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Thinking about joining Parade+ and becoming a bone fide Float Goat™?

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$6.90 / month

Parade Premium+

$10 / month

Parade Platinum+

$25 / month

Parade+ Infintity

$69 one-time purchase*

*limited time offer

Sway Parade Shout Outs

Each week I will give praise to you and the rest of the Float Goats who have subscribed as a Parade+ member!

I don't plan to have ad rolls in this show for sometime, so instead this will be your time to shine!


Private RSS Feeds

Sway Parade Early Access

Probably the most exciting perk of Parade+ is your ability to start listening to the newest episode 2 days before those filthy free-loading bug people jam up the bandwidth with their traffic.

Password: [sign up to access feed password]


The Chuck Sway Show [Archive]

Also included as a Parade+ perk is access to the entire back catalog of The Chuck Sway Show!

30 episodes from the vault available to you!

Password: [sign up to access feed password]

Perfect to kill time in between fresh new episodes of the Sway Parade.

note* Some content in this archive may include material that does not align with the sensitivities of today's age. I can assure you that there is no potential for a super cut of me dropping N-bombs, but nevertheless there may be some ear raisers. If you decide to rip part of the audio in a pursuit to expose and defame me then it will be considered a breach of your Parade+ membership and my legal team may be forced to take action to protect their daddy.


Scrub My Clip [Full Video]

Since you have fronted your hard earned dollars to this production you are given full access to the Scrub My Clip portion of the show.

You can see that the video episodes on YouTube have these clips pixilated harder than a pair of Japanese genitals. This is to protect the channel from the long hard dick of censorship that YouTube jams down almost every content creator's throat (unwillingly of course).

As a token of appreciation for your support, you now can watch this segment unadulterated at your leisure!

Each week there will be a new blog post with the uncensored video that only you and your fellow Float Goats will have access to!


Exclusive Giveaways

For the time being, this will be put on hold. Once there's enough Float Goats out there I'll be offering special giveaways to the exclusive community as a way to give back to what you've help create.

Reminder* Every cent that came in when you subscribed to your plan is directly contributed to the continual success and development of this show!


Parade Platinum+ Perks

If you're one of those who has decided to drop some sizeable coin on a Parade Platinum+ Plan then here's some extra perks just for you!

Signed 8.5" x 11"Photo of Chuck

Obviously I've done something right for you to want to spend $25/mo in supporting this show, so the least I can do it give you a signed photo of myself!

This will be the perfect piece to tie together any room and one that is sure to start a conversation anytime you have guests over!

Or make it just for you and place it on the nightstand next to your bed and I'll protect you from scary dreams!

Producer Credits

In addition to the Float Goat shout outs I'll also make it know that you have producer credits in continuing to make this show a reality.

Merch Discounts

Again, like the giveaways perk, this one will come in time, but I can assure you that there will be a piece of merch especially reserved for you!


Parade+ Infinity Perks

Oh so you big daddy, huh?

These perks are only reserved for the biggest of big rollers on the Sway Parade. If you fall into this category then you are truly special to be and with such high revere comes the highest echelon of perks

Access for 69 years

Let's face it, this membership will probably outlive the time you have left on this earth and whether this show becomes the hottest thing of the century or fizzles out into an underwhelming podcast in the vast sea of underwhelming podcasts you'll still have access.

Now, normally these memberships are non-transferable, but I swear to God himself that if you bequeath your heir this membership in your officially notarized last will and testament I will have no choice but to honor it!

Special Sway Unlimited NFT

If this is your first opportunity at getting an NFT or another addition to your digital collection it is my hope that this one will be special.

By being a Parade+ Infinity member I will gift you an exclusive 1 of 1 Sway Unlimited non-fungible token to your crypto wallet.

If you're new to NFTs please email me and I'll help you get started. The value of these NFTs will be valued at Ξ0.0069 or around $20 USD at the time this is being written, but I like to think of them more as priceless works of digital art.

25,185 Good Morning Texts

Positive words of affirmation can be very powerful. Especially when they're the first things you read when you get out of bed.

That's why as a Parade+ Infinity member I will personally send you a good morning text for the entire 69 year duration of your membership.

Do the math! That's 25,185 days starting off on the right foot!