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Lil Bit'a News


-Republican candidate for Oregon governor Stan Pulliam confirms former membership in Portland swingers group



-Florida sheriff halts Facebook comments because too many crimes reported



-Villager who wrecked golf cart after drinking at Christmas Parade wants statements suppressed



-Fight over mayo ends in life sentence for Iowa man



The Deep Shot


-Suspect in Las Vegas crash said ghost of NASCAR driver told him to drive wrong way



-Shaquille O'Neal says gorillas freak out when he comes near



-Nothing some dirt can’t fix



-Sometimes knocked em down will make you stand straight up



-Kodak Black getting nasty at an NHL game?

Fan video https://twitter.com/i/status/1481087164305788929

Kodak’s own post https://www.instagram.com/tv/CYn6mGpDla6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


-Country Strong on the Rugby Pitch



Scrub My Clip

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-A whole 'nother meaning to the dark side



-There’s a kink for everything



-Pimpin Aint Easy in 2022



-Remember Gratata Bryan?






-That’s definitely in the splash zone



-Doom NFT



-What color makes you cum the hardest?



-Seattle. Come for the culture. Stay for the 3rd degree burns




Oh. And then he's totally into it. I got a piss all over my face. I love this. Music is my favorite band. Oh, my God. Punk rock is. I couldn't do it. It's this suede parade with Chuck Suede Welcome into the suede parade. My name is Chuck Way. And this is episode one of hopefully your new favorite podcast.

Now, here's the deal here. Once a week, there's going to be a new episode out to the public on Monday mornings at six a.m. Pacific time. Now, what does this show about? Good question. Well, we've got some segments that we're going to break down. First we're going to talk about is a little bit of news, which is just kind of to cover what's going on in the world lightheartedly.

I know news as of late with the conflict in Ukraine that it's terrible. It's awful. It is what it is. We're not going to cover it because it's a bummer. The go somewhere else to watch that because this is not the place. I'll tell you what. And then we have the deep shot. If you're familiar with previous programing that I've been on in the past, that was a full length podcast, the sports podcast surrounding, as you can see, the some of the vibes here.

Josh Allen and the Bills now we're outside of NFL season, so it's going to be more than just that. But as we progress on through the year, there'll be a lot of Bills, Mafia stuff. Reminder for those that remember who were part of the deep shot, I am going to smash a table. I still think about that. Almost every day table's going to be smashed.

I promise. There were bets that were made in previous episodes of The Deep Shot, and I'm going to deliver, I promise you. And then we also have Scrub Michael Chip. Now, this is a segment taking various videos around the Internet, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter. And we're going to preview the audio of this this segment. And all of the links will be on Sway Unlimited Dotcom bookmark that website because you'll be able to access everything that we cover on the episodes.

And then if you got some scratch, you can actually pay for a subscription that's called Parade Plus. And what that entails is what we'll get to in a little bit. And lastly, what this show is, this episode is going to be so low. The initial episodes are going to be just me covering new sports and these clips that we're going to scrub.

But there will be guests from time to time. Now, there is a contact page on Sway Unlimited dot com. If you would like to be a guest, fill out that form. I'll get an email and we'll go from there. Now, there's also a way parade discord and linked to that right now is a $ visa gift card kind of a giveaway for signing up to the newsletter and also might as well join the discord.

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We're just getting into the sorting algorithm and the popularity. So what I can ask from you is if you've made it this far, if you could just like subscribe, do all the things, you know, the spiel that rehearsed the five star review, I can subscribe share with your friends. It really is important though. It helps get the show traction helps get us going and it takes us to the to the moon I do want to mention sidebar.

minutes into the show, I'm going to try my best to keep the language PG to appease the advertisers. But after that minutes roughly. So this is going to be a dirty show. There's going to be words said that are filthy. There's going to be clips shown that are also filthy. So just now we're not we're not in church.

It is the church of the Sway Parade, though. But I feel like we need to take it a step further than just asking for please, like unsubscribe and tell your friends and share it. I think I want to get a little bit more spiritual with it. And that is why I ask you, almighty algorithm, please grant us good passage through this sea of podcasts.

Millions and millions of them. Let this one stand out as the listeners favorite and bless us with your ultimate and unlimited power. Oh, please, mighty algorithm may you sought us near the top of the charts. Amen.

If you're not religious, this will be your your little pit stop into religion because we're going to pray to the algorithm each week. Hopefully it works. Hopefully our prayers are answered. Oh, and suck a sidebar. I totally forgot about this. You can call into the show. There's a phone number. You can call sway. If you call that, leave a message.

I'll play it on the show. You don't have to be a parade. Plus, remember, you don't have to be anything Just give it a call. Leave a fun anecdote. LeVar, I've just a message. Whatever you want. I'm not even going to touch them before the show gets on. In his recording, and I'm just going to listen to it.

