of look. I mean, this is kind of like the fight in the airport, except it's wild country drone bison right there. Just chance takes it on you get going. And for these lucky drivers touring Yellowstone there you to see what real culture strong is and that is buffaloes.

But bison, whatever you want to call them, just get eaten rand over in that there's cartridge row. Oh, my goodness. All right, let's get into scrubbing some clips scrub my clip.

Clips this week. Oh, in the Scrub my clip segment, there's some fun ones to check out. Now, today, this episode is dropped. It is Memorial Day. Hopefully you had a fun and safe time there. Barbecues that kick off the barbecue season, summers right around the corner and this guy, this chap right here, throw him on the screen. There he is.

This guy doesn't hold back when it comes to Memorial Day.

People hit me up going, you're going down a Belmont this weekend. It's going to rain because it's Memorial Day weekend. I'm going to be had rain snow, sleet, hail. It don't fucking matter. I'm going to be there. Pop my fucking face like the jerk off. I yeah. It is nothing nobody's going to do about it. All right. I got people hit me.

Pop in his face like the jerk off he is. Fuck, yeah. Memorial Day. I don't know where you are. In the world in your celebration. Memorial Day. If you're in the US, that's where it applies. But we kind of drew a short straw this year in the Pacific Northwest. A lot of rain, not a not a good kickoff, but I'm on I'm on this guy's side here.

I still did what I wanted to do, went to a barbecue, brought an umbrella. I've never had to use an umbrella before. And it it was necessary in the Memorial Day rain. But this guy gets it and hopefully you get it as well. Hopefully at a fun and safe and enjoyable Memorial Day. Next clip. This was submitted by listener Nate it's 2 minutes and 20 seconds long.

I haven't watched the entirety of this video, so we're going to watch it together. And if you're listening, I'll provide commentary so here we have a big ole semi truck using a Jake break to slow down here. That downshift right there and it's in a parking lot here. This truck is approaching and the trailer in the back looks not like a regular trailer that you ship pallets in.

This looks like a livestock trailer and indeed it is here comes the truck coming around the corner Big ole 18 wheeler taking the wide turns Oh yeah that is a livestock trailer now what could be inside this trailer Oh right on the curb a little bit that's OK this beast can take it rolling up into the parking lot.

Well no.

Not off that air horn I only got music now what is that this is thunderstruck so I'm going to have to drop down this audio circuit. A flag for copyright. But this is Walden's livestock auction. Big old banner on the side. Are they going to let some livestock out of this parking lot? We'll see if we got someone going up.

Opening the gate. Doesn't look to be full of sheep or cow or or anything like that. Oh, if they blow this up, it looks like it's from oh, this is near little mesas in Texas. I think somewhere. Somewhere down there where livestock is often traded they rolled up to the dance. They got their bolo ties or cowboy hats and their dates all in the back of the truck.

You know what? That was a lot of resources for? I mean, how many people get I get off of this truck as livestock. 12, three ladies and four ladies and four guys, eight, eight prom goers. You need an entire 18 wheeler to make your entrance I mean, I'm just going to assume that this is in Texas and well, everything gets done bigger in Texas.

So thank you for sharing. Move on to the next clip here.

Or if you can't understand.

This is why we're concerned down here. Hopefully oh, come.

On, please. Time to stop. Oh, my God. How are.

We going to get away from the car hey.

Y'all come back. That's he's called my.

So this is a Chick-Fil-A drive through and it's one of those I haven't really seen it where the drive thru isn't just a window, it's a full blown door. And this lady is a little upset, which is strange because Chick-Fil-A is known for their hospitality for their customers. But this lady's pissed. She gets out of her car to confront the Chick-Fil-A workers and breaks the only rule that applies when you get out of your car in a rage.

Make sure that bitch is in park. She doesn't do that. She gets out of her car, car starts to roll away. She starts chasing her car and it just starts keeps rolling. You now have one, two, three, four chick flares. Outside watching this. I please, ma'am, please calm down. Your car keeps rolling. We got to call the police.

There's a one person unmanned UN woman car rolling down our drive through and the car hits the bank and goes down into it. Oh, my God. Given right now, and in true Chick-Fil-A fashion, the hospitality continues even to this asshole customer are they're going to run and try to help you with your car one, probably to make sure you're OK because you need a tow truck.

At this point, it's in an embankment, so we're going to run back. My pleasure. Can I help you your foot's broken. Let me go get a brace for you. My pleasure. Yeah. The away.

From the car.

You go and check. The car is completely out of frame at this point. It just went you down high and then the car where the video is taking the video where the car where the video was being taken. Apologies just starts to roll forward and be like, I ordered a crispy chicken sandwich with half the price. Is that that's still on deck.

And then we hear this.