So surprise me. Sway . If you don't know how the letters line up with the numbers, I want to share a quick story about this, too. Obviously, the number sequence as a while lines up with the letters but this was no easy feat. This was probably a total time of like hours of just refresh cycling through numbers, refresh, refresh, refresh, trying to find a phone number that ended in .

And I went all over the country and going back to Josh Allen, I even went to Firebaugh, the town that he is from, small rural community in California. I don't think I can get a whatever the Erica was a fireball your phone number that'd be pretty sweet but . It's Los Angeles area that's not where we're based out of but eight and eight.

Pretty easy. Remember saving your phone though. One more time. Sway or . Give a call. I wish I could have this phone as hooked up. So if someone calls when they're recording. But this is literally just a prop but yeah, give it a call. It'll be a good time. Okay. So I mentioned segments. Let's get into the first one.

This one is a little bit of news. What's the big deal, fella? It's just a little bad news.

All right. Our top story this week is Republican candidate for Oregon governor Stan Pulliam confirms former membership in Portland Swingers Group, a top candidate in the Republican primary for Oregon governor has confirmed he was part of an invite only Portland swingers group for swapping sexual partners. I'll tell you what, that's so that's a way to get votes, if you ask me.

My goodness, why not just, you know, go to a rally, you know, ask people for your vote, try to sell them on your ideas. Why not just offer to fuck their wife? And then they can fuck your wife and just swap around? It's an interesting approach. Not going to lie, but they my work for him, Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam said in a statement to The Oregonian that he has his wife, Mackenzie, briefly explored relationships there, he and his wife.

My apologies, he and his wife Mackenzie briefly explored relationships with other couples beginning in before deciding to, quote, focus solely on each other. Our marriage and our family. I think so too. You made that decision when you wanted to run for governor and thought swinging is still a little taboo. But he's one who wants to focus on the family, the children.

I don't plan on having kids, and I think this is a good a good argument because children are dream catchers to a degree. You can't follow your passions anymore. Once you have kids, it's about them and you can't just go and swing you and your wife around. It's just tough with kids. He said he has no plans to drop out of the race.

So this goes back to, you know, hey, weren't you in that swingers group? Yes, I was. And if that's a problem with you, I don't do it anymore. And if it's something you're interested in as my platform, maybe you and your your husband could come over later. Here's my address and Sandy Oregon, which is about miles east of Portland.

So it's got to be a lot of pecans out there.

All right, next story. Florida sheriff halts Facebook comments because too many crimes reported. A Florida sheriff's office has turned off public comments on its social media posts because authorities said too many people are reporting crimes. Rather than calling or submitting tips through the agency's website Here's a thing. When something is going down, when shit is going down on in the world and I want to learn about it, I go to Twitter if I want to comment on it.

I go to Twitter. If I want to see what people are commenting, I go to Twitter. Don't you think that the police would want to see what's going on on Twitter? It's the perfect IV. Everyone has an account. No one wants to go to where is this? This city. I think it's outside of Tampa. No one wants to go to Tampa PD, Gulfport, FL Slash Report dash a dash crime.

By that point, you could have already sent out tweets. So why do they shut this off? This is ridiculous. There's also a paper trail, too. So there's a there's a snitch there. Now, I guess protection wise, you got to keep keep your wits about you. But shouldn't it seems like the easiest way to track crime, report it.

And it's like live PD, except it truly is live. You can check and see and be like, oh, shit, that guy in the wife beater is doing what a shirt says the Pasco County Sheriff's Office area. So Pasco County. Okay. I've got f l it's probably the Earl has some , followers on Facebook and about , on Twitter in a county with only , residents.

So this audience arguably goes beyond just the simple folks down in Pasco County, Florida. It just seems kind of like a disservice. They have all this traction on social media and they're like, don't, don't do your civic duty. Please just go call . Who who calls anymore? When's the last time you made a phone call? Doesn't make sense to me.

They shut it down. The sheriff's office has for years maintain popular accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, capitalizing on the popularity it gained from the Ayeni show Live PD. They they're already playing with the formula. They know what they're doing. Oh, my goodness. That's ridiculous. Shut it down. Why? Why can they secure the copyright for the hashtag p.m. routine?

They have a copy right on a hashtag, and they're shutting down their highway of reporting crime. It's a nightly reminder. The hashtag is for people to lock their cars and houses. The Tampa Bay Times report. So in hashtag p.m. routine. I'm, uh, I'm going to lock up my house and make sure I'm safe, but someone tries to get in.

Fuck, I'm not going to hashtag p.m. routine. Someone's trying to break in there. They're just going to block. No one's going to see it. It's awful. It's absolutely terrible. It's just ridiculous. Should mention all these links here will be on the show notes portion of the website. I'll go here right now. It's a little bleak because this is episode one, so it doesn't exist yet.

But right here there will be a show notes with all the links. So if you're want to read a little bit more into these stories and some of these clips as well, just go to Sway in limited dotcom. Check out the links. Okay. This next story is very on brand. Okay. Villager who wrecked a golf cart after drinking at Christmas parade.

Want statements suppressed? This is Florida again. I feel like there's going to be a recurring theme of Floridians views on this show. Big shocker. Karen Frances Hackett. of the village of Liberty Park in Florida is facing charges of driving under the influence and disorderly conduct. Following her arrest December th by Sumter County sheriff's deputies, Karen began drinking the morning of the Christmas parade at the village's polo fields.

According to an arrest report. By seven P. M disturbed diners at two j's Gourmet Deli and Sonny's Barbecue There's a mouthful for an establishment watched as Hackett's golf cart hit a curb at the Lake Sumter Landing. The impact knocked Hackett and a female passenger from the golf cart. The passenger suffered scraped knees and was vomiting. In short, they were fucked up.

You know, p.m. began drinking the morning of this. I wonder what time the parade was. That's what I want to know. And that's a lot of pressure that I've got to make sure I'm good. Also, doesn't say if they were actually part of the parade or just, you know, a float going like some of you might be signing up for parade plus shameless plugs.

All around. EMS personnel attempted to access Hackett's SS apology, assess Hackett's condition, but she began yelling and cursing, including profanity. Aimed at President Joe Biden. Seems fair, I guess. Among the statements made by Hackett was the exclamation. I'm not vaccinated so she herself and whoever her passenger was, they got a hurdle from the golf cart dealing with paramedics.

They're trying to patch her up probably quickly realized how fucking sloshed she was, and she's going off. Is Joe Biden's farm not vaccinated? And full parade is outdoors. I don't usually put a mask on or the poor mask on. You fuck Estimated dialog of this exchange. Hacker was transported to a local hospital where she was, quote, belligerent. Toward a nurse.

Hackett was diagnosed with alcohol intoxication. Realized why you need a diagnosis for that? Sounds pretty clear so far in the story. Due to her condition, she was not asked to perform field sobriety exercises. However, she provided breath samples that registered . and . blood alcohol content. So yeah, she was fucked up. And it's kind of the weird thing if it's a golf cart in a polo fields, like if that's private property, is that technically illegal?

Feel like it'd be kind of fun to drive around drunk on a golf cart. I know people do it all the time on golf courses. Polo fields can't be that much far off, right? I hope so. But yeah, she was drunk as shit at a parade, and I don't have a beer with me. It's in the morning and I'm not going to crack open one, but next time I have a beer, I'll do it for you, Karen.

And next, the highlight of a little bit of news and we'll have highlights to each of these segments is some wild fucking news or idea that some wild names fight over Mayo ends in life sentence for Iowa, man. Now, upon first hearing this headline, you have to assume that the absence of Mayo was the culprit here because Iowa air assumption these people were white.

But let's see if fatal hit and run that stemmed from a fight between acquaintance and acquaintances over mayonnaise has ended and an Iowa man being sentenced to life in prison. Oof! The Des Moines Register reports that. year old Christopher Earl Baker of Woodbine was sentenced Monday to a mandatory life sentence It's one thing to kill someone, which is % of the time, not a cool thing.

But it's another to do it over mayonnaise. That's tough. Hey, us wide. So, I mean, we don't fuck around with our mayonnaise. It is our prime spice in the culinary arts. Investigators have said that the men were eating and drinking at a Moorehead Bar the night of December. th . So well a little over a year removed from this incident, but still wacky nonetheless.

When Earl Baker put mayonnaise on, Solberg spewed the victim leading to a fistfight. So I wonder if this was kind of playful, like, dude, you don't like mayonnaise. I want to put some mayo out. You very you bitch. Or it was it was darker than that. Maybe there was some revenge plotted like within the butter knife strokes of that mayonnaise.

Prosecutors, prosecutors said Earl Barker left and later ran sober down with a truck outside his Pisgah outside a Pisgah cafe. Iowan names so there was a fistfight. The poor dude, the poor white who didn't like mayonnaise, rare breed or didn't like that at all. Led to a fist fight. They fought. And then the dude comes back to the main reason.

After mayonnaise comes back and runs him down with his truck He did it. He put the mayonnaise on. It's his fault. You just got to cut your losses. Like I just say, for the example I hate mayonnaise. I don't fucking love it is someone puts it on my food. I get a little pissed off. The meal might be ruined for me by Hey bitch, let's fight it out.

And then we're going to be bro's will shake it out and when we get we'll move on with our lives. But somehow it just didn't sit right and it's going to be in prison for the rest of his life because of mayonnaise. Think about that next time you have a BLT, do you put mayonnaise on a BLT a fuck?