Welcome back. Hey, y'all come back.

She called someone. She got someone coming, like, wait to the police, the paramedics, all them. They arrived, and then they get some chicken for their hard work. Chick-Fil-A. My pleasure. Next clip oh, no. Squidward. Oh.

Oh, what a bitch.

So if you're listening, Squidward or someone dressed up as Squidward, it's got a big, huge Squidward mascot head on is walking with a plate of drinks, maybe water. And this this woman just flips the water out of Squidward hands, and Squidward is holding on to his head so he doesn't lose it. So he's multitasking. Here, hold the water, hold the head.

Keep walking. You know the sound that Squidward makes when he walks this woman just unprovoked, just flips the water. And then, I mean, squid was handler whoever this is, this lady in the blue claps back really quick and just tosses the water on to her, and she's like.

I got run. Whoa. What now? What did I do?

They don't really care. They're just laughing. Squidward walks back, removes his head. Mike, what the fuck?

All right.

One more time. You can see he's is holding him right on us now. SpongeBob right over, making sure his squib head don't fall off and you can see here, I'll try to do this frame by frame. She brings her hands up and just smacks the water out of Squidward. His hands why? Why? Why And then just, like, looks like I did it, I'm evil.

And then promptly, karma is instant in this situation, and she gets doused. They say, What did I do? I got this. Oh, fuck. You talk to Scooter like that. There's even a dinosaur it looks like a blue grimace in the back. Like, whatever this event is, it looks like a fun time, and this bitch had to go and ruin it.

Fuck you. Next clip the dog park. I can't play audio on this because it's just a song, but this. This is a New York New York City dog park. And not only dogs are in this park, there's also a big old rat, and the dog's instincts are activating with this little rodent, this little Boston area, whatever was covering it, laying down on it.

Now, this lab or whatever this dog is just takes it in real shakes and flips the rat. The rat lands, the rest sleeps. Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. These dogs, like the owners, are just trying to keep the dogs away because you don't want your dog chewing on a nasty ass New York City rat so they're like, go, go.

And they're trying to save this rat. This rat's, like, jumping up on its hind leg. Help me.

Help me, help me, bees.

So you you walked into this mess yourself. No one asked you. And it's just trying to hobble out. The first owners are just like, no, stay, stay, stay. The dog's like, fuck that rat up. Give it to me, give it to me. Come on, now, it's tough to say how someone would react in this situation. First thing's first.

If your dog is in there, you want to keep your dog away from the rat, because that's disgusting. But then also, why not read one more rat from this world? Just go up and curb stomp it, or pick a dog whose owner is not paying attention and just let that dog go at it doing a service for the entire car park.

The disgust. Then let's check out the boys club. No one's not even the moist one.

This next clip. Mm. Is so moist.

All right. This is on the road. On the highway.

Perverting the course of justice.

So sexual so you can hear the background audio. It sounds like it's talk radio or, you know, some something's playing. It's not the swipe right to know that wish it was perverting the course, but you have this truck that comes up behind the car, behind the driver. So sexually and, you know, someone in a road rage incident who's instigating the raging on the road, you know, brake check swerves.

Kind of the typical things to do when you're pissed off at another driver and you want to get back at them. This guy takes it a step further and grabs the banana. That probably was a part of his lunch and sees that he's being filmed and just all deep throats the banana before checking it out of the window.

Just tosses it and then he's just gone. What a strange what a strange act. Of aggression. But look how much I can suck for you.

And he was he was in it for a while. I mean, let's go back to the pan here.

The whole thing.

Is like, fuck you, fuck your banana. Stands, and, and then just goes goes off casually driving off on his business. Joke's on him, though. He doesn't get his potassium fix later on at lunchtime. All right, well, that's pretty much going to do it for this. This show here as I mentioned at the top of it, hoping to be in a new studio space within the next week or so.

Excited to share it with all you who watch. And I'm also thinking about doing just kind of a little mini tour, show some of the items that are in there because I know some of them I haven't addressed in the previous set up there stories behind everything that gets shown on camera, except right now, because now it's just this dark abyss.

But before we get out of here and you see that new studio space in about a week's time, I do want to give one final shout out to the executive producers of this show and the parade plus support again, Joe, A.J., Michael Davis, Quinn Tyler, Reverend Tanner Mills and my dad. Thank you all for supporting the show. And even if you haven't given a dime to this show, if you're dedicating the hour, 45 minutes to an hour to listen to an episode, I thank you as well.

I just haven't gotten paid from you. So I don't know if you're listening or not, but if you want a shout out on the show, let me know. I'm always happy to give some love to the listeners to the listeners that make this show what it is. So that's going to do it for this week. I will see you next week, hopefully in that new studio space.

And until then, you know, keep doing your thing.

Bye now.