I don't even know. Whatever you put mayonnaise on egg salad. That's % mayonnaise. So. Well, rest in peace to the dude who got killed for no good reason.

To think of the time, though, doing you're spending life in prison for fucking around with mayonnaise, and you're in there with some hard motherfuckers real killers, and, like, what are you in for? Mayonnaise. Okay, well, uh, prior to his butthole, I guess this episode of the Sway Parade is brought to you by listeners like you when you sign up for Parade.

Plus, it's a limited dot com we'll give you a weekly shout out. And this is what this segment is right now. The show's just getting off the ground, so there are no advertisements and paid ad spots. So I want to take this time to give some shoutouts. Now, with this being episode one, I had anticipated there being no float goats as a member of Parade plus you get that title Float Go.

But one of my good friends and former business partner A.J. actually found the site up and running and signed up and he is our our first float goat. He's a parade, Infinity Parade, plus Infinity member. And I appreciate your support, A.J., thank you so much. And you, too, like I said, can join parade plus Sway Limited dot com starting at $. and going all the way up to a one time payment of $ so again, A.J., thank you so much.

And I hope to call out more names, future shows. Now let's get back to it. Okay. Let's get into some sports with the deep shot straight leg that may go belly shock. You get the rest. Was there a deep shot All right. So as I mentioned at the top of the show, the Deep Shot used to be a full length podcast, about an hour long streamed on Twitch.

Did all that good stuff? It started one of the deep shots start. It started back way back in like went through. We started in the library. That basically was the beginning of my podcasting career was in the library of a local college with our laptops and our phones, with our headphones on, just recording the humble beginnings. Here we are.

And then it, it evolved. And something that was magical that happened with the deep shot was the maturing of the show, maturing of myself as a young man. Right alongside Josh Allen, quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, now considered one of the best quarterback in all of football. And if you are watching on YouTube, you can see here I have a Josh Allen helmet that is signed by him.

It's authenticated. I have the certificate to prove it. And then right here, we have a picture of Josh Allen with a fast email signature and not real signature, but you can match it together and see that the real one on the helmet is the same as the one on the photo. So Big Josh Allen fans. Basically how it came to be is he came into the league.

, , , and we made a bet on the deep shot. Hey, if the Bills can win six games, we're going to buy Josh Allen jerseys the shirt jerseys the . I'm sure I'll wear it at some point. And lo and behold, the Bills won six games the year after that we bet. Well they won six. You think they can go for ten.

They won ten games. That's how the helmet came to be. And we've just been riding the success of Josh Allen ever since. So NFL season is concluded. The big game was a few weeks ago. So we're gonna have to wait a few months until we can really dove into the, the Josh Allen fan. But oh shit. My hat is even Wyoming.

It's got a big old bison on it, which, by the way, quick sidebar, buffaloes and bisons are not the same animal. The Buffalo Bills are kind of oxymoronic because buffaloes are like what you see in like Thailand, like the water buffaloes. The bison are those big ole heifers out in Yellowstone and on the Great Plains doing their thing.

So walk away with this episode with a little bit of information that you didn't have before. Maybe, but we'll be sure to cover all the fun Josh on stuff, the bills, mafia stuff. Probably one of the best I'm not probably is the best fan base in all of sports, and that's why I'm going to be smashing the table at some point in time.

So just be ready for some heavy Josh Allen in the coming weeks and months as this show matures into what it's going to become. Okay. Let's move on to some some sports and some sports stories. First off, suspect in Las Vegas Crash said ghost of NASCAR driver told him to drive the wrong way. Daniel Assef faces charges of attempted murder, DUI and battery with a deadly weapon after a vehicle crash reported in the area of Lake North Drive and Fort Apache Road as have told the judge that the ghost of Dale Earnhardt told him to drive the wrong way on the freeway in order to get the mayor's attention and bring NASCAR back to Vegas

so I can't imagine how that mental exchange would have gone. Drinking a little bit, not in a golf cart, in a actual car emerging onto the freeway, I Hey, Daniel, it's me, Dale. Dale Earnhardt. I know you're about to get on a freeway. Go on the right way, but maybe you go the other way. You remember the last time NASCAR was here?

In Vegas? Shit. This is one of my favorite tracks to race here. You got to bring him back. He got to go the wrong way instead of left her, and she got to go right turns. Make these officials think. Make the mayor think of the crimes he's committed against her sport. Do it, Daniel. Do it. Beware. If the ghost of anyone visited me, let alone Dale Earnhardt Junior, that'd be a pretty cool conversation.

If this guy's a crazy NASCAR fan, I don't have any more information. What happened to the guy last I knew? NASCAR. I thought NASCAR was in Vegas. Not typically a sport I follow, but yeah, I don't know. I mean, don't drink and drive but maybe drink. Maybe your heroes like Dale Earnhardt will come and visit you, but maybe don't listen to him.

Maybe his advice won't be so sound special. Only when it comes to operating a vehicle at high speeds. Rest in peace. So for sure. Okay. Next story. Shaquille O'Neal, Shaq. We all know Shaq says gorillas freak out when he comes near. The former NBA big man explained that gorillas freak out when he shows up at zoos and that they want to fight him.

Shaq said, quote, I've been every let me do this in the Shaq voice. Hold on, Shaq said. I've been every show in the world. And every time I go to the gorilla section, Shaq's, Shaq and I hit the day. My apologies. I go to the gorilla section. They look at me like, Hey, man, where your at? For real?

For real? That's how they look at me. They also look at me like, what am I doing in here? And you out there? And they always go crazy when they see me. So this leads me to think I hopefully believe. Could Shaq potentially have been at the Cincinnati Zoo on that fateful day? Way back when. It's been like a decade now.

Could Shaq have saved her own bay? Could Shaq have kind of distracted Harambee over here? While the professionals got in and grabbed that child and they didn't have to call that critical shot that took grandma's life I don't know. I mean, Shaq does a lot of good things. I feel like given that situation, he would like we have a child stuck in the gorilla containment.

What do we do call Shaq? Nevertheless, more on this. This is got to be insane. Anytime Shaq goes to a zoo, if I were him when I went to a zoo, I would go straight to the gorillas because that's where the main entertainment is going to be. You go to a zoo. Normally the animals are just kind of hanging out.

They're just kind of aloof. But the gorillas watching gorillas freak out. I mean, they're like £, animal. So, I mean, not to provoke them too far, but I mean, I'd love to go to the zoo with Shaq and see how the gorillas react. Animal expert expert Ron McGill Magill. I'm a pronunciation in here. The communications director for Zoo Miami said the gorilla, quote, gets intimidated and he looks at Shaq and thinks that Shaq is going to take away his girls and he gets tight lipped and tries to stand up and make himself as big as possible.

In my gorilla presentation just popped up my headphones when asked don't take my women beat. You just but at the end of the day, he backs off. He knows who's boss. I mean, there's hardly any person in the world that could look at Shaq and be like, I could take him. I think I could take him. So this this leads me to believe or not to believe.

This leads me to say something that I have had conversations about. And part of the conversation is in that truck way show archive. If you sign up for parade plus about animals that I could fake no gorillas. Well, I'm going to go out and say right quick, no I will not be able to fight a gorilla. No shot.

I would get absolutely destroyed. Butts, butts. What about with B out? What about a single wolf? Just one more I feel like I could take on one wolf. Now, I'm not saying it will be the cakewalk will be the easiest thing that I've ever done, ever done did. But if you stack me up with a wolf, I think I have a shot.

Pack of wolves. I'm fucking dead easy but one single wolf in a cage, I'm following up a lead to potentially make this happen. So stay tuned on that. But let me know what you think. Going back to the way parade discord. Hop on there at me. In a channel that is appropriate, probably the general channels everyone can see like, hey, I don't think you could find a wolf and I'll I'll.

I'll die on that hill before I get killed by a lone wolf. I think I could take it. I really do. Okay, let's get to some clips with the deep shot. If you're watching on YouTube, these are going to be blurred out. If you're listening use your imagination or go to sway in limited dot.com. Click the show links.

You can see the links to everything that's going to be featured here or if you parade. Plus you can just watch it here right on the feet. But this first clip is nothing that some dirt can't fix.

Yeah, I think he's fine.

It's just man on bike meets tree coming up a ramp here and just goes, oh, there's probably three shoulders that popped out here or I had to hurt. That hurt a lot.

Next one, bowling. It's a sport. I'll put it. I'll put it in that vein. It counts its competition and when you knock them down, sometimes it makes you stand straight up. Let's listen to this Attacks the left on the th man. Chris was beating it out to that four or five, four down lane. And we'll look at this pain action.

Oh, I mean, I think we've all felt that when we go bowling, we're trying to get that last pinfall. We're just like go down like Fred Flintstone, trying to move left and right to get the ball to go where it needs to go. That's fun.

Next, what we have here, Kodak Black. He's been in the news recently for a few different things. This one wasn't him getting shot outside Justin Bieber's big game party. This was a little bit before where there are some video that surfaced that made some people think is Kodak black, making them nasty at a hockey game. Well, let's dig into it.

The year old rapper attended Tuesday night's game between the Canucks and Panthers as I mentioned, this was quite some time ago while the Panthers were busy dominating the Canucks. A pair appealed to be engaging in their own physical activity. A video posted by a fan sitting on the opposite side of the arena led some Twitter users to believe that Kodak Black was having sex with a woman during a live NHL game.

Let's watch this clip you see, it's right off right there.

Vancouver there is definitely some woman bent over on her hands and knees and there definitely looks to be like some man almost mounted. This looks mounted from the other side of the arena. %. They were doing it And I mean, it's always great when you can get footage directly from the source because Kodak Black posted his own video three feet away from what was happening.

Oh, my gosh. Wow.

You tell me, is he fucking or is he not fucking? Because I think he's fucking one more time.

There looks to be PS and BS in this situation. I think there are. And to back this up, I want to pull up some information. So Kodak Black went on The Breakfast Club following the shooting incident outside of that pretty big game, you know, Bengals and Rams party. And in that conversation, he talked about a potential romance with Dream Doll, an artist that he signed to his label.

He said, quote, They got to be my girlfriend, but it's like I'm going to bust them. You heard. So I don't think it's any question that Kodak, Black Works, This guy's taking it to another level and fuckin and NHL games one more time.

Do you be the judge of it? Hop on, Discord. Let me know what you think. I think you fucking though. I think that a shadow of a doubt. The Bee posted this video is not showing anything. They still have clothes on, but they're bumping uglies at a hockey game. All right. The last thing we have on the Deep Shot segment, we'll do it every week is or was one of my most favorite parts of the Deep Shot when it used to be its full show.

And that is the country strong play of the week.

Who just don't play the week. All right. Here we have some rugby action. Looks like a kick off. I don't know how to play this sport, but I know it's physical. And here's this big guy. Just couldn't play coming in hot. Man, you cannot take that guy down. He's got to be like £, maybe six foot three, six foot four.

Oh, my God. This is just boom. Violent, just violent. And that is country strong. And you bet your bottom dollar that country's strong. All right. Well, that is it for the deep shot. Let's move on to our final segment and get into some clips and scrub my clip. Clip all right. Got some clips for you today. Friendly reminder that you can view them on censored at Slant Limited dot com if you sign up for any of the parade.

Plus plans you're watching on YouTube, it's going to be blurred out because I don't want to get flagged for a copyright infringement. Even though it's a violation of free speech because I'm going to speak on these videos, call my lawyers. They'll explain it to you. Call any lawyer. It's called fair use. I'm not going to get into, though, when I get into these clips.

First, we have this on Instagram. Here's some captions if you're wondering why this light saber is sticky Let's let this play. Well, it's because it's been in my dark side. Oh, my God. She had she green screened herself in front of what one could believe is some only fans footage. This is a pool killing pool cue girl. If you want to look her up on Instagram, and I think she takes multiple objects, light sabers, pool cues, given the handle she's just someone someone working, trying to make a living by pulling up objects and putting them in in parts of her, her body before her.

Next, we have kind of on the line of erotica. Is the air smart? Now, I was just talking with air some more about my wife the other day, and I don't know what it means. I'm sure you've heard it that basically there's a gene that when you hear subtle sounds and very quiet sounds, you get a little tingly.

I have it, but not in a sexual way. It's kind of like when a paper rips and it's like. But this is what this young lady is doing for her as some of our audience base she's tongue punching an air microphone. It's funny because when I first saw this, I've seen this microphone before I just came up on Amazon's, hey, you spent all this money and all this equipment for your podcast.

You want another microphone that basically simulates how we hear on their ears receivers, all that's like a $ microphone. And this woman is just going to town on it.

Well, if you want to watch it, you're not part of it. Bless or have the links posted in the show notes. Okay. Next kind of there's a theme going on here. This is basically what a modern day pimp looks like. This is a gentleman at a college basically recruiting women to join OnlyFans. Take a look basic ladies and criminals every time.

Ladies popular ladies with the same name still on six figures in the of sun.

We don't want you to be a porn star who just want you to have an open mind. I'm not a huge reader here by giving you.

I bet you get it like a free contraception. What y'all about that? Make no.

No. That's a salesman. My goodness. What? What was that line? Oh, one second. Let's see here. I'm letting you get ahead by giving you get ahead by giving head This is. This is pimpin in , . And I don't even think. I mean, the look of this booth here at this career day, at whatever college. This is that little backdrop right there.

Let me blow this up. That little backdrop right there. Uh, that doesn't scream. Officially licensed only fans booth by any means. This guy is basically just trying to get in the game to be a manager for these women. Take ten, , whatever percent they're getting, you know, negotiate and pimp in eight. Easy pimpin is not easy.

I'm curious. I don't even think. I don't. I'm not subscribed to any onlyfans. I've only heard of it. I only know of it. I don't think a lot of the creators make a whole lot of money at something like % make % of the proceeds. Although only fans shit those guys out here, though. My goodness. Next clip is more just a profiling of who?

One of the stars from Vine will remember Vine. Now rest in peace. That's probably Twitter's biggest mistake was taking down Vine because it was pretty dark. It was the most popular platform at the time. And Twitter looked at it and they're like, yeah, we don't want to. We want to support it anymore. But do you remember Brian Silver, the tall guy?

He popped up on one of my suggested follows recently, and this is what he's doing. Still. Still do. Nice things to looks like he's addicted to drugs. The big thing to me was like in gay porn and people were arrested for that. Oh, Brian Silver, dude, autotune a tough guy isn't gay porn. It's how you what if you're able to do gay porn and you identify as a heterosexual person?

That's that's fucking gangster. Okay. Not everyone can take a dick. I'm not one of them, but yeah. Let's see what he's been up to. Let's watch this. You asking me one thing and one thing only? That's is, do I give away supreme? Yeah. To your girl. A lot of people. One thing I was really curious about when pulling up this clip, because I haven't watched any of these yet, is back in that time.

, , , . It was a wasn't acceptable, but it was people got the pass a little bit easier when you were of a lighter complexion and said that one word. You're not supposed to say that Joe Rogan just try to get canceled or they tried to cancel him for it. I wonder if he's still saying that Brian suppose one of those guys he was saying the words a lot Let's check out another one.

See if he's dropping dropping bombs to see this delicious reward right here and I ain't talking about me, but why did I give myself a little one? That's because I just got done banging a dude down in that back seat to see that I know one thing about fucking it makes you hungry is what it is. You're calling it a reward.

You see this delicious reward delicious. Wish we me to see this delicious reward right here. He is flustered. He either was given the pipe or get in the pipe because delicious reward to see this delicious reward. Right? So nice. Will Brand Silva keep doing your thing okay. He mentioned the top of the show. There's some world events going on right now that are not cool.

They're not fun. Not something I'm really going to cover. But I did find this. This was an exchange between Chinese and American Air Forces Radio Exchange. Let's just listen to you calling us military aircraft please identify yourself the thing that's funny and maybe this is a funny that they have a ton of terrorist guy he's going to kill, you know the Toronto ornaments.

I mean, United States military aircraft conducting lawful military activities outside national airspace. I am operating with regard as required under international law here oh. You know, when we've we've all been here, someone says something very smart and articulate and you just kind of short circuit and the only thing you could do is just make a noise as well, do one more time.

Just all official I'm authorized operate in this airspace here under international law given the agreement in the U.N.. of section now one more time under international law as required under international law here that's what you say when you got checkmated verbally you came off aggressive like this is Chinese navy. You can't be here. This is Chinese turf.

And the the USS the US pilots like the fuck it is about to drop some knowledge on you. Then he said it and he probably sat back in his you know, the cockpit is like, hmm they waited for a response and it just got through well either that's real or that's fake in a multitude of ways if it's real.

And that's the actual Chinese Navy, some interesting tactics. And then if it's some jerk off, they got access to that frequency and was trolling it's pretty awesome. And then at the end of it, they play Space Invaders. Oh, R wow. All right. Next clip. If you're listening, it's fine. You just have to listen. You have to watch. There is some viewer discretion on this next one.

Because this was definitely in the splash zone. Let's play it because, of course, the question is had to shut down.

So if you're just listening or watching on YouTube with the pixels there needs to be pixels up for this one because we're out here, some sort of concert you can gather from the music. It's some sort of metal punk rock and the there's a guy on the stage lying down and the performer, the lady straddles him, pulls down her pants.

And I froze it right at the frame where the stream began. She starts pissing on the dude like, that is a frothy stream. Oh, my God.

I think I heard a shout. Oh, he's doing like the triple H where he take the water, go with this woman's piss poor piss I think. Oh, it's steaming, too. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, and then he's totally into it. Fuck, I got piss all over my face. I love this music is my favorite band. Oh, my God.

Punk rock is. I couldn't do it. I could not hang with that oh. Do you think that this is, like, this band's kind of what they're known for? It's like our shows are wild and the lead singer, it looks like she's like, I drink half a gallon of water hours before the show, and whoever wants to come up and get pissed on, I will drop an entire tank on them, and they probably have to do a raffle.

They're probably so many guys on home or piss on my face. I want to get in a music ball or hardcore metal piece. This is piece rock. This isn't punk rock. This is piss rock. Holy shit. Okay, what? What else do we got here? Okay, so if you follow the news of all the crypto shit that's been going on, you got Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Sway coin, there's a shit ton of them.

There's also the NFTS, I'm sure you've heard of the rundown of it's basically a token to a piece of digital work. Typically art that you can own and essentially you own the only digital copy the only thing with copies is they're very easy to replicate more and more. Now, if you sign up for Parade Plus Infinity, you will get a swag unlimited NFT and I'll make sure that's one of one.

There's no no gimmick there. It'll be on the blockchain, it'll be legitimate, but there's nothing you can do about someone going to your NFT, copying it, and now it's not theirs. They don't have it, but now they have a copy of it. Like with all the, the, the the Ape Yacht Club thing, whatever it is, you just take a screenshot of it and you have it all legitimate, but at least you still have it.

And so someone went in and made Doom the old game video game from back in the day. They modded it to run around and take pictures of the Monkey NFT. So let's watch this. There's a little camera and you have all these apes thrown bananas and you just take a picture of them and then that that knocks them down.

Shooting demons, you take screenshots of people's nfts. This is great. Well, as I mentioned, I'm going to try my best for people not to take your sway in limited NFT if you're part of Parade plus Infinity but there's a risk with this man any time you venture in a new space. So it's going to be some nuances. So.

All right, a few more and then we'll get out of here. This next one makes you ask the question of what color makes you come. The artist, you ask for it. So here goes. Now watch this. Hate it. Oh, I am sorry, but this is exciting. Look at this color. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, yes.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, my gosh. It's so great. Yeah, art is great.

So I need to know. And when you make art, sometimes you just. Mm. Yes. Mm hmm. Yum. Ha. I love artists. I love art. Part of this. Oh, I want to give a shout out to the logo on all of the graphics and stuff. Shout out to my buddy Taylor. Commission. This did a fantastic job with everything. I.

I would like to think that as he was designing the little you know, Marshall and the little Josh Allen blimp in the scrub my clip blimp and the band and the stage and all of that, that he was doing that same thing and taking strokes and just, oh, oh. Oh, it was all coming together. Um, all right, now, the the last clip before we round out the show here is it's going to be special every time we do this Scrub My Clips segment, these clips that are going at the end of the segments are going to be the moist.

This, this next clip is so moist. All right. This one's pretty wild. So, Seattle, if you don't follow, keep up with the times of what's going on in Seattle. It's a fucking shithole. Okay. Not something I would recommend. Not a place I would recommend going to visit just because it's it's a dump. There are so many homeless people.

There's so many crazy people.

It's it's not fun to go there. And this clip kind of shows it directly from the point of view of a Seattle police officer. Let's run it. All right. He's going to be in the alley just north of Denny Park, up on south of Westlake. The east of Dexter he's just walking down the alley south. If you're listening there is a man walking down an alley with a pole like eight feet long.

And at the end of it is a cloth, and that cloth is lit in a blaze, found with the stick on fire. And it is very on fire. It is very on fire. And it's not a stick. It's a fucking branch part of a tree. Killing or that they are less likely to protect their home. You can hear in the background he's yelling, talking to himself.

Drugs are the bad drugs. Are bad. I think we all know this hey, Seattle police stop. But he is pretty typical. I feel like in Seattle, the cops show up probably pretty much anywhere. Hey, it's a cops IQ. I don't care if it's a cops so you continue to walk down the alley. The officer hopped out of his car, yelled at him, hey, it's the cops here.

Know what you're doing is fucking weird and probably illegal.

It gets on the gas. Seattle police. Stop. Dude, shit. Just turn sideways. Car came up. The staff man. The fire staff man. Turned around and went from crazy. Kind of walking around trying to let everyone in the neighborhood know that he's fucking nuts. Turns around and just charges the cop block one more time on this. He runs towards the squad car and just shouts.

Just douse the stick in there that's on fire. And I mean, at that point, fucking you got to lay some let out let's see that again.

Seattle police stop. Dude, the dude just books it. He's gone into the Seattle ether. To find another staff to light a blaze shuffler for was in Ferguson itself this was in October of over a year ago, a year and a half ago. And I feel like stuff like this happens almost every single day. So if you want to have an adventure, come on down to Seattle, see what it's all about, or if you want to feel safe, stay away from Seattle.

That's all I got for that one. Okay, so that is it for Scrub My Clip and essentially the entire show episode one of the Sway Parade. Now what I want to do at the end of these episodes is close off with a sound bite. It's the end of the line bite. And I have an iPad here that has not exaggerating probably close to different sounds, sound bite, sound boards.

And so I'd like to share them once a week and if you do the math, I could do the show for probably close to years before I need to get more a little bit less than that. But I have plenty of time. So each week to round out the show, I'm going to play a sound bite and that's going to send us off.

Thank you so much for viewing and watching, stumbling upon this episode, one of many once a week, new episodes are coming out on all the podcast platforms on YouTube and on Swain Limited dot com. We do have the parade plus plans you can sign up for to help support the show. And without further ado, I want to play the sound bite.

Get out of here and we'll see you next week. Thanks, everyone. Now we're up to where we're pushing it hard